The Best Things To Do In Magoroto Forest :  Magoroto Forest Estate is blessed with tropical rain, which makes it the ideal location for outdoor camping and getaways. The estate is situated at 850 meters above sea level, where the climate is pleasant all year round. Welcome! Enjoy a picnic or a swim in the lovely man-made lake while you explore the heavily spiced tropical forest.

Magoroto Forest Reserve offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and the Muheza Valley. Explore the dense tropical forest with organic spices, take a picnic, or go swimming in our lovely lake as you take in the lush rain forest with its rare plants and bird species.

Magoroto is a part of the East Usambara Mountains, which are renowned throughout the world for their high species endemism and rich floral and faunal diversity, along with the nearby Mlinga Forests. They have been designated as a Biodiversity Hotspot by the WWF and IUCN, an “Important Bird Area” by the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST), and a “Man and Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO. African violets, also known as Saintpaulia, have been hailed as the symbol plant for preserving these forests.

Given that the Magoroto Forest Reserve is in Tanga, this journey is enhanced by a beach safari in Pangani. Particularly in Ushongo village, it was one of the calmest places and beaches we have ever visited in Tanzania. Ushongo Beach in Tanga is a stunning, secluded, palm-lined beach that has not undergone development. The beach is almost always deserted, providing a private beach experience. This package includes some of the best Backpacking and cottage lodging options.


Mountain Hiking (Trekking)

There are a total of eight well-known hiking trails available in Magoroto Forest. The trails’ varying degrees of difficulty offer options for different trails based on your level of fitness. The trails end at picturesque viewing points after passing through a variety of landmarks. The shortest trail is 1.5 km (a three-minute hike), and the longest is 12 km (an eight-hour hike). There are numerous additional trails between them, and there are countless ways to combine them to suit your preferences and level of fitness.

Our trails come to an end at the lake, where you can cool off with a refreshing swim after a strenuous hike. This will ensure that you are refreshed and ready for your upcoming activities.

Mountain Biking

Our mountain biking trails travel through areas where the palm plantation’s former access roads once were. Choose one of the five trails that best suits your level of fitness, and then pedal through the rainforest while taking in the cool, fresh breeze.


Magoroto Lake was created artificially by the Swiss in 1956. The lake is supplied with fresh water by natural springs. One of the best diving opportunities is provided by its depth of 12 meters. Children must always be accompanied by adults while swimming due to the depth of the lake. To assist with lake activities, we have life jackets, floats, and a lifeguard.

Picnic at the lake

There are several wooden benches and Bandas located around the lake where you can have a picnic with family and friends.


In 2005, tilapia and catfish were introduced to the lake. Utilize our locally made fishing rods to go lake fishing. You can decide to cook or barbecue the day’s catch.

Bird Watching

The IBA (Important Bird Area)-designated Magoroto Forest is home to a wide variety of bird species.

Forest Walk

Magoroto Estate offers a number of simple walkways for forest walking where you can explore nature thanks to the area’s dense rainforest. Learn about the different plant species in Magoroto as you stroll through the numerous water streams in the forest.

The Best Things To Do In Magoroto Forest
Magoroto Forest

Spice Tour

Cloves, black pepper, and cardamom are just a few of the many spices that thrive on the Magoroto Estate. An opportunity to learn more about spices, their cultivation, and processing is provided by a spice tour. All of the spices grown in Magoroto are organic and come in retail packs, so you can take one with you when you leave.

Factory Tour

A factory tour offers the chance to delve into the past and discover more about Magoroto. Do you want to know what the meaning of the name Magoroto is? Or how the Swiss and Germans eventually ended up in Magoroto? Make sure to ask for a factory tour if you want to learn all of this and more.

Bonfire/ Campfire

Our nighttime bonfires are the best because they give friends and visitors a chance to get together and connect under the stars. At the main house and campsite, we have a lot of places to have bonfires. Please feel free to suggest where you would like to have the bonfire that night.


The best way to truly connect with nature and experience Magoroto in its natural state is through camping. Our campsites have a long history and are constantly being upgraded. You can choose to camp by the lake or in the garden of the main house with our Magoroto Camping Experience package. The experience is worthwhile, and the morning views are truly magical.


Magoroto offers one of the best places for meditation because of the background sounds of nature. We will assist you in selecting the ideal locations for yoga and meditation.


Magoroto hosts a barbecue night every Saturday. The BBQ stall would have Beef, Mbuzi, Chicken, or Fish BBQ available for ordering. Enjoy a cold beer and a sizzling BBQ by the lake.

Board Games

For our visitors, we keep a variety of board games in stock. With a bonfire, a barbecue, and some board games thrown in, our evenings are better spent. We offer games like Jenga, Uno, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, 30 Seconds, Darts, Checkers, and Chess. Try any of these challenges, and don’t worry if you need help learning one; we are always here to help.

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