10 Family-Fun Weekend Activities In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania : Tanzania is renowned for its magnificent scenery and varied animal population. Why not go on an excursion into the wild with a local safari? According to the Tanzanian Tourist Board, Tanzania has more wild animals per square kilometer than any other country in Africa.

 According to the same source, Tanzania has the most surface water of any nation, which is ideal if your family enjoys a day at the beach. What you would anticipate from the biggest city in Tanzania is also true of Dar es Salaam. Dar, renowned for its lovely harbor and close-by beaches, also has a lengthy past. Being an urban hub, the downtown core is filled with museums, historical sites, and a myriad of restaurants that you can visit.

The weekend can be a great time to discover all that Dar es Salaam has to offer, even though the week will keep your family busy with work, school, and adjusting to life in a new place.

In addition to being the capital and largest city of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is a popular tourist destination. This bustling East African city offers a wide range of fun family activities and kid-friendly attractions. You can have a great time with the whole family in Dar es Salaam, whether you live there or are just visiting.

Let’s look at a few of the kid- and family-friendly activities in Dar es Salaam: There is a lot of exploring to be done, but we wanted to give you and your family a list of 10 fun things to do in Dar es Salaam that is easy to understand and follow so you can start getting to know your new home.

Hiking at Udzungwa Mountains National Park

The lush, green forest of the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, which is bordered by breath-taking waterfalls, makes for lovely strolls. The 170-meter Sanje Waterfall hike is one of the most well-liked hikes; however, because it takes half a day to complete, bring plenty of snacks and water. Monkeys, rare birds, and exquisite butterflies frequently appear along the trail, adding to the walk’s remarkableness.

Explore the authentic and tribal homes at the Village Museum.

The Village Museum gives families a closer look at traditional Tanzanian homes through a more interactive experience. A priceless experience for any family, the villagers also teach visitors how to weave, make pottery, and carve. Each home is filled with historical artifacts.

Have some fun in Fun City!

An amusement park called Fun City has attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Your day will fly by at Fun City, whether you choose to explore the dry park with its roller coasters and Ferris wheels, cool off while racing down a water slide, or challenge your family to a game of basketball.

 Visit Kunduchi Wet-n-Wild Water Park to cool off.

It is no secret that Dar es Salaam is unbearably hot. At Kunduchi Wet-n-Wild Water Park, unwind and enjoy a fun-filled day with the family. Since this is the biggest water park in East and Central Africa, you and your kids can explore a variety of play areas, slides, and pools here.

Enjoy a Sunny Day at Kigamboni Beach

Why not take your family to the lovely Kigamboni Beach to cool off in the fairly hot city of Dar es Salaam? While reading a book under an umbrella and watching your kids play in the water, recline in the fine, white sand. A great place to find delicious and authentic street food is Kigamboni Beach.

Discover Sailing Yacht Club of Dar es Salaam

One of the best places in the world to learn to sail is the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club. You must be an avid participant in water sports such as sailing, fishing, kayaking, or diving to join. As a member, you and your family have access to stunning, exclusive beaches. It will be a fantastic way to connect with the families you meet at the school because many of them will be club members and frequent this location.

Go on a safari to see Africa’s wildlife.

10 Family-Fun Weekend Activities In Dar Es Salaam
Mikumi National Park

Why not go on a safari and make the most of being in this area of the world? These are a fantastic way for you and your family to get close to nature and observe these stunning wild animals in their natural settings. For the most incredible safaris, visit Mikumi, Selous, Ngorongoro or Serengeti National Parks.

10 Family-Fun Weekend Activities In Dar Es Salaam : Experience Home at Zuane

Everyone in the family may feel anxious about relocating to a new house in a foreign country. There is no better way to feel at home than with delicious comfort food, particularly a tasty plate of pasta or pizza! In addition, Zuane provides a family-friendly setting with a playground outside so the kids can burn off some energy while you wait for the food.

10 Family-Fun Weekend Activities In Dar Es Salaam : Discover Zanzibar, a breathtaking and historic place.

Zanzibar, a tropical paradise just a short flight or ferry ride away, is the ideal weekend getaway. Zanzibar is a worthwhile journey and a must-see now that you’re in Dar es Salaam because of its soft, white sand and turquoise water.

10 Family-Fun Weekend Activities In Dar Es Salaam : Bounce

Bounce is for outgoing, energetic families with young children who are full of energy. Spend the day exercising while jumping through the air to see which trampoline is the springiest. Refreshments and snacks should be brought because this place is surprisingly exhausting once you’ve finished.

 There are a lot of things to do; these are just ten ideas for family-friendly weekend activities. Asking around and looking into what other families have gone through is a great way to learn more.  You just need to take the time to explore; Dar es Salaam is a wonderful place to call home.

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