The 2023–2024 Best Places To Visit In Tanzania As A Solo Female Traveler : Are you a woman who wants to go on a safari in Africa but is unsure of where to go? If so, don’t spend too much time considering it because Tanzania is the greatest option for you and without a doubt ought to be at the top of your list of the place to go. Where in Tanzania is the ideal destination for a woman traveling alone? This manual is for you if this is your major worry or query. Here, we’ll talk about the top Tanzanian destinations for female solo travelers as well as other topics, The 2023–2024 Best Places To Visit In Tanzania.

Guide to Self Drive During Tanzania Safari

The truth is that traveling alone can alter your life. Sure, it’s wonderful to tour the world with your friends, family, husband, or wife, but let’s face it—traveling alone has numerous advantages. Being a solo traveler is amazing. You are in charge of your own safari when you are traveling the world by yourself. You get to choose the schedule, the meals, and the activities.

Globally, solo travel has sharply increased recently, especially among women. According to studies, an increasing number of women are making the decision to travel alone. This development, according to experts, is a result of women feeling more confident and safe traveling alone to pursue learning opportunities, self-improvement, and personal growth excursions and Focus East Africa Tours stands for all of these things, The 2023–2024 Best Places To Visit In Tanzania

More and more female tourists are turning to Focus East Africa Tours lately for assistance in creating the trip of a lifetime in Tanzania, whether it be to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, go on the Tanzania wildlife safari of their dreams, discover the origins of human culture, or simply unwind and recover with a trip to Zanzibar Island. Regardless of the type of experience, Focus East Africa Tours is a proponent of women’s emancipation.

The section that follows is all about female travel. We’ve previously talked about the advantages of traveling alone, but in this section, we’ll cover why Tanzania is the ideal location for women traveling alone. We’ll also offer some safety advice before listing the top three destinations in Tanzania for female travelers.


Here are some of the reasons why Tanzania is the best country for female solo travelers: Sure, you could always go to France and enjoy a baguette while the Eiffel Tower is in the background. You could always take a flight to Spain to indulge in tapas or experience bull riding. How about sunset views of two million wildebeest flooding the Serengeti? How about being overcome by a swarm of pink flamingos as they take off, sending your heart skipping a beat? Consider climbing the 5,895-meter (19,341-foot) Mt. Kilimanjaro, known as the “Roof of Africa, to finish one of the tallest non-technical walks on Earth.

Tanzania is now one of the most popular safari destination for solo female travelers. These are the top 5 reasons, in our opinion, why Tanzania is the best country to visit in 2023-2024 for solo female travelers.  Volcanoes that have been active for millions of years, world-class beaches, lions and elephants, rainforest and desert, culture, and delectable cuisine can all be found here. Tanzania is utterly in awe.

You can encounter a lot of mind-blowing stuff in a short period of time in Tanzania.  The majority of these experiences are secure and available to female solo travelers. The following explains why: All guided safaris are small-group excursions. This implies that you will be partnered with other tourists and that a guide will be with you at all times. Private tours are also an option. Any Kilimanjaro trek will also confirm this.


Pack lightly: The lighter you travel, the greater the experience—this is likely our all-time favorite travel advice. This is especially true for female travelers traveling alone because you’ll be navigating airports and safari vehicles on your own, and the less baggage you have to manage, the more focused you’ll be on your safety and security, The 2023–2024 Best Places To Visit In Tanzania

 Try to be modest: In Tanzania, women should dress modestly, while men are not excluded from this. The best option is to dress modestly. When visiting the most conservative regions of the world, it is wise to follow this advice. Bikinis and beachwear are increasingly popular in Zanzibar.

Yes, direct over dark: While the majority of Focus East Africa Tour’s guests will be promptly whisked away to safaris, private beaches, or Mount Kilimanjaro, there is always time to shop and visit urban markets as well. We usually suggest guests return to their accommodations before nightfall, and this is particularly crucial for women. In addition, we advise women to be frank and straightforward with any businesspeople who approach them on the street. It’s best to strongly reject someone.

The 2023–2024 Best Places To Visit In Tanzania As A Solo Female Traveler
Zanzibar Island

Pick a reliable tour operator: Probably the most crucial piece of advice is this. A trustworthy and knowledgeable guide will be your main tool for remaining safe and secure on the road because Tanzania will thrust you into a completely new world filled with unfamiliar sights and noises. Each of our Focus East Africa Tour guides is a wealth of knowledge that will make sure you are well taken care of.


  1. Zanzibar: The Spice Islands’ idyllic beaches and whiter-than-white sand provide female tourists with the perfect setting to let their hair down, pick up that tattered book, and spend some time in the sun. We may arrange for you to spend several days in a quiet setting where everything is taken care of. It’s important to keep in mind that Zanzibar Island is 99% Muslim; therefore, both men and women are recommended to cover their knees and shoulders if they intend to visit Stone Town, which you should do without a doubt.
  2. Serengeti/Ngorongoro Crater: There is simply no other way to describe how amazing the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit Join a 5- to 7-day small group tour to see some of the world’s most amazing wildlife and landscapes. As a package tour, all lodging and guides will be prearranged, safe, and secure, making them perfect for lone travelers.
  1. Tarangire National Park: Any of our guides will tell you that Tarangire is one of their favorite safari destinations if you ask them. Why? Think about baobab trees and elephants. Some of the largest densities of both are in the park. Tarangire is a part of several Focus East Africa Tour packages, including the 7-day Tanzania Classic. June through October are the ideal months to visit this unique location, The 2023–2024 Best Places To Visit In Tanzania

To conclude:

It all boils down to choosing the appropriate tour operator, one with an impeccable record for security, customer service, and satisfaction, when it comes to solo female travel to Tanzania. For thousands of lone travelers, Focus East Africa Tours has been planning private trips and small group tours for many years. We are familiar with the top hotels, beaches, and other locations to make the most of your independence.

“Make contact with us right now to start planning your independent trip to Tanzania. The crew at Focus East Africa Tours is prepared to assist you right now, whether you want to go on a weeklong safari or climb Kilimanjaro with a small group trip”

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