A safari in the northern part of Serengeti national park

A safari in the northern part of Serengeti national park : The northern Serengeti national park is one of the sections that form the greater Serengeti national park. Other sections that form the park include: The Central area (Seronera) The Western area (Grumeti) and the Southern area (Ndutu).  The Northern area also known as the Mara area is located on the Northern part of the park along the border of Serengeti and Masai mara national reserve of Kenya. This marks the extension of the largest Serengeti eco system that crosses the border to the Famous Masai mara reserve of Kenya. The oldest ecosystem extends to the Mara area of Kenya which the wildebeest migration follows.

Safari in the northern part of Serengeti national park takes you close to the untouched and less crowded areas of the park. This is less visited but rich with wildlife especially the shy birds and animals. This is among the few areas in Serengeti where you can see the shy Black Rhinos in the bushy shrubs. The destination is also a birding paradise with more bird species found in the area due to the quite nature of environment.

Safari in Serengeti is most though of the wildebeest migration that happens annually. This is one of the dreams of the guests who wish to visit the park but unfortunately this comes with timing of the safari. This can only be achieved through your safari to the northern part of Serengeti national park. This is where the climax of the wildebeest migration takes place as millions of the wildebeests cross the Mara river to enter in to Kenya Masai mara national reserve. This activity is ones in a year and happens from July to August. No one can tell the exact day it starts though predators and others animals try to predict. They camp around the river early enough to wait for this action to start.

Wildebeest migration is not only the most popular activity in the nature but the historical event in the wildlife community. It’s the largest animal migration in the history where millions of animals cross the river. This happens with no leader but very organized and they move only in clock wise direction. This means that the entrance is different and the exit is also different. They enter from the North and exit from the southern part.

The Northern part of the park can be easily accessed by road through the Central part of the park. The drive is accompanied by enroute game drives as you proceed to the north. Another alternative is by domestic flights. There are several domestic flights that service the Northern airstrip of Kogatende airstrip.

Accommodations in the Northern Serengeti

There are several accommodations found at the Northern part of the park. The challenge is that most of the budget tented camps are mobile hence they are there only on the season of wildebeest migration. The permanent tented camps are mostly luxury lodges that start from 500usd per person per night. You need to book your accommodation in time in order to secure it since at most the camps get full before the season for the migration starts.

Your safari to the Northern part of Serengeti is action parked with more activities that guests can do, this includes:

Safari on a hot air balloon

During safaris in the Serengeti National Park’s northern region, hot air balloon rides are available. This is among the few regions where Hot air balloon safaris are done. The hot air balloon safaris are operated by individual or private companies and you book in advice. The fee is different from the park entry fees. You can book by yourself or engage a local tour operator to book for you.

A safari in the northern part of Serengeti national park
hot air balloon Safaris

The hot air balloon safaris give you an eagle eye to the open endless plains of the park. You enjoy close view of the animals without off tracking. Tourists who participate in the activity are awakened early in the morning and instructed on the activity before boarding the hot air balloon and viewing the savannah plains as well as other sights in the national park. The package comes with bush breakfast. There is also a toss after the ride is done before your driver collects you up for another game drive.

Wildebeest migration viewing

The wildebeest migration is one of the key activities that attract thousands of tourists to Serengeti national park. This action parked venture happens ones in a year in the Northern part of Serengeti national park. Its coded as the natural wonders of the world and voted as the seven natural wonders of Africa. Viewing wildebeest migration is one of the key attractions that attract tourists to the Northern Serengeti. Catch action live when millions of wildebeest cross the mara river amidst the hungry large crocodiles and lions waiting.  Survival for the fittest as helpless zebras and wildebeests cross the river.

Game viewing

Apart from wildebeest migration guests can also enjoy game drives in serengeti at the Northern corridor. The part is also famous of the shy black Rhinos and other big game like Elephants, buffaloes, zebras, hyenas, Crocodiles, hippos and many others. Game drives are done in the morning and afternoon along the park. On the other private arrangements some camps offer night game drives.

A safari in the northern part of Serengeti national park
Game Drives in Serengeti


This one of the great destination for birders while in Serengeti national park. Birding in Serengeti is done during the rainy season. This is when the birds are breeding, some of the bird species sighted include: Martial eagle Rufous Chatterer, Long-toed lapwing, Pangani Longclaw, Rufous-Bellied heron, Spike –heeled lark, Common Bulbul, Yellow-necked spurfowl, Von der decken’s hornbill, Hartlaub’s bustard, African Finfoot, Eurasian thick-knee, Dickinson’s kestrel, Common redshank, Abbisynia ground Hornbill, African Swamphen, Mourning dove, Secretary bird, Red Winged Francolin Red Chested Fluftail African Pita, Joyful greenbul, Ostriches, Love bird, White bellied goway, starlings, Steel-blue whydah and many more.

Cultural walks

Cultural walking safaris in the Serengeti National Park’s northern region are another safari activity. The exercise is done on foot as we take a visit to the homes of the local Masai people that leave around the park. This is a unique cultural group which modernization has never changed. They remain on their own natural setting amidist the new era of change in life. Sharing their life style, stories and daily activities and culture.

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