Gorilla Trekking Safari For The Elderly, Seniors And The Disabled : In order to see these wonderful creatures, travelers travel from all over the world do participate in the growingly popular activity of Gorilla Trekking. The voyage could be more challenging for people who have physical restrictions, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out. With the advent of special Gorilla trekking for the elderly and disabled, everyone may now take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime-emotion.

Guaranteed Gorilla Tours for seniors and People with Special Needs on a Uganda Safari;

Since mountain gorillas are mobile, viewing them in their native habitat requires hiking through hilly forests, which the elderly and anyone with impairments may find difficult to complete. Because of this, we put together specific gorilla packages with our elder guests’ fitness and health in mind. The goal of Gorilla Trekking for the Elderly and the Disabled is to find ways to protect this unique population from the challenges of trekking.

Any traveler should put Gorilla Trekking on their Bucket List because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will get a fantastic opportunity to see these enormous primates, as they forage in the dense rainforests that are their natural habitat, if you go gorilla trekking in Uganda. Given that we host specialized hiking safaris for seniors, the elderly, and people with disabilities, nobody should be constrained by their physical capabilities. Disability does not necessarily imply incapacity to us, because we can create customized solutions that are in your best interest.


Gorilla trekking safari is for everyone and Focus East Africa Tours arrange this unforgettable trip for everyone including elderly and disabled people.  Elderly people may not make it because the trek to view mountain gorillas is difficult, if they choose the standard packages. Among the difficulties we have seen in our elderly travelers include entire body weakness, susceptibility to allergies and infections, loneliness, exhaustion, and issues with the hearing and vision.

 We encourage our older customers to disclose any medical or physical conditions that may need extra attention when making a reservation. This gives us the opportunity to prepare our healthcare partners in advance, should the need arise. If your doctors have properly prescribed medication for the disease, we can also carry emergency medications.

Unless you request otherwise, we typically provide advisors with 40+ years of experience. These tour guides are more knowledgeable, kind, and adept at connecting with elderly passengers’ experiences, which makes them feel more at ease.

When it’s time to go gorilla trekking, we make sure that those who can still walk go to gorilla families that are close to the park headquarters; if not, we use porters with sedan chairs to take you during the trekking procedure.

 In order to prevent diseases brought on by the unfamiliar settings in the forests, we encourage seniors to take antibiotics and/or use the appropriate repellents before going in the forest for mountain gorilla trekking safari.

In order to prevent them from missing out on any adventures, we offer our Old-Gorilla-Trackers extra time to relax before and after their shifts. For instance, you can extend an 8-hour-travel to 10 hours, so you have time to stretch along the route. As we conduct tourism for the love of nature and wildlife rather than cash accumulation, we shockingly offer the greatest Gorilla Trekking for the elderly at reasonable pricing.


Do you have any guesses as to who the seniors may be? Well, these are elderly people who have typically retired at 60 or older. The Gorilla Trekking Safaris that we have planned for them differ from our standard packages, since they include particular Features for their Care.

 Our senior-handling specialists and experienced drivers transport them in specially designed vehicles that are more comfortable for them. Our senior guests can experience Gorillas in a more laid-back setting, thanks to the way the Gorilla Trekking Safari Packages are made.


People with Impairments, like the Elderly, need particular care in in one form or another. Despite the fact that Gorilla Trekking is a difficult exercise, it is not just for physically fit people.

 Because no one who knows about mountain gorillas would want to leave this earth without seeing them and helping with their conservation efforts, we provide all-inclusive gorilla trekking packages.  People with mental disabilities are not permitted to trek gorillas, because their actions can frighten the gentle giants. The Impairment we are talking about here is physical.

On our gorilla safaris, we place a lot of emphasis on the accessibility of the hotels we utilize for Individuals with Impairments, the vehicles we use, and the gorilla group trekked. On people who use wheelchairs, we also use sedan chairs.


We promise an immediate response to your anxiously expected query, and you will get to take advantage of immediate updates from the comfort of your home. Senior and elderly Gorilla-Trekkers are urged to tell the Tour Operator planning their Gorilla-Tour base on their actual age and hiking/physical capabilities. We recommend the following tips for Gorilla Trekking for the Elderly;

Gorilla Trekking Safari For The Elderly :  Declare any Medical/Health Condition.

We strongly advise all of our clients to provide their medical history and personal doctor’s information. Only a private personal advisor will be given access to this information, which will be highly protected and secret. Only in an emergency will you need to know this information.

Gorilla Trekking Safari For The Elderly : Workouts.

Take some time off before your excursion to engage in some physical activity to acclimate your body. Before you go, we suggest that you go running or walking. Mountain gorillas reside in mountains, therefore the only way to trek there to see them is by walking or being carried.

Gorilla Trekking Safari For The Elderly : Carry a Walking Stick.

On flat land, you might be able to walk upright, but hiking through the forests of Bwindi, Mgahinga, or volcanoes may compel you to bend slightly, necessitating the use of a walking stick for Support. If it rains, using walking sticks prevents you from slipping on muddy grass or other surfaces.

 Employ a Porter.

It is exceedingly taxing to trek while carrying a bag full of packed food, water, and other needs, especially for the elderly and the physically challenged. Therefore, it is ideal and strongly advised to hire a porter to help you with the trip and carry your belongings.

Choose Gorilla Families that are easily to trek

It can be difficult to decide on a quick gorilla trek, but all Uganda Safaris offers them. Make sure you reserve early enough to secure a gorilla family that lives close to the park headquarters or in a low-altitude location that is accessible by foot.

Elders are assigned to these gorilla families during the briefing, and if you reserved early enough, we get to book gorilla permits to areas with mountain gorillas that are simple to track. Parks like Bwindi are divided into sectors, some of which have a higher altitude than others. You are nevertheless urged and advised to let the Rangers know about any health-related problem that could need special treatment. Your security is our top concern.

Hire Sedan Chairs.

Renting a sedan chair with porters is the easiest option to trek mountain gorillas for Tourists who are too weak to walk and those who use wheelchairs. Additionally, the sedan chairs are cozy enough to prevent back strain. Throughout the hike, you won’t need to move from your position because the porters are strong enough to continue trading. For old and disabled people, this is the most enjoyable Gorilla Trekking, although it costs an extra $400.

Carry enough drinking Water and packed Food.

Gorilla Trekking Safari For The Elderly
Gorilla Trekking Safari For The Elderly

Although we guarantee to arrange for you a less taxing gorilla walk, we strongly advise you to bring packed meals (snacks) and plenty of water. Our bodies tend to lose oxygen through respiration more quickly at higher altitudes than at sea level. Since the length of a trek might vary, you run the risk of being hungry along the route and losing enthusiasm for the expedition. Carry meals or snacks that will give you energy to avoid being disappointed.

Extra Days.

Spending an extra day at the resort prior to your first gorilla hike is more consoling and unwinding for all of our senior consumers. They can use this to basically assist them adjust to the altitude before they proceed to the park headquarters to ask about the day’s experience, clarify their needs to park officials, and relax before starting their second trek.


Elderly hikers may be concerned about security in the park in addition to their capacity to complete the trek, because they are already frail and even vulnerable. Gorilla Trekking is quite safe and secure in Rwanda and Uganda. The purpose of armed rangers leading gorilla treks is to keep tourists safe from wild creatures like elephants and buffalo. Although there have been no instances of militias in Uganda or Rwanda in more than 20 years, park authorities take no chances. Due to past security incidents, the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can be uncertain. Security is still tighter even then than it is in Rwanda and Uganda. In order to go Gorilla Trekking in the Congo, one must become accustomed to several security checks and additional bodyguards.

The travel time to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest from Entebbe or Kampala is another concern for travelers. There are two ways to fix this issue. Instead of Entebbe, Uganda, one should fly to Kigali, Rwanda. From Kigali to Bwindi, the driving time and distance are shorter. Getting from Entebbe to Bwindi by Car can take up to eight hours. It just takes three hours to get to Bwindi Forest from Kigali. Booking a local charter flight from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi to the closest airstrip in Bwindi is another Option for overcoming the lengthy driving distance. After that, your local tour guide will wait for you at the airport, so they can drive you to the park. The local flights are expensive, but they reward you to reach the park in only one hour.

You need not fret, if your budget does not permit a local flight to Bwindi. The Gorilla Parks are situated in regions with outstanding animal reserves and breathtaking scenery. Even if you decide to travel by road, you won’t become bored. You will come across breathtaking national parks, mountains, valleys, and unspoiled African nature that will astound you. Tour operators frequently plan brief break stops and en-route tours to undiscovered attractions like the Equator. Gorilla trekking can be combined with other wildlife encounters to shorten the trip’s driving distance. Up until you locate the Gorillas, you would make stops in several national parks every day.

What about lodging when going on a gorilla trek? The lodging options in and near the Gorilla Parks are of a high caliber. They include economy hotels, luxury hotels, mid-range lodgings, and ultra-luxury lodgings. Your Budget determines everything. Standard cottages with grass-thatched roofs, self-contained tented camps, dorm rooms, and straightforward campsites are available as accommodations. The majority of these hotels were designed to make it simple for Individuals with Impairments to move around.

It’s crucial to prepare beforehand by hiking around your home, if you are middle-aged but rather inactive. If you reside in a hilly, mountainous, or forested location, take advantage of the opportunity to walk around to get your body ready for your excursion. You can also get ready for Gorilla Trekking by strolling, climbing, doing light running and walking for extended periods of time.

 Try to bring plenty of water and energy snacks before going on a gorilla walk. They will support maintaining the body’s health and vitality. Elderly people must know, what to bring for Gorilla Trekking, in addition to joining an easier group and being carried in sedan chairs. Hiking boots, hand gloves, rain jackets, sweaters, sunglasses, long sleeve shirts, long pants, walking sticks, insect repellents, and first aid kits should all be on your  Gorilla trekking packing list.

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