A Glance at The Wildebeest Migration Across Mara River : For every safari-goer, Tanzania is an incredible destination to spend your whole holiday while enjoying the scenes of the mother nature environment. This attractive country is home to three of the Seven Wonders of Africa namely, the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Great Migration. Serengeti National Park hosts the spectacular event, the Great Migration which is the never-ending circular migration of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles. This thrilling event attracts huge population of visitors from all over the world. The migration is in a systematic cycle direction. Mara River is like a border, so passing through this mighty river means crossing from Tanzania to Kenya. Multiple animals from Serengeti National park in Tanzania and Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya cross this gigantic river. Crossing this river means death or survive. This is because there are a lot of hungry Nile crocodiles hunting for animal prey, A Glance at The Wildebeest Migration Across Mara River. Flowing waters also wipe many weak wildebeests. The river is so long thus having many crossing points. But most of this wildebeest migration takes part in Tanzania side. You can have a special tour to other several parks in Tanzania particularly for learning and being entertained. Such particular areas are, Serengeti National Park where it’s a motherland for the best great migration of this Wildebeest animals together with other related animals like pray the Beast and zebra, the other entertained area is Ngorongoro Conservation Area that keep you to think on how do this migration takes place since a Ngorongoro Crater is highly immersed below the ground level thus this movement is seen to be so difficult to happen, but there are routes that facilitates the migration to the next  destinations everywhere, also there are routes that animals move across one point to another inside the Park. And within Ngorongoro National Park more related animals especial Zebras. Also in Ndoto Park have awesome and amazing routes for wildebeest migration as they move purposely for searching of food, water. The best times to get and viewing the crossing of majority Wildebeest to most of these attractive places during the day time as thousands of Wildebeest passing. But also during night period session and during this session they move with somehow high speed as there are also many predators during night whose looking for feeding.

A Glance at The Wildebeest Migration  Across Mara River
Wildebeest Migration

Let’s understand why wildebeest cross through Mara River. A thousand of these superb animals migrates throughout the year looking for fresh grazing, posture and follow rainfall for better water sources. The migration is unique in that it includes many animals and that it is a reliable path that wildebeest take year after year. The crucial purpose of these migrations of large groups to these animals is due to verities of importantly factors which are might be taken on consideration and are unavoidable. I said it is unavoidable due to Climatic change that always occurs around the world, this Changes lead to environmental effects such as Drought, and wilting of tree leaves. The follow are major factors that leads to this great migration of Wildebeest.

The major is Searching of Food and water; This is major one above all that makes majority of Wildebeest to move as these are the basic needs required by all living organism. Due to Climatic change, there is period where there is shortage of grassland as wildebeest are herbivores means they feed on grasses found on the specific area they are. So during summer season there is little grasses so they might move to next point usually from Serengeti to Masai Mara in Kenya. Since they move in a large group there are others being selected naturally by the environment and they still survive throughout the journey and others dies because of hunger. As usual when you fight for having food you will also need water to stop thirsty. This on their move toward next destinations they could pass crossing water resources like rivers where by the main river they might crossing over and you should not plan to miss is through Mara river, and then to other water resources like Lake’s they drink it to add energy. A thing that could makes to think it’s about their sensitivity ability on the area where it’s a season for raining. That’s why most majorities migrate in a rainy season. And so there will be enough water and food would be available.

Hazards, Bearing in mind that majorities of wildebeest animals are also migrates due to the several hazards occurs that makes them too might move towards the next area just to secures their life.one of the big hazard well known is fire or burning of Forest. This is most dangerous as through burning there is distortion of vegetation’s on the area burned thus since these wildebeest feeds on grasses so if burning occurs leading to competition for food and water due to greater population. To overcome this disaster they just move towards the next destination point where they would found enough food and many other basics. Also drought it’s big disaster that causing migration to thousands of wildebeest animals, since drought causes wilting of vegetation’s. Also hunters who using most unlikely methods like guns they also creating dangerous habits since they could move to escape from hunters but very rarely. Let me assures you that on your plans to observe this world best migration of wildebeest animals in Mara River you wouldn’t disappointed just because you would also learn the significance of protecting the environmental resources that secures the natural vegetation’s, A Glance at The Wildebeest Migration Across Mara River.

Also this greeter migration occurs for the mating purpose, a huge generation of this population is also takes place to facilitate reproduction moments, specifically when we speak to the Tanzania side where its air condition support reproductive systems of surrounding animals not only wildebeest. Since it’s a biological event but let me gives you little bit and brief lesson about this issue, in order for the animals including the wildebeest to reproduce and increase their generation  there should be a mating between female wildebeest and male wildebeest but a thing which make sense and reason to why they migrate is that female is the one who decides most the mating time as it have a circle biologically  termed as Oestruse cycle in between this time there is day called hot period that allows this female to have mate with male. So there are others who complete their cycle on the post sides to do so they might move to finds sexy and thus increase their generation.

On the other case migration occurs just to Escape from predators; If you were knowing also Predators are also being the sources for the great migrations since, predators are carnivores means they feed on meat therefore Wildebeest are among of their food source. Predators are like Lion’s, Leopards, hyenas, wolfs, all of these are within the Parks and both they needs to on observed pray were mostly are these wildebeest, Zebra, pray beast, but also Buffalo’s, so far even when they are in their routes to escape from dangerous areas they Crosse’s through Mara  river,  where there Aquatic animal Predators  like Crocodiles, on this you would found others dies due to overcrowded population and leading to death of a lot of animals plus those eaten by the predators so decrease the life generation. But so importantly and Wildebeest animals within their routes and habitat there are about 200 to 300 of Wildebeest are birthed.

A Glance at The Wildebeest Migration  Across Mara River
Wildebeests migration

So if you would have a tour to see Mara river and its beauty activities you should be aware with the best time to be there, though there is no particular time for the crossing of these wildebeest but for the local knowledge on the range of July-September its good timing to observe crossing at Mara river when you will be there. And this is due to climatic changes occurs every year so lead to slight changes for time of migration.

Although migration is of two countries but the large coverage is at Mara River where the great population of wildebeest you would see that’s why it could better when you visit at Mara River. And apart from only wildebeest migration there are crossing over of multiple of animals such as Lions, elephant’s, Zebra, hippopotamus, Rhinos and so many others.

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