Less-Crowded Safari Destinations In East Africa : A trip to East Africa for a safari is exhilarating, adventurous, and transformative. Safari enthusiasts frequently associate East African safaris with seeing Africa’s great wildebeest migration, viewing large herds of animals, looking for the “big five,” looking for smaller mammals, or going chimp and Mountain gorilla trekking in the heart of Africa’s rainforest.

On a safari, you can discover more about yourself, re-establish a connection with nature, and see things that are impossible to see in normal life. You will be astounded by the stunning and exotic safari locations that East Africa has to offer. East Africa has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes, including the breathtaking Masai Mara and the mesmerizing Serengeti National Park. You will be enthralled by the experience in a way that is unmatched. Even though these exceptional safaris will always draw hordes of tourists, East Africa also has a few less-traveled safari spots—undiscovered gems that are off the beaten path.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations and attractions in East Africa can get crowded. Since there are always people around, some people prefer to spend their vacations as far away as possible. These are some of the less popular safari locations in East Africa if you are the type who avoids crowded places but still wants to go on an adventure. Here are less-crowded safari destinations in East Africa if you like privacy:

  1. Katavi National Park, Tanzania

Katavi National Park is a little-known treasure. Despite being the third-largest national park in Tanzania, Katavi National Park is one of the less commercialized safaris in the area. There are numerous thrilling opportunities to see lions in Katavi National Park. Because it is one of the less-crowded safari destinations, many people who have been there claim that there are more lions here than tourists. The Chada floodplain is another notable feature of Katavi National Park. You can see thousands of buffalo, elephants, and antelopes during the drier seasons. Furthermore, hippopotami are widely distributed throughout the Katavi National Park.

  1. Rusizi National Park, Burundi

Gishora Drum Sanctuary, Snakes Park, Gitega National Museum, and Kareral Waterfalls are just a few of Burundi’s many tourist attractions, but it is much less well-known than its neighbors, Tanzania and Rwanda. Visitors who are more daring will, however, be amply rewarded.

Burundi’s most popular safari location is Rusizi National Park. This national park, which is next to the Rusizi River, is well-known for having a healthy population of hippo and sitatunga as well as for being a fantastic place to go birding. Birds like the Sharp’s pied babbler and red-chested sunbird are common sights for visitors. Nile crocodiles, one of Africa’s deadly predators, also reside in the Rusizi River. Discover the park on foot, by boat, and in a car.

  1. Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania

This national park is tucked away in Kalambo, Tanzania, and is frequently offered as part of a package deal with Katavi National Park. The Rift Valley Escarpment rises above the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the second-deepest and longest freshwater body, and is encircled by the Mahale Mountains. At the lake, you can unwind while taking in the breathtaking scenery. You can go on a hike with a guide through the area’s extensive, dense forests that span the valley. The chimpanzee population is another fascinating feature of the Mahale Mountains National Park. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these chimpanzees. The chimpanzee population in the area is so well-known that it once took part in a Japanese research project in the 1960s.

Less-Crowded Safari Destinations In East Africa
The Chimpanzees of Tanzania
  1. Aberdare and Samburu National Parks, Kenya

While the Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli National Park are two of Kenya’s top tourist destinations, there are many other undiscovered gems that are well worth visiting, including the Samburu National Reserve and Aberdare National Park, two of Kenya’s less well-known safari locations.

 Aberdare National Park, also known as the majestic moorland, is a scenic wonderland distinguished by its picturesque open moorlands and steep forested ravines. Visitors can see three of Africa’s big five animals—elephants, leopards, and black rhinos—on safari in Aberdare National Park.

A number of waterfalls, including Karuru Waterfall, Kereita Cave and Waterfall, Chain Waterfall, Magura Waterfalls, Thomsons’ Falls, Chasing Waterfalls, and Guar Waterfalls, are among Aberdare’s other attractions.

  1. Less-Crowded Safari Destinations In East Africa : Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

A great place to see wildlife is Samburu National Reserve, which is close to Buffalo Springs National Reserve. This tranquil retreat is accessible to tourists looking to get away from the busier national parks during the busy summer months. Numerous herds of elephants, buffalo, hippos, zebras, and oryx are among Samburu’s abundant wildlife. Predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs can also be seen by visitors. Samburu provides a wealth of opportunities for bird watching, much like Aberdare does.

  1. Less-Crowded Safari Destinations In East Africa : Meru National Park, Kenya

Meru National Park is one of the few national parks in Kenya’s Maua region that doesn’t see a lot of visitors. The park is magnificent, so it is surprising that it is not more well-known than some of the numerous other popular safari locations. The Tana River, a body of water where numerous streams from the snow-capped mountains flow, can be found in Meru National Park. Meru is encircled by a magnificent savannah area as well. The Meru National Park not only has stunning scenery and natural features, but it also has some of the most exciting and exotic wildlife you’ll find in East Africa.

 You will have the opportunity to see the coveted Big Five, which includes the lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, and African buffalo. The Big Five are considered to be the five most exotic and dangerous species in the area. The Somali giraffe, zebras, rapier-horned Beisa Oryx, and cobalt-chested Guinea fowl can all be seen in addition to the Big Five. Because there is a lot of wildlife in this national park and not many people come here, you will have many opportunities to see these magnificent creatures.

  1. Less-Crowded Safari Destinations In East Africa : Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda

Despite not being as well-known as Kibale, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth or Murchison Falls National Parks, Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park has a lot to offer its visitors. Visitors are likely to see giraffes, elephants, zebras, buffaloes, and elands on a game drive, as well as predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs.

 When you come here, you can do more than just observe the local wildlife; you can also spend time learning about the Karamojong people who live in the area, visit the nearby Sipi Falls, or go white-water rafting on the Nile.

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