Hike Mount Meru : Tanzania’s iconic mountain is Mount Kilimanjaro. This Africa’s tallest mountain is situated in the Kilimanjaro region. About 70 kilometers west of Mount Kilimanjaro, stands Mount Meru, another fascinating peak in Tanzania.

If you want a challenging hike apart from the difficult Kilimanjaro hike, Mount Meru is a better option, and here is a complete guide to climbing this spectacular peak.

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is a dormant stratovolcano, which is 4,566 meters above sea level. It is the second-highest peak in Tanzania and Africa’s eighth-highest mountain. And its beautiful ash cone makes it very appealing to climbers.

Mount Meru Arusha National Park’s top-notch highlight. It is one of the attractions for most visitors coming to this splendid destination and we suggest you should try it on your next adventure.

Is Meru the hardest mountain to climb in Tanzania?

We normally encounter this question in most of our inquiries. Neither Meru nor Kilimanjaro is the hardest mountain to climb in Tanzania. Both offer a challenging hike with the Kilimanjaro being a difficult one.

Mount Meru is not hard. But, you should not underestimate it. The trek is steep and technical and there is just one route, the Momella route. It requires certain fitness levels to reach the summit. Meru hike is the best ‘warm-up’ hike for your forthcoming Kilimanjaro hike. It prepares the body and makes it used to higher altitudes and colder conditions.

Is the Mount Meru hike worth it?

A Meru hike comes with exhilarating experiences. As you trek up the steep slope of this stunning peak, you will enjoy spectacular views of various things, including:

Wildlife views: On the foot of Mount Meru is a rainforest that is home to diverse wildlife. You will encounter wild animals on the lower slopes of Mount Meru. This is very common on the first day of the hike. Arusha National Park is home to many wild animals such as buffalos, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and hippos.

Ngurdoto Crater:  Ngurdoto Crater is among the spectacular calderas in Tanzania. This crater appears clearly, as you hike. Its abundant wildlife makes it stunning when viewed from Mount Meru.

Momella lakes: The Momella lake vistas appear clear from Mount Meru. You will also see the glorious view of Arusha city.

The views of Mount Kilimanjaro: The white snow cap of Mount Kilimanjaro appears spectacularly as you hike up Mount Meru. The best views are experienced on clear skies, especially when you reach Little Meru.

What to bring with you on Mount Meru’s hike?

You will need some items for a successful Mount Meru hike. Such items include sleeping gear, including a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, sleeping bag liner, and compression sac. You will also need footwear, that is hiking boots, running shoes, sneakers, and gaiters. Others include trekking poles, gloves, and packs/bags.

Hike Mount Meru
Hike Mount Meru

How much does it cost to hike Mount Meru?

The cost of a four-day ascent of Mount Meru ranges from $850 to $1500 per person. This typically covers transportation from accommodations in Arusha or Moshi to Arusha National Park and back. The package includes meals, permits, and overnight stays in mountain huts, but excludes gratuities for the guide, cook, park ranger, and porters.

Despite the varying prices, tours are generally similar since all participants stay in the same huts. Camping is also available at the same fee. The key distinctions lie in the quality of guidance and the meals provided. Three-day climbs of Mount Meru generally have comparable costs.

Mount Meru is the best place to gain fitness for your Kilimanjaro hike. The hike itself offers unforgettable views of wildlife, Momella vistas, Arusha town, and other things. You will enjoy the climb and Focus East Africa Safaris guarantee that you won’t regret taking this hike.

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