Explore birds in Uganda national parks: Uganda is blessed with numerous bird species of approximately 1100 by count and constitutes almost half of Africa’s bird species and about 11% in the world bird species count. This statistic even makes it a more wonderful place to have ones Uganda birding safari. There birds that are permanently found in Uganda like the Uganda crested crane which never migrate while their those that migrate from different parts of the world like Europe and seasonally move to Uganda these can usually be viewed during the particular season when they   in the country for example birds like Abyssinian roller migrate when either looking for food of suitable weather. These birds are either protected in national parks or bird sanctuaries and can be viewed most parts of the year.

The following are the different national parks and birds that can be viewed in them some of the birds cut across all national parks while others are specifically located in particular national park.

Murchison falls National park

Uganda wildlife viewing aside one can explore the approximately 450 bird species which are spread throughout Murchison park. The following are bird species one can view while having the bird tour at Uganda Murchison falls national park;

Abyssinian ground hornbill these usually migrate from other country, blue-headed coucal, swamp flycatcher, African fish eagle, silver bird, Senegal thick-knee, Goliath heron, malachite kingfisher, African jacana, yellow-fronted tinkerbird, black –billed barbet, giant king fisher, Black –headed gonolek, Denhards bustard, malachite kingfisher, speckle-fronted weaver, silver bird, shoe bill, osprey, weaver birds, African jacana, African qualifinch, piapiac, osprey

Bwindi Impenetrable national park

Found in the western part of Uganda famously known for its mountain gorillas, Bwindi host various bird species that sweet sing in the green trees covering the national park these bird species include the following;

 black-faced rufous warbler, chestnut throated apalis,African broadbill,yellow streasted sunbirds,African emerald cuckoo,purple breasted sunbird, Ruwenzori apalis,grauer’s warbler,dwarf honey guide,Brown-capped waeve, Red throate alethe,dulky crimsonwing,yellow eyed black flycatcher,giant kingfisher, white tailed blue flycatcher,black bee eater, Gravers broad bill, Regal sunbird, Doherty’s bushshrike,mountain oriole,black billed turaco, handsome  spurfowl,shelley’s crimsonwing,cinnamon chested bee eater, Rwenzori batis,kivo ground thrush, crowned horn bill, Rwenzori nightjar, Rwenzori turaco, African green pigeon, stripe breasted tit, strange weaver .

kibale national park

western nicator,little greenbull,green beasted pitta,black bee-eater,white-naped pigeon,blue breasted kingfisher,Abyssinian,ground thrush,afep pigeon,lowland, masked apalis,red chested owlet, blue headed sunbird, cassinn’s spinetail,purple breasted  sunbird,red faced woodland warbler, brown chested alethe,black ered ground thrush,tropical bou bou,speakled tinker bir,brown eared wood pecker, brown earned wood pecker,bronzy sunbird,Africanpied wag tail, white collaredolive back,speckled tinker bir,yellow billed barbet,black headedn,blue throated roller,white winged swamp warbler,pin tailed whydab,papyrus gonolek ,appalis,dusky crimsonwing,Apalis, double toothed barbet, black and white casqued hornbill, white spotted flufftail

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Papyrus gonolek, black and white casqued hornbill, pink backed pelican, saddle billed stork, red chested sunbird, African skimmer, black headed gonolek, grey heron, great blue turaco, glossy ibis, golden rumped tinkerbird, dusty blue flycatcher, eastern grey plaintain eater, emerald-spotted wood dove, African open billed stork, black headed oriole, black headed lapwing, African fin foot, blue naped mousebird, crowned eagle, brown parrots among others

Lake Mauro National park

Papyrus yellow warbler, brown chested lapwing, black bellied bustard, blue headed coucal, blue breasted kingfisher bare faced go away bird, black headed gonolek, yellow breasted apalis, papyrus gonolek, red faced barbet, yellow-rumped tinkerbird, saddle billed stork, African wattle lapwing, pied kingfisher, malachite kingfisher among others.

Kidepo national park

 Found in the far north east park of Uganda, kidepo national park is Also known to host various migrating birds that come from others countries

Kori bustard, karamoja apalis, Red and yellow barbet, dark chanting goshawki, ostrich, Abyssinian ground hornbill, clapper tons’ francolin, pygmy falcon, Red billed oxpecker, black breasted barbet, white bellied go away bird, black coucal, verraauxs eagle, Egyptian vulture, Little green bee eater, Ethiopian swallow, superb starling among others.

Mt Rwenzori National Park.

Home to one of Africa’s highest mountains, MT Rwenzori National Park is also a home to numerous bird species including the following.

Barred long tailed cuckoo, dusky crimsonswing,shelley’s crimsonswing,stripe breast,montane masked apalises,collared apaalises, Rwenzori batis,purple breasted sunbird, Rwenzori,double collared sun bird,red faced alethe,red throated alethe, white collared olive back,cinnamon bracken evergreen forest,grey winged Robin,olive wood pecker,African long eared  owl,Rwenzori turaco,Archers Robin-chat,Rwenzonri nightjar,handsome francolin,Rwenzori hill babbler Black chinned qualifinch,hartlaub’s duck,Maxwell’s black weaver,orange tuftrd sunbird,Malache king fisher.

Explore  birds in Uganda national park

Explore birds in Uganda national parks : Semuliki national park

Semuliki National Park is a home to over 441 bird species most of which are forest birds and some of these bird specoes include;

Red bellied hornbill, piping hornbill, African Grey parrot, White crested hornbill, Shoe bill stork, African grey parrot, Ross turaco, Crested marimba, Maxwell’s swallow, Red billed dwarf hornbill, Ituri batis, RED eyed puff back, Nkulengu rail, yellow throated cuckoo, black winged starling, Congo serpent eagle, Red thighed sparrow hawk

Explore birds in Uganda national parks : Mgahinga national park

White starred robins, Rwenzori turacos, olive pigeons, striped breasted tit, cinnamon bracken warblers, scarlet tufted sunbird, western green tinker bird, Black headed waxbills, Kivu ground thrush, Archer’s robin chat among others.

Explore birds in Uganda national parks : Mt Elgon national park

Jackson’s spur fowl, hartlaub’s turaco, eastern bronze naped pigeon, African wood owl, Yellow-billed barbet, Lammergeier, Red-chested cuckoo, Tacazze sunbird, Cassin’s hawk-eagle, European bee eater, Lammergeier among others.

The best time to visit these national parks while on a Uganda bird safari would be during the dry season that is divided in the months of December, January, February or in the months of June, July, august and September. However, August is considered the best with a large population of birds including migrating birds. However, with all these numerous bird species one can comfortable visit throughout the year and still get a beautiful experience.

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