A travel trip to Tanzania : Tanzania is a captivating tour destination Nestled in the Heart of East Africa, The country stands as a rewarding and typical destination for travelers who are seeking a mysterious and attractive blend of wildlife species,culture,Nature beauty among others outstanding attractions this country has, from the legendary landscapes of the Famous Serengeti to the Majestic and impressive summit of Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania significant adventures and explorers with  its iconic landscapes and rich biodiversity, Tanzania Homes some of Africa’s most famous National Parks not forgetting the reserves as well ,along with the fascinating and beautiful Zanzibar town and clean and fresh beaches within Zanzibar town.

Tanzania insures an unforgettable trip filled with exciting safari full of good experience like cultural engagements and breathtaking and pleasing views. An exploration of Tanzania’s countless attractions and treasures where every moment spent in this Country stands as a proof to the country’s unique and un matched fascinating experience in Africa travel.

Focus east Africa tours are tour operators that helps travelers and Visitors to explore this Beautiful country. We are experienced and certified team that focus on rewarding trips which helps visitors witness an amazing experience while on their safari tours according to visitors’ preferences.

When tourists confirm their safaris with Focus east Africa tours either through our different platform or even direct call to our offices, trips are confirmed by us and itineraries are sent to travelers booking including the guide line and rules for a Safari tour in Tanzania.

Memorable meals are one of the hallmarks of an excellent holiday. With the support of the best cooks, the quality of food and drink service is guaranteed. Depending on the service level or type of tour you have chosen, pre-discussion with your tour planner is a win-win situation for an enjoyable diet. Other tours are accompanied by our cook and others are inclusive service from our accommodation partners include hotels, private camps, and luxury lodges.

Travel security while in Tanzania.

When it comes to security and safety Tanzania is absolutely a safe country safari are organized and they are conducted in ways that insures that it is safe and enjoyable for the visitors to have an outstanding travel experience in Tanzania.

Safety guidelines on a safari tour in Tanzania.

Focus east Africa tour’s Professional Safari Guides are well trained about wild animal behaviours and they have enough experience to lead our clients in the wilderness. Our vehicles are 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rovers with a hutched roof to give maximum visibility of a game.

What to see while on a safari in Tanzania.

Tanzania safaris tour guarantee unmatched sightseeing; millions of animals, birds, and plant life are the core characters of the African savanna. You roam across the countryside in search of Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Cape buffalo, and Leopards (the so-called “Big Five”). On any given day, you will encounter Blue Wildebeests, Zebras, a large variety of antelope species, Gazelles, Giraffes, Baboons, and Hippos. The birdlife is fantastic – in some areas, up to 400 bird species have been identified! Think of the majestic Baobab tree (some tribes believe that the tree was indeed planted upside-down!), and there are hundreds of varieties of thorn trees! You will also see the acacia-dotted landscape, endless plains, majestic mountains, and the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises one could ever imagine! Think of a late afternoon thunderstorm, short but violent, and then the beautiful rainbow.

When is it best to visit Tanzania?

Tanzania destinations are accessible throughout the year but we advise you to take your tours during the dry session for the safari so as you can enjoy the best sightings at this time as the grasses and bush are at their least dense. July to October and December through February. The green session includes March through June. Discuss with us for the best option if you have also a plan to coincides with Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti National Park.

A travel trip to Tanzania
A travel trip to Tanzania

Essential things to Park for your tour safari in Uganda.

Visitors can pack insect repellent which helps to prevent malaria and other insect-borne diseases, sunscreen, cap or hat, sunglasses, binoculars, detergent powder if you want to wash some clothes yourself, hand-wipes small flashlight, aspirin, diarrhea medicine, rain jacket, poncho, or collapsible umbrella, plastic bags (for wet clothes, swimsuit and for keeping dust away from camera equipment), Kleenex/toilet tissue a neck chain for eyeglasses if you take them off to use binoculars and cameras, any medical prescription you need, masking tape or labels for marking exposed films cans, film, extra camera batteries.

Language used in Tanzania.

Kiswahili is the local language in Tanzania, however this is considered as a no problem to visitors who are seeking a tour in Tanzania as English is spoken throughout East and Southern Africa. Apart from English, all our professional guides are multilingual in different languages like English, Swahili, French, Chinese among others so our visitors and travelers Focus East Africa tours can consider themselves covered for no language barrier will occur.

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