Why should you visit Tanzania’s southern safari parks? Why Should You Visit Tanzania’s Southern Game Reserves Instead of the Northern Parks? The stunning national parks and wildlife reserves located within Tanzania’s Southern safari circuit brilliantly display and capture the best of the country’s natural resources. This is in addition to the stunning Zanzibar beaches. The Tanzania southern game parks and reserves offer unmatched chances to observe wildlife in its native setting.

 The wildlife reserves in northern Tanzania, such as the Serengeti, lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National park, are better known and offer better safari infrastructure and facilities for the majority of safari companies and tourists. Beginning in the town of Arusha, the parks in Tanzania’s north undoubtedly offer the best-developed tourist itineraries.

The parks and reserves in the south, however, provide a genuine African safari encounter that cannot be found in any other location on the African continent. The Selous Game Reserve, the Udzungwa Mountains, Mikumi, and Ruaha National Parks are among the principal locations of Tanzania’s southern safari circuit. When compared to the parks in the north, these are less well-liked and less frequently visited. Here are some justifications for choosing the southern Tanzania safari park during your African safari tour:

Original and Genuine Parks

The majority of the southern parks, including Ruaha, were previously difficult to access. These have remained mostly unaltered and unspoiled by uncomfortable and frequently harmful human activities.

Unique Safari Parks

Compared to the parks in the north of Tanzania, the parks in the south receive fewer visitors. The vast number of wild animals and the small number of guests add to the experience of a true Africa safari trip.

Selection of safari activities

The delightful safaris inside the southern Tanzanian parks frequently include extra safari activities like boat rides on the rivers, nature walks, and bush walks, which aren’t always permitted in the northern Tanzanian safari parks. The experience of a safari is, therefore, diverse.

Safari vehicles open on the side.

All safaris are conducted in open-sided safari cars, giving you the opportunity to watch and photograph wildlife without restriction.

Why should you visit Tanzania's southern safari parks?
Serengeti National Park

Charming Lodging Experience

Southern reserve lodges and campers are much more modest and personal. More than 20 tents are quite uncommon in lodges or even camps. This suggests that your safari experience will be much more customized and that every safari tourist will receive more attention to detail.

Simple to Arrange Short Safaris

It is much simpler to plan a shorter safari for 1–2 nights in the southern parks due to their closer proximity to the city of Dar es Salaam. For instance, it just takes an hour to fly and four hours to drive to Mikumi. Fly-in holiday destinations like Mikumi, Selous, and Ruaha let you avoid long journeys. In northern Tanzania, the distances are occasionally great, and traveling by road is extremely taxing, Why should you visit Tanzania’s southern safari parks?


As you’ve just read, there are a lot more activities available in the southern parks, allowing you to have a more varied safari experience. While the northern parks typically only allow game drives, the southern parks allow walking safaris, fishing, fly camping, game drives, and boat safaris. With significantly fewer campgrounds and visitors, the southern parks are likewise much more peaceful. As a result, you will frequently see a sighting alone, or at the very least, with just one or two other vehicles in the area.

We especially advise honeymooners to visit the southern Tanzania safari parks because of the variety of activities and the significantly lower tourist density. The campgrounds in the Selous and Ruaha are all quite small and offer a real atmosphere, with no more than 8–10 rooms per camp. The staff will immediately know you by name and will arrange a ton of surprises to make your honeymoon unforgettable, which is perfect for honeymooners searching for fantastic service.

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