The Best moment to visit Serengeti National Park :  The Great Serengeti National Park may be the place of your dreams to visit, whenever you think of tourism in Africa. Serengeti national park is located in the northwestern part of Tanzania and covers up a total area of about fifteen thousand square kilometers (15,000 sq kilometers). The name Serengeti means the endless plains in the Maasai language as one of the world’s most celebrated wilderness. As the world’s heritage site with over 2 million ungulates, thousands of lions, leopards, cheetahs, and over 500 different species of birds. This kingdom is controlled by the lions, it’s the only national park in Tanzania and in the world with a huge concentration of lions, having about 2500 lions. Serengeti is the home of the big five as well as the great migration of the wildebeest is only experienced here.

The home of the great migration this the grand annual movement is when the millions of the wildebeest followed by over 200,000 zebra and then later joined by the 300,000 Thompsons gazelles as they seek for green and fresh pastures, water and escaping from the predators. The game viewing is special as the land stretches across the sunburnt savannah to give a spectacular view of the golden horizon at the end of the earth as the sunset and goes down the earth. The great golden scenery turns into the flawless green carpet that covers the whole landscape as soon as the raindrops land on it and makes the major transformation.

The home of the big five, in Serengeti, is the only place you are sure to meet the big five in one visit, lion are found in abundance here at the park, the elephants, leopards, rhino, and buffalos. There are so many predators apart from just the big 5 to mention a few it includes the hyenas, cheetah, African wild dogs, jackals, etc. the landscape of the park is so open that offers the most beautiful and eye-catching view of different predators species.

All times of year are the best to visit the Serengeti national park, the visit time depends on the preferences of the tourist and with specific reasons because some will like to have bird watching, some will not want to miss the great migration or even the best moment to view the predators. All the times are perfect because not all the animals migrate some remain hence can still be viewed even after the occurrence f the migration. As stated below these extraordinary moments can be at their peak around the following times of the year.

The dry season between July –October best timing for the wildebeest migration.

The great annual migration is normally during the dry season is around July to October, during these times of the year over 2 million wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles move from Serengeti national park in Tanzania crosses Mara river towards the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya for the search of the fresh green pastures. Around November to June, most of the animals move to Serengeti national park, and most are found here while from July to October they move to Mara in Kenya so is the cyclic process that occurs each year. This movement can normally take up to 3 weeks to be at its climax hence the timing is really required for this activity. The animal viewing at this time of the year is perfect since the vegetation is thin hence the vegetation is plain with short savannah grasses this gives a most closer and clear view of the animals.

The Best moment to visit Serengeti National Park
Wildebeest migration

 This is an unforgettable moment that is very unique about Serengeti Park and also it’s the world’s largest wildebeest movement.

Another wildebeest migration is being witnessed around January and February as they move on the southern part of the Serengeti national park in Ndutu area towards the Ngorongoro conservation area to craving purposes and giving birth of the young once. This part of the park is normally busy as most of the tourists visit to see the newly born calves, not only the tourists but also the lazy predators such as the cheetahs, and the male lion as they have their eyes on the babies, hence it’s the perfect place to have the closer view of the predators thus The Best moment to visit Serengeti National Park.

During this season light clothes are highly advised this is because its hot and sunny the simple and light clothes will make you even more comfortable. Avoid exposing most of your body during the evening and night in order to reduce the chances of mosquito bites and less risk of falling sick because of the mosquitoes.

The bird lovers will visit on wet season around the month of March to May (the green season)

The breeding season of the birds is normally during the rainy seasons, many migratory birds move up to the Serengeti national park for the purpose of breeding. The park is blessed to have over 500 different bird species. This is the heavy rain season such that it can rain the whole day none stop hence the grasses turn green and this season is famously known as the green season.

The other wet season is between November and December.

This season is unpredictable not like the rain season of March and May. These short rain seasons are normally the best for game viewing as well as bird-watching activities because most of the animals concentrate on the sources of water therefore they can be easily viewed.

The sources of water around the park also have an effect on the weather condition as well as the availability of the animals. There are different rivers that are the sources of water at the Serengeti national park they include, Grumeti River, Mara River as well as Lake Victoria.

The hot air balloon safari at the Serengeti national park is the most adventurous activity that normally takes place throughout the year but is more enjoyable during the dry season. The hot air balloons give you the bird view of the Serengeti national park and bring you even more closely to the wildlife as they come as lower at the tree level. The best scenery is watching the great migration from the top as the millions of wildebeest move from either Serengeti to Masai Mara or from Maasai Mara to Serengeti.

Enjoy dinner at the bush, the meals at the Serengeti normally feel different as you enjoy dinner as well enjoy the nature and the bushes. If you want a romantic dinner for two is available and can also be arranged away for just the two. The magical moment of camping under the star is almost making your stay at the Serengeti unique. Camping o this safari is also another way to save cost.

The list below might be helpful to determine which time is best for you to visit the Serengeti national park depending on your preference and what you expect.

      • January –February.Wildebeest calving
      • The rainfall is unpredictable at this time of the year.
      • The safari cannot be interrupted as it tends to be dry spells between short and long rain.
  • June- September.

Wildlife viewing at the climax

      • The wildebeest migration as they cross the Grumeti River .or the Mara River.
      • Less vegetation hence game drive and nature walks are highly practiced at this season.
      • Normally a very busy time of the year as most of the tourists prefer this season.
      • Characterized with fewer mosquitoes, something which lowers the risk of falling sick due to malaria.


      • Best for the bird watching activities since both the migratory birds as well as the domestic birds are available and it’s the breeding season for them.
      • The vegetation is thick hence the game viewing activities are at the lowest peak.
      • Lower lodging prices and the whole safari cost is lower.
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