Activities to do in Lupita Island: The schedule is flexible on Lupita Island, allowing visitors to use their days as they see fit. This is because it’s the perfect spot to unwind and recover before returning to the outside world. To do as much or as little as desired, there are numerous options.

The waters of Lake Tanganyika are crystal clear and quiet, making them the ideal location for engaging in water sports. Visitors can use kayaks and canoes to explore the beaches around the islands. You may access the underwater world of Lake Tanganyika through snorkeling and PADI-certified scuba diving, which is alive with hundreds of species of cichlids that are unique to this planet.

Add a wildlife Safari

Lupita Island is capable of planning fantastic safari excursions. Spanning the entirety of Tanzania for three to twenty-one days or longer in a magnificent safari adventure. Take the Northern Circuit, which includes the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater, the enormous Serengeti National Park, and the more untamed Selous and Ruaha in the south and south-west, and then continue to Lupita Island. An wonderful, infrequently visited area filled with hippo, elephants, and crocs is Katavi National Park, which is accessible from Lupita via 4×4 safari vehicle and guide for a couple of days. A short drive from Lupita Island will take you to vast open marshes with hardly any people. Inquire with us about the many different safaris we can arrange for you.

Ancient Monastery

Visit the ruins of a monastery that the Italian White Fathers constructed in Kipili in 1860. Missionaries also adopted orphans in addition to purchasing slaves to hide and save them.

The historic Kipili monastery is a magnificent engineering achievement. To construct a monastery church, dorms, refectory, and missionary quarters for the religious order, every brick and every nail were fashioned by hand and tenderly hammered into place. These brave dads did not have an easy life; sickness and malaria significantly decreased the population of the community.

 It is tucked away in the thick treeline and was constructed on the slope overlooking Kipili Bay. Just 15 minutes’ drive from the Mainland Jetty is a wonderful destination.

Beach Buffet

Come enjoy a beautiful day of fun on a private beach with us. Relax on the sands for the afternoon or go snorkeling along the cliffs. On white tablecloths, a fully catered beach buffet is set up with wines of your choosing or custom-mixed cocktails by our talented bartender.

Activities to do in Lupita Island
Lupita Island

Sip sparkling wine while relaxing in the pristine waters. As you slowly navigate your wooden lake boat back to Lupita, observe the sun sink over the horizon.

 Sunset Cruise

Our grand old lady of the lake is Windsor Rose. The 46-foot cruise ship was constructed in the early 1980s and transported overland from Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe to Lake Tanganyika. Fishing from the deck, swimming in the mile-deep water, or simply sipping cocktails while the sun sets over the lake are all options. The boat stewards bring you ice-cold beers and canapes while you lounge on board or swim in a mile of water off the bow. As you leisurely circle the island, take in a sunset sail from the top decks, Activities to do in Lupita Island.


Our two-man kayaks offer a fantastic view into the depths and are a great way to see the islands from a new angle. Why not paddle out to a beach picnic that our staff has prepared for you? Take note of any sea otters you see!

Snorkeling, swimming, and diving

Go for a leisurely dip in the warm shallows or go snorkeling in one of the island’s several hidden coves that are alive with lake-native, brightly colored cichlids. There are hardly any currents, and visibility is superb. Scuba diving with a PADI certification or snorkeling are both options to explore Lake Tanganyika’s underwater ecosystem.

The experience of snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika is unlike any other. Silky soft skin in constant temperatures of around 25 degrees without any sticky salt water to wash off As far as the eye can see, the water is crystal clear.


With a hand line and an oar and a skilled local fisherman in his wooden boat, try your hand at fishing the traditional manner. Alternately, go all out on a speedboat and fish with gear and rods. The Lake Tanganyika freshwater fish are likely the healthiest fish in the world. There is no pollution, only large, healthy fish.

Spa and gym

The spa and health center on Lupita Island is perched high on a hillside and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and Lake Tanganyika.

The spa offers traditional treatments employing dependable massage techniques and the rustic grace of the natural terrain in harmony with the soothing salon amenities. After a strenuous day in the sun, natural treatments with our skilled therapist will nourish your soul and restore and revitalize your skin. For those who are more active, take advantage of our well-positioned open-sided gym, which is located at one of the island’s higher elevations. Allowing for lovely breezes as you use our sophisticated exercise equipment, Activities to do in Lupita Island

Games room

Both teenagers and adults like playing in our game room. You can use the dartboard, the foosball table, the pool table, and table tennis whenever you want. Before dinner, organize a game with the family or just a romp with friends. There are several board games available for those peaceful evenings after the day’s events have worn you out, Activities to do in Lupita Island

Pool and pool bar

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail from the pool bar as you lounge by our wonderful freshwater pool under the African sky. Alternatively, you can swim to the water bar to cool off after lounging in the sun. The pool is positioned away from the main area for peace and tranquility.

Village choir

Since 2008, the Kipili church choir has been coming to Lupita. They are completely independent and proud of their singing. Twenty to thirty men and women of all ages perform African dances and sing traditional songs under the direction of a vivacious leader. They have been able to accumulate enough money over the years to construct their church structure in Kipili village. For our visitors, their performance is a special pleasure.

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