Where To Go In Africa In October 2023-2024 : The infamous dry season begins to wind down in October. A safari in East or Southern Africa is ideal in October. Although it can get quite hot, October is a great time to see animals in Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia. This shoulder month in South Africa delivers pleasant weather, ideal for a vacation. In Kenya and Tanzania, the dry season is likewise coming to an end. This also provides excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing, but be aware that some parks may be crowded in October.


Although the first rains may arrive in certain areas later in the month, you may still see plenty of wildlife in the vast majority of the countries. The quality of the safari is typically unaffected by this rain; in some regions, it only provides a cool respite from the intense heat of the end of the dry season. As these nations approach the summer months, temperatures are continuing to rise in the Seychelles, Mozambique, and Mauritius.

The month of October is still a great time to travel on safari, with the “shoulder” seasons in Uganda and Rwanda being perfect for seeing the spectacular mountain gorillas. If you are an avid birder, October is a great time to travel because migratory bird migration begins in East and Southern Africa. Below is our top picks for the best places to visit in Africa in October:


The big parks in Tanzania are still in their peak seasons, and the heat there is much milder than in the main parks in southern Africa, particularly in Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia. We love visiting the dry-season parks in October, especially Ruaha and Katavi, when the abundance of wildlife and low tourist density make for a fantastic and real safari experience. While the Serengeti experiences an increase in river crossings as the herds begin their migration south, Tarangire’s elephant herds are at their greatest in the north of the country.


October is one of the driest months of the year, with very little rain, increasing daytime temperatures, and very lovely evenings.

 The best times to witness gigantic whale sharks are often between September and February, when they move north along the Mozambican coastline. Tofo and subsequently the Bazaruo Archipelago offer some excellent possibilities to see these magnificent and calm creatures.


After a protracted, dry winter, there is minimal water and scant greenery in October. Around perennial waterholes, wildlife gathers in large numbers in Etosha National Park. The greatest time to see highly endangered animals like black rhinos and cheetahs is right now. Other regions of Namibia will also provide amazing experiences, such as the Sossusvlei sand dunes and the dramatic and desolate Skeleton Coast’s lions engaged in seal hunting.

 ZAMBIA, Where To Go In Africa In October 2023-2024

Zambia experiences one of the greatest mammal migrations, if not the largest, from October to December. One of Africa’s most breathtaking wildlife secrets may be found every year at Zambia’s Kasanka National Park. More than 8 million straw-colored fruit bats are traveling from the Congo to Kasanka National Park to eat the wild musuku fruits. Only in Kasanka can one experience this miracle of nature, and the park also has an abundance of birds and other creatures. It may not be on the typical safari routes, but that just adds to its beauty. This is best enjoyed in conjunction with a trip to Kafue, South Luangwa, or Lower Zambezi National Parks.

ZIMBABWE, Where To Go In Africa In October 2023-2024

Zimbabwe is at its driest in October before the rains threaten in November. The wildlife in Mana Pools National Park stays close to sources of permanent water because there are so many predators there. Herds of Cape buffalo, impala, and other antelope travel to the life-giving waters, and enormous prides of lions and packs of African wild dogs wait to take advantage. The huge Zambezi river flows eastward toward Mozambique, and the flood plains in the park’s north are its main draw. Yet, there is a secret treasure tucked away in the center of the now-dry park for those seeking even more excitement.

Springs Chitake: As it is the only source of water for kilometers around, this perennial spring attracts wildlife year-round. Amazing sightings may be had here, and you truly feel as though you are in uncharted African land.

UGANDA,Where To Go In Africa In October 2023-2024

Where To Go In Africa In October 2023-2024
Queen Elizabeth National Park

In Uganda, October is shoulder season because of the impending rains. It is still possible to go gorilla trekking and visit the many national parks, including Murchison Falls, which is home to one of East Africa’s most beautiful waterfalls, and Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is well-known for its population of tree-climbing lions. Short downpours typically occur during humid afternoons. When searching for quality lodging in the “Pearl of Africa,” you can find some pretty good prices because it’s much less busy than in the past few months.

MADAGASCAR, Where To Go In Africa In October 2023-2024

The weather in Madagascar in October is magnificent; the jacaranda trees are in full flower; there are plenty of lychees; and numerous roadside vendors are offering these delightful little delicacies. The lemurs’ young have been born. Lemur pups typically remain with their mothers, clinging sweetly to her back as they develop confidence. Lemurs are typically on the ground at this time of year, hunting for food, interacting socially, playing, bickering, and sunbathing, making it simpler to locate them in the dense rainforests.

KENYA , Where To Go In Africa In October 2023-2024

In October, Kenya is also nearing the end of its dry season, making it a wonderful time to see wildlife. Several camps are also offering fantastic value because tourist numbers are beginning to dwindle.


In October, Rwanda is very much in the transitional period between the dry season and the brief rains, which makes the conditions for gorilla trekking somewhat unpredictable. The majority of the time, the days are still warm and sunny, making gorilla excursions strongly advised.

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