Biharamulo Forest Reserve is a significant natural asset located in Tanzania, well known for its rich biodiversity and ecological importance. This forest reserve is located in Kagera region Northwestern part of Tanzania in Biharamulo district near the Biharamulo town. It’s a country Protected area that was established in 1954, this reserve covers an approximate area of 450 square kilometers. It lies within the picturesque landscapes near Lake Victoria and the borders of Rwanda and Burundi.

Biharamulo forest reserve boasts a diverse range of plant species, including endemic trees, shrubs, and herbs. These encompass both hardwood and softwood trees, contributing to the ecological balance and providing habitats for various wildlife species.

The Reserve is a home abundance of wildlife, including several endangered and rare species among the notable wildlife we can talk of Antelopes, buffalos, elephants, leopards and primates like Chimpanzee and colobus monkeys and also a variety of bird species. Making it an attractive destination for wildlife lovers and researchers alike.

Biharamulo forest reserve is designated as a protected area under Tanzanian law, aiming to safeguard its ecological integrity, biodiversity, and natural resources. The reserves conservation initiatives often involve local communities living close to the reserve.

The Reserve offers immense potential for Ecotourism and natural based recreational activities. visitors and Tourists can engage themselves with different activities in this reserve which include

Wildlife Safaris 

Biharamulo Forest Reserve
Biharamulo Forest Reserve

The reserve is a home of wildlife species and this offers visitors and tourists to this reserve to spot different species like Monkeys, Antelopes, leopard, elephants and other much more as well as different reptiles and amphibians that inhabit this forest reserve.

Educational Tours

Learn about the importance of conservation and sustainable forestry practices through educational tours conducted by park rangers and local guides. Educational programs and can raise awareness about conservation issue, biodiversity among tourists, students and local communities.


Embark on a hiking adventures of the reserve and explore the various trails that wind through the forest reserve. make sure to pack appropriate gear and ready to take over with amazing views in the forest reserve as you connect to adventures.


Spending nights under the stars by camping inn the Biharamulo forest reserve, pitch a tent at the one of designated camping site and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature.


Enjoy a relaxing picnic amidst the serene surrounding of the forest reserve. there are designated picnic areas where you can unwind and enjoy a meal with your squad, family and friends.

Bird watching

Biharamulo forest reserve is a home to a variety of bird species that makes it an idea destination to bird watchers, admirers and researchers who might be interested in knowing and learning about the birds while on a Tanzania birding Safari.

These among other attractions and activities that can be done within this forest reserve, Biharamulo forest reserve stands as a testament to Tanzania’s commitment to preserve its natural heritage and fostering sustainability. The reserve continues to be a haven of rich Biodiversity, and wildlife while offering unforgettable memorable experiences to generations and generations to come. The might Focus East Africa Tours help you to embark on this reserve and create the unmatched memories.

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