The Sibiloi National Park in Kenya is one of the peacefully Kenya wildlife safari destination perched on the northeastern beaches of the emerald-blue Lake Turkana. Sibiloi is a 1600 sq. kilometer area of semi-desert land surrounded by volcanic mountains that was established to conserve the animals and important paleontological discoveries. The park is made up of mostly arid wilderness, lakeshores, and riverine woodlands.

It is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE and one of the most crucial places on earth for comprehending the evolution of man. Koobi Fora, in particular, has a remarkable history and the distinction of being the birthplace of humanity. The first fossilized humanoid was found at Koobi.

Visitors with a pioneering mindset and a deep interest in evolution are perfect for the park. The region is both incredibly gorgeous and historically significant, making it the perfect place for a unique Kenya safari experience. Aside from Lake Turkana, the park is completely dry; it has no other water sources. Plains wildlife, migrating waterfowl, and roving predators can all be seen by visitors.

The best time to Visit

The best time to visit the park is between March and May, when the migratory birds from Europe arrives and the crocodiles are bleeding. Other than that, given the climatic circumstances, the park can be visited at any time of the year.

Sibiloi National Park’s wildlife

Compared to other Kenyan safari locations, this one offers fewer wildlife encounters, but you will still see giraffes, hippos, and Grant’s gazelles. The park has a hot climate. However, it safeguards a variety of wildlife, like the Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk, Oryx, and the larger Kudu, which can survive in arid environments. Predators including the lion, leopard, cheetah, striped and spotted hyena, jackal, and caracal are among the other animal species.

The North, South, and Central Islands of Lake Turkana are highly distinctive since they are home to the world’s largest Nile crocodile population.

There have been records of more than 300 different bird species around Lake Turkana. Because of species migration, this number rises over the summer. Flamingos and pelicans enjoy the salty atmosphere of the water, despite the fact that many species cannot survive in the alkaline water. On the shoreline, visitors can see a variety of aquatic birds, including African Skimmers, herons, and gulls. Not to mention, the park is home to regional species such as the Heuglin’s Bustard and Crested Lark.

Why should you visit Sibiloi National Park?

The park is a fascinating location in Kenya that enables visitors to take a journey through Koobi Fora, get to know the local tribes like the Gabra, Dassanach, and Turkana, and engage with them. Additionally, it enables visitors to partake in pursuits like camping, wildlife observation, Kenya bird watching, and archeological exploration.

Other Tourist attractions in Sibiloi national park includes:

 Koobi Fora Museum.

The museum offers a fascinating look at human evolution. It consists of the fossilized bones of five different human and pre-human species, including the Australopithecus anamensis, the Homo habilis/rudolfensis skull from two million years ago, the Paranthropus boisei skull, the Homo erectus skull, and the Homo sapiens skull.

Sibiloi National Park
Kobi Flora

Sand Dunes

A four-wheel drive is the ideal way to experience the sand dunes. Take pleasure in the occasion and the lovely palm trees.

Lake Turkana

One of the park’s primary draws is Lake Turkana. It is Africa’s largest desert lake. The lake’s hue gradually shifts from blue to jade and grey over time. The algae particles in the water cause the color change.

Mount Sibiloi

It is one of the volcanic mountain where fossilized forest remnants from 7 million years ago were discovered.

Safaris in Sibiloi National Park

From birding on the shores of Lake Turkana to guided nature walks through the petrified forests, safaris in the national park offer a wide variety of activities. Joining a pre-planned trip with an experienced guide is the best way to see wildlife and experience this area of the Kenyan northern safari circuit. The majority of safaris are organized fly-in excursions or challenging overland journeys that make use of nearby camping grounds.

Tourist activities: Things to do

There are many things to do in the park, but a few of them are boat tours and fishing excursions on Lake Turkana, a visit to Koobi Fora, where fossilized humans once lived, hikes through the petrified forest on the volcano’s slopes, and animal viewing at the freshwater waterhole. Many archeological and excavation sites, some of which are more than a million years old, are available for exploration.

A Visit to Koobi Fora.

Due to the site’s significant archaeological significance to human life, visiting Koobi Fora, the location of ancient human remains, is a wonderful experience.

Game drives

The Sibiloi National Park is exceptionally blessed with a variety of wildlife, including the Big Five species of buffalo and elephants, giraffes, reptiles, and amphibians, all of which are intended to provide visitors with a wonderful opportunity to have a fantastic game drive.

Birding safaris

As Lake Turkana is home to birds like flamingos, kingfishers, and many African fish eagles, shoebills, and herons, among other species, many birds are seen around this wonderful environment.

Check out Lake Turkana

The lake is home to a multitude of aquatic species, and the surrounding wildlife—such as Nile crocodiles, which are plentiful on the flats—has a significant impact on the lake. The rocky coastlines are inhabited by carpet vipers and scorpions. For those who want to count stars and watch the moon rise and set till dawn, there is a camping area available.

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