Explore Lake Duluti In Arusha, Tanzania : The little Crater Lake known as Lake Duluti is located in Eastern Arusha. A day excursion to Lake Duluti from Arusha City takes about 20 minutes. A dense forest that is home to many reptiles, including lizards and snakes, surrounds Lake Duluti, while the lake itself serves as a haven for numerous bird species. It’s enjoyable to explore the surroundings around Lake Duluti. Take a trek through the Duluti Forest and go canoeing at Lake Duluti to see the many animal and plant species. A skilled guide could also help you go fishing or enjoy bird-watching. Take the opportunity to visit the neighborhood’s local market since the area is rather popular for cultural tourism.

We will explore Lake Duluti, an old crater that turned into a lake, on the Lake Duluti Day Trip. The lake has a great depth. They claim that it is deeper than 700 meters; however, this has never been verified. Lake Duluti is ideally situated in the midst of lush, green woodlands and offers a wide range of activities. You can see Mt. Meru and, on occasion, Mt. Kilimanjaro from this location. It is a heaven for birds and reptiles. A wide variety of birds have settled here, and monitor lizards can be seen lazing on the lake’s edge. On the edge of the lake, monkeys occasionally swing from the treetops.


A guided tour called the Lake Duluti Day Trip Tour brings you to Lake Duluti, a beautiful freshwater crater lake close to Arusha in northern Tanzania. The lake’s natural beauty and peaceful ambiance can be experienced on this excursion in a convenient and engaging way while still being close to Arusha city.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Arusha town at 8:30 in the morning. A crater lake is located 20 minutes’ drive from Arusha in the shadow of Mount Meru. It was given the name Duluti by the local Wameru tribe. Water is present year-round in Lake Duluti, which is formed inside a volcanic crater and is mostly supplied by groundwater and seasonal rains. The crater is a side vent of Mount Meru, which rises 4566 meters above the lake. View the rarely seen giant kingfisher, fish eagle, darters, and other birds as you glide across the little Crater Lake’s calm surface.

This 1.5-hour canoe trip is incredibly special and silent because it takes place amidst forested crater walls. Observe a large number of cattle egrets making their way back to a lake island, where they will spend the night. Following your 1.5-hour canoe trip, your guide will lead you through lush coffee and banana plantations and on a leisurely stroll around the Lake Duluti Forest

Explore Lake Duluti In Arusha
Explore Lake Duluti In Arusha


During the Lake Duluti Day Trip Tour, you can expect the following experiences:

Gorgeous Drive: From Arusha to Lake Duluti, the journey typically starts with a gorgeous drive. You’ll go through rural areas and potentially get a glimpse of local life along the way.

Lake Exploration: Upon arrival at Lake Duluti, you will have the chance to explore the area around the lake. The lake is tucked away in a verdant forest, producing a serene and lovely scene. You may go for a leisurely stroll around the lake’s perimeter on one of the well-kept trails. The sky frequently reflects the calm lake waters, producing lovely reflections.

Nature Walks: Numerous programs incorporate escorted nature strolls around the lake. These strolls give you a better understanding of the local flora and fauna, and you might see different bird species, butterflies, or perhaps some tiny creatures.

Canoeing: You might get the chance to go canoeing on the lake, depending on the trip package. A distinct viewpoint is provided by canoeing, which enables you to glide across the water’s surface and take in the tranquil atmosphere of the lake.

Picnic or Lunch: Some trips provide lakeside picnic lunches, allowing you to take in the natural splendor while indulging in a meal in a tranquil environment. Alternatively, the excursion might include lunch at a tavern or hotel close by.

Cultural Interaction: Some tours include cultural components where you can discover the customs and way of life of the regional populations living close to the lake. This can broaden your understanding of the area and deepen your overall experience.

Relaxation: The Lake Duluti region is renowned for its serenity, giving it the perfect location to relax and take in the serene surroundings. It’s a welcome respite from the stress of city living.

Photography: The Lake Duluti region is an excellent location for photography aficionados due to the gorgeous vistas, the reflected surface of the lake, and the opportunity to see wildlife.


From nature enthusiasts and photographers to those seeking a quiet getaway, the Lake Duluti Day Trip Tour is appropriate for a variety of tourists. You can enjoy the splendor of nature on this relatively quick vacation without needing to make a lengthy commitment. Even if you only have a short amount of time, the tour offers a wonderful way to experience a small portion of Tanzania’s natural splendor.

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