Kenya Safari Best Time to Go : When is the best time to visit Kenya? The best time to visit Kenya on a Kenya safari tour is in the months of June to October and Mid-December to February which reward travelers with amazing wildlife safari experiences. As you plan your Kenya safari tour, knowing when it is the best time to go for a Kenya safari is important lest you blundered especially if you are traveling for a specific purpose, say witnessing the great wildebeest migration.

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While it is generally experienced that the dry season is the best time to visit Kenya on a Kenya safari tour, the wet season also presents amazing chances and opportunities to explore in the various Kenya safari parks, especially for bird watching. Notwithstanding the seasons however, Kenya is highly considered an all-year-round safari destination where travelers can visit and experience the wilderness and still see the different animals and other wildlife species.

Many tourists who visit Kenya are after experiencing the great wildebeest migration which takes place on Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya. Every year, over 2 million wildebeest herds along with other grazers make their way from Serengeti National Park Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya, in an iconic spectacle that is considered one of the greatest wildlife shows in the world. Witnessing the iconic Mara River crossing is something that most travelers look to experience and thus knowing when to embark on a Kenya safari is important. To be able to witness the great wildebeest migration in Masai Mara Park Kenya, the best time to visit is in the months of August to November, with very high chances of witnessing the very iconic Mara River crossing.

Weather and climate are a great determinant on when the best time to visit Kenya is. Kenya like the rest of the East Africa countries receives 2 seasons of the dry and wet season.

The Dry Season in Kenya

The dry season in Kenya is considered as the best time to visit for Kenya safaris by different travelers who have gotten a chance to come for a Kenya safari tour. The dry season in Kenya falls in the months of June through September and December through February. The dry season in Kenya is the best time to visit Kenya for a Kenya safari according to different people simply because it is easy enough to view wild game given the short savanna grassland then, as well as the fact that the seasonal rivers dry up in the dry season having animals almost congregate at the same time in the few waterholes available in the different safari parks, thereby allowing travelers a chance to see more animals almost at the same time. Witnessing predators taking a chance at the unsuspecting animals as they have a dip or drink is highly probably. The roads then are also good enough for use; dust should however be expected.

Kenya Safari Best Time to Go
Kenya Safari Best Time to Go

The dry season is also the high/peak season of travel, which only means that more travelers can be seen in the different parks. Travelers should therefore anticipated meeting crowds should they travel in the dry season months. Because it is a peak season of travel, Kenya safari prices are also generally high, especially for accommodation.

The Wet Season in Kenya

The wet season in Kenya falls in the months of November to early December, as well as March through May. The November-December presents the short rainy season with little rains received in intervals, while the March to May rainy season is the long rainy season in Kenya with heavy torrential rains received then.

The wet season presents muddy and slippery roads, and interruptions, sometimes, in the safari activities as rains may interfere. Use of 4×4 safari land cruisers is therefore important lest you get stranded in the parks.

The wet season in Kenya is also the green season, which presents quite scenic areas especially for photography, with Amboseli National Park being a lovely destination then the most for travelers after photographic Kenya safari tours.

While safaris may be interrupted by rains, the wet season is also a great time to visit Kenya especially for travelers after budget Kenya safaris, as well as travelers after less-crowding in the safari parks. Travelers after birding safaris have the wet season as the best time to visit; migratory birds are present during this time.

Irrespective of the season of travel, all year through is a great time to visit Kenya on a Kenya safari tour. for specific Kenya safari activities like the great wildebeest migration however, traveling when it is in season is best advised. regardless however, Kenya is a safari destination that can be visited all throughout the year and still give travelers wonder and the African thrill with such a diversity of wildlife that they are rewarded with while on wild Kenya wildlife safaris.

As you look to visit Kenya on a Kenya safari tour, get in touch with a reputable tour operator to help you pitch an amazing Kenya safari tour and be rewarded with unforgettable Kenya safari memories, irrespective of the season of travel.

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