Maasai cultural tour

Maasai cultural tour : Without meeting the beautiful Maasai, a trip to the Serengeti would be incomplete. This magnificent cultural trip will immerse you in these aristocratic people’s interesting ancestry. You will get the opportunity to meet a Maasai family, view a traditional boma, the village houses (called Manyatta) built of cow dung and clay poured over stick frames, and maybe visit a local school or clinic in the Maasai community hosting your trip. If you want to make your half-day journey into a full-day adventure, you may spend a day in the life of a young Maasai or observe a bloodletting ceremony for an actual encounter on a Tanzania Safari.

Maasai cultural tour is one of the few untouched cultural tours that are highly recommended during your safari not only in Serengeti but most Tanzanian national parks. The Maasai are known for their nomadic lifestyle. They are the first locals to settle in the endless plains of Serengeti national park before they were relocated outside the park after it was gazette. Till date they are peaceful people who have managed for decades to share with wildlife at the same areas with little animal and human conflicts. Their culture has remained original for over decades now however much they interact with modern population.  Currently the Masai warriors leave around the park and most of them were settled in the Ngoromngotro Crater Conservation Area. This is where they share to leave together with wildlife no little impact on each other.

 Your Maasai cultural tours are active and visitors can actively participate in cultural tours activities. They have a wide range of activities that include interactions with the local population and learning about their culture and way of life.  Maasai people are distributed across the semi arid areas of Tanzania which are currently occupied by national parks. They practice pastoral system of life that makes them move with their animals to different places hence their distribution across the areas. Your safari to the Northern tourist circuit of Tanzania that cover great national parks like Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire national park. Along the way is a series of the mayatas for the local maasai that are organized in groups with a leaders of the Maasai warriors. They offer warm hospitable welcome to the guests. They perform different cultural dances and activities to the guests as the mode of not only entertainment but to pass messages of their culture to the guests.

During safaris in the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, as well as in the national park’s surrounding territories, Maasai people can be observed. The Maasai people may be seen grazing their sheep in the grassy plains shared by the destination’s many animal species in the Ngorongoro conservation region.

The Maasai locals keep large herds of cattle that include cows, sheep and goats. The crawls are owned communally. They are built by the family men and the children are the ones that graze the animals. The ladies perform most of the daily activities at home like cooking, milking of cows, house construction and others.  The maasai ladies are more strong than men and they do most of the donkey works at home. The maasai warriors are the ones that do the security work while the elders are the advisers in the family.

The maasai culture tour is one of the interesting safaris packages that can be included in your Serengeti safari package. Its more educative and direct support to these people who have limited access to good facilities. They even limit their diet since they can not grow crops in the park. The excitement and friendship you get during your stay with the locals. They have more enticing stories and activities that make the guests more engaged during your maasai culture safari.

Donot miss a visit to various local Maasai markets where they take their cattle, goats , sheep, honey and other crafts for sale. This is great opportunity to interact with a different Maasai tribes across the region. They come from different destinations to buy and sell their live stocks. You can use this chance to learn more on the life style of the Maasai in relation to other cultures as even other people come to the market. They are free sharing people who welcome all kinds of people to their markets.

Maasai cultural tours are accompanied by a wide range of activities like:

Maasai Cultural dance

The high jump style of dance is only found in Maasai people who are termed as “dance of seeing tomorrow” This is unique and practice dance that the guests are free to join when the locals are performing. Its one of the first African style of dance before modernization came and eroded the land of Africa. Thanks to the Maasai whose culture have never been diluted by modernization. Please don’t miss to join the family team performing this dance while on your tour to the Maasai land. Enjoy the life time human cultural experience that is only achieved through Maasai cultural tours.

Maasai cultural tour
Maasai Culture Tours

Visiting the crawl and milking

Milking in Maasai people is done by the ladies, our guests are free to join them to learn how to milk local masai cow. The guests will be guided by the lady who is in charge of milking the cows. The cows are milked in a local way as the hind legs are tired with the rope

Story telling

The elders are the ones that are in charge of telling their life time stories. This is one of the interesting times during your Maasai tour. You will learn more about details of the tribe, their family inheritance and background. They tell you on their daily wellbeing and the way of adaptation to stay with the wildlife together. This seems to be a miracle as many people fear wildlife yet the maasai make them their friends including lions.

Other activities done during the Maasai tour include nature walks, learn how to do local hunting, making of local houses using local material like cow dung, grass and others. Don’t miss this life time experience on Maasai cultural tour.

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