Accommodations in Serengeti National Park : In terms of wildlife safaris, the Serengeti National Park is not just Tanzania’s top destination, but Africa’s top safari destination. The Great Migration takes place amid vast plains, mountainous outcrops, and acacia woods, which provide home for a diverse range of fauna. Aside from remarkable great migration, the Serengeti is known for having the world’s biggest population of wildlife, including all five of the Big Five. It has the highest number of predators of any African national park, including Kenya’s Maasai Mara and South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Throughout your Serengeti safari you might catch a glimpse of the magnificent Great Migration if you’re lucky, but even if you don’t, you’ll be treated to great game watching and a spectacular African safari experience throughout the year.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, is Africa’s best safari park, and it also boasts a plethora of lodging options (accommodations) for tourists. From modest campsites to tented safari camps and high-end luxury lodges, there is accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes in Serengeti. You’ll discover anything from daring mobile tented camps following the Great Migration to family-friendly lodge-style accommodations and everything in between. There are several options for a base from which to explore this area of breathtaking scenery and plentiful animals.

When finding place to stay in Serengeti national park, the contrast between mobile camps and permanent lodges is the most important distinction to make. Throughout the year, the mobile camps in Serengeti follow the migration and shift to two or three perfect spots. The tented mobile camps provide a more authentic and “true” safari experience. However, luxury is not sacrificed, and there is nothing like waking up in the morning and stepping out onto the Serengeti grasslands.

On the other hand, permanent camps do not move. They are in permanent locations throughout the year, which means they may not be ideal for viewing the migration. The Serengeti’s other animal population is so large that even if the migration isn’t at these camps for a few months of the year, you can still expect to see lots of predators and plains game.

Again, Serengeti national park accommodations are well and evenly distributed throughout the park, ranging from western Serengeti to eastern Serengeti, southern Serengeti, northern Serengeti, and central Serengeti, making it simple to choose any accommodation in any part of the park depending on where you want to go on your safari. Accommodations and places to stay in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania are listed below.


The Northern Serengeti includes a variety of lodgings in different parts of the park, including seasonal mobile camps that follow the seasonal wildebeest migration. To enjoy your safari tour in northern Serengeti, you are advised to choose one of the accommodations bellow that are located on the exactly place where you want to do your safari in Serengeti national park.

Accommodations in Serengeti National Park
Andbeyond Serengeti

Andbeyond Serengeti under canvas, Kaskazi Mara camp, Kimondo migration camp (asilia Africa), lamai Serengeti (nomad), legendary Serengeti mobile camp, Lemala kuria hills, Lemala mara camp, mara Kati Kati tented camp, mara mara tented lodge, mara under canvas, mkombe’s house lamai (nomad), Nasikia mobile migration camp, Nimali mara, nyikani migration camp, olakira migration camp (asilia Africa), ole serai luxury camp – Kogatende, sanctuary kichakani Serengeti camp, sayari camp (asilia Africa), Serengeti Bushtops camp, Serengeti river camp, Serengeti safari camp (nomad), Serengeti wilderness camp, Singita mara river tented camp, and Ubuntu migration camp (asilia Africa), Accommodations in Serengeti National Park.


The Eastern Serengeti features a variety of lodging options in different parts of the park. You can choose your preferred option to match your interests and make your Serengeti safari vacation more fun.

Andbeyond Klein’s camp, Lemala Nanyukie tented lodge, Namiri plains (asilia Africa), Serengeti migration camp (Elewana), Serengeti sojourn, and Taasa lodge.


The Southern Serengeti includes a variety of lodgings in different parts of the park, including seasonal mobile camps that follow the seasonal wildebeest migration. Choose your favorite option from the list below to meet and match your interests and budget, ensuring that you have a memorable Serengeti safari experience.

Kimondo migration camp (Asilia Africa), lake Masek tented lodge, lake Ndutu luxury tented lodge, legendary Serengeti mobile camp, Lemala Ndutu camp, mwiba lodge, Nasikia mobile migration camp, Ndutu Kati Kati tented camp, Ndutu safari lodge, Ndutu under canvas, nyikani migration camp, olakira migration cam, sanctuary kichakani Serengeti camp, sanctuary Kusini camp, Serengeti safari camp (nomad), Serengeti sojourn, Serengeti wilderness camp, Serengeti woodlands camp, serian Serengeti mobile camp, and Ubuntu migration camp.


The Western Serengeti offers a variety of lodging options in various regions of the park, including seasonal mobile camps that follow the seasonal wildebeest migration. Choose your favorite option from the list below that will make you feel at ease and allow you to appreciate the Serengeti’s natural beauty.

Andbeyond Grumeti Serengeti tented camp, Andbeyond Serengeti under canvas, Kirawira serena camp, legendary Serengeti mobile camp, Mbalageti Serengeti lodge, Serengeti safari camp (nomad), Serengeti Simba lodge, Singita explore camp, Singita faru faru lodge, Singita Sabora tented camp, Singita sasakwa lodge, Singita Serengeti house, and  Ubuntu migration camp, Accommodations in Serengeti National Park

Accommodations in Serengeti National Park
Mbalageti Serengeti lodge


The Central Serengeti offers a variety of lodging options in various regions of the park, including seasonal mobile camps that follow the seasonal wildebeest migration. Choose your chosen choice below based on your budget and interests to ensure you have an once-in-a-lifetime safari journey to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Andbeyond Serengeti under canvas, Dunia camp, four seasons safari lodge, Kati Kati tented camp, Kubu Kubu tented lodge, lahia tented lodge, Lemala ewanjan tented camp, mbali mbali soroi Serengeti, mbuzi Mawe serena camp, Melia Serengeti lodge, naona Moru camp, Nimali central Serengeti, nyikani camp central Serengeti, ole serai luxury camp, one nature Nyaruswiga Serengeti, sanctuary kichakani Serengeti camp, Serengeti lake Magadi lodge, Serengeti pioneer camp (Elewana), Serengeti safari camp (nomad), Serengeti sametu camp, Serengeti serena safari lodge, and Serengeti wilderness camp

The following are some of the most described and explained accommodations/places to stay in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Lamai Serengeti lodge

The Lamai Serengeti Lodge is one of the lovely place to stay in your Serengeti, Tanzania safari tour. It is of the highest quality, and the service is among the best in the region. A Nomad Camp offers luxury without the flash and glam that can detract from a true African safari experience. It is situated on the Kogakuria Kopje, with stunning views down over the Serengeti plains, where the migrating herds can be observed from late July to late August. With its quirky style and excellent location, it’s like a breath of fresh air when compared to many other opulent safari lodges within the park.

Namiri Plains

Anyone interested in seeing cheetah while on an African safari to Serengeti Namiri Plains is the best place to stay. The cheetah population is huge, and there’s plenty of everything else as well. Namiri Plains, which is owned by Asilia, will undoubtedly provide a world-class safari experience in Serengeti, Tanzania.

Singita Faru Faru safari lodge.

Faru Faru is widely considered to be Tanzania’s top safari lodge. It is part of the private Grumeti Reserves, which are located in the west of the Serengeti, and is one of three of their supreme assets (the others being Sasakwa and Sabora).

Singita Sabora camp

Sabora is a super-luxury permanent tented camp in the Singita-owned Grumeti Reserve in the Serengeti’s western reaches; it’s one of Tanzania’s best lodges and an excellent choice for any Tanzania safari. The lodge is directly on the plains, and during the migration months of May and June, the area is completely covered in wildebeest. With antique furnishings and thoughtfully planned, large tents, the entire camp has the atmosphere of a genuine safari camp from the 1920s. Singita, on the other hand, has left its stamp on the camp, with world-class cuisine, a fantastic pool, and an unrivaled safari experience.

 Chaka Camp 

In the Serengeti eco-system, Chaka Camp is a semi-permanent movable camp. In Swahili, “Chaka” means “bush,” and that is exactly what the Chaka Camp provides: a real and personal bush experience in the heart of the Serengeti’s unspoiled environment. The camp relocates twice a year to ensure that its visitors are in prime viewing position for the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Accommodations in Serengeti National Park
Chaka Camp

Dunia Camp

Another gorgeous safari camp from Asilia, with a similar aesthetic to Olakira. The difference with Dunia is that it is located in the Serengeti’s heart, making it ideal for year-round wildlife viewing. They’ve also discovered a wonderful quiet nook from where they can take in the scenery and vistas without the commotion of other vehicles that is common in this part of the Serengeti.

Kiota Camp

This is a lovely and affordable Serengeti camp located in the heart of the Serengeti, allowing for year-round wildlife viewing, especially if you’re interested in large cats. The camp itself is basic yet well-designed, providing an authentic safari experience. Kiota Camp is all about sleeping under canvas in the middle of the Serengeti, surrounded by wildlife.

Klein’s Camp 

This is one of the Serengeti’s more opulent permanent lodges, offering a variety of safari experiences with excellent park rangers, including night drives and walking safaris. At Klein’s you get a chance to get away from the masses by being located in your own private concession board on the National Park’s eastern side.

Olakira Camp

Olakira is one of the Serengeti’s best mobile campgrounds. It travels the same route as Serian, moving twice a year. From July to November, they can be seen in the Kogatende region of the Serengeti. Then, from December to March, they relocate to a beautiful location on the Ndutu plains. At Olakira, you can expect excellent guiding, delectable cuisine, and a magnificent yet authentic safari camp. Its northerly location is unrivaled since you can view the wildebeest migration river crossing from the comfort of the tent.

Sasakwa Lodge

Singita’s Tanzania flag ship resort, Sasakwa, is one of Tanzania’s most opulent lodges, offering some of the Serengeti’s most breathtaking views. We adore the individual infinity plunge pools in each room, as well as the amazing stables, which offer some of Tanzania’s best horseback safaris. It’s nearly impossible to surpass this lodge’s luxury experience, which includes world-class cuisine, great guiding, and exceptional service.

Sayari Camp

Sayari is one of the top Serengeti campgrounds in the north. It’s a sleek and well-appointed camp that blends luxury with a prime location for game viewing. The meal is delicious, and the service is exceptional. The Serengeti’s northern reaches provide a very secluded experience. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Great Migration without being obstructed by a sea of other safari vehicles.

Serengeti Safari Camp:

Nomad is one of Tanzania’s oldest safari firms, with camps and hotels located around different national parks in Tanzania. The Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp is one of the best safari accommodation because it is a mobile camp that follows the migration across the Serengeti National Park and offers outstanding guiding. Nomad wins extra respect among mobile operators for following the movement with every move, not only during the high tourist season.

Serengeti under Canvas:

Serengeti under Canvas is one of the Serengeti’s most opulent mobile tented camps, owned and operated by Andbeyond, one of Tanzania’s top safari companies in terms of guide quality and luxury. The camp is relatively mobile, monitoring the migration in a small, intimate camp at all times of the year. This is still bush camping with a bucket shower as standard, but with the extravagant embellishments that Andbeyond tend to lavish on all of their properties, you know it’s a step above.

Singita Explore camp

Singita Explore is an elite tented camp within the Singita Grumeti Reserve in the west of the Serengeti, offering the utmost in luxury “mobile” tented campgrounds in Tanzania. The camp can be set up with anywhere from two to six tents, but it will always be exclusive. This is undoubtedly the greatest tented camp to see the massive herds passing through this part of the Serengeti during the migration in May and June.

Singita Mara tented camp

Singita owns some of Africa’s finest and most luxurious resorts; the Singita Mara Tented Camp, which opened in October 2012 on the banks of the Mara River, is the most recent addition. This is the best place to stay in the Serengeti’s north, and it’s perfect for watching the migration cross the Mara River from July to November.

Singita Mara tented camp
Singita Mara tented camp

Grumeti Camp

Grumeti Serengeti is a premium permanent tent lodge in the Serengeti operated by Andbeyond. It is located in the Western Corridor and is best seen between late May and early July, when the migration passes through. In a secluded section of the park near the banks of the Grumeti River, the lodge is typical of Andbeyond’s high level. The lodge is tented, but the tents are erected on platforms, giving it the feel of a well-established property. The main area is a fantastic place to relax and watch the local hippo pods.

Kirurumu Serengeti Camp.

The Kirurumu Serengeti Camp is one of the Serengeti’s best-value luxury mobile tented lodges. It’s a fantastic camp in and of itself, but if you want to experience Mara River crossings without breaking the bank, this camp stands head and shoulders above the rest. The luxury camping style allows you to relax in your (very) comfy bed while also fully immersing yourself in the ambience of the untamed Serengeti outside your window.

The legendary Serengeti camp.

The legendary Serengeti camp is a mobile tented camp set up in close proximity to the annual migration, wherever that may be. The enormous herds of the migration, along with their predators, are always on the move, driven by an insatiable desire for food and water.

Mwiba Lodge

The Serengeti’s south side was in desperate need of a top permanent lodge, and now it has one. Mwiba is the answer for those looking for a lavish, top-luxury permanent lodge with all the amenities one could desire, with a spectacular position over a rocky ravine and eight classically fashioned tented rooms. With its own private concession, which is quite rare in East Africa, the exclusive usage of this region offers more activity freedom as well as a more private and intimate safari away from the hordes that may be found in the national park.

Ubuntu Camp

This little camp, which is part of the Asilia brand, offers good value and a high level of service in all sectors. It follows the migration, providing excellent game-watching chances and access to distant camp sites. It’s a nice personal experience and perfect for parties, as it’s a tiny camp with only eight tents. Other mobile tented campgrounds with private vehicles and perhaps superior guides are available. They do, however, cost extra, although the increase is justified. If you’re looking for a higher-end tented camp, consider Alex Walker’s Serian, Nomads Serengeti Safari Camp, or Olakira.

Lemala Kuria Hills camp

The Lemala Kuria Hills are a new and permanent accommodation in the Serengeti’s northwestern region. Although the modern glass-fronted rooms with colorful décor are not in the classic African Odyssey style, Kuria Hills can be considered the ideal resort for many people, particularly honeymooners. Private plunge pools, a convenient location, and spectacular sunsets combine to make this a cost-effective alternative to many of the more typical camps.

Lemala Nanyukie 

Lemala’s Nanyukie, which opened in October 2018 in the magnificent Serengeti National Park, matches the same high standards of comfort and service as the rest of Lemala’s collection, which includes Kuria Hills in the Serengeti’s Kogatende region, Mpingo Ridge in Tarangire, and Hammerkop House in Arusha.

Lemala Serengeti Camp:

Lemala is a fantastic product that provides a pleasant tent experience. With the migration, the Lemala Serengeti shifts north and south, and the camps are in prime places.

Serengeti Serena Lodge

This is a lovely hotel with a really personal touch and a fantastic location in the park. It has an advantage over other hotels of its size since the modest huts provide a genuine sense of seclusion and a sense of being in the bush. It’s a great area to visit any time of year, but especially during the migration months of May to July.

Four Seasons lodge.

The Four Seasons is more of a hotel/resort than a tiny, intimate safari lodge, making it suitable for individuals who prefer the conveniences and amenities of a large hotel chain to a small, personal safari experience. Although it is not our favourite style, it is the best in the Serengeti.

The legendary Serengeti camp.
Four Seasons lodge.

Kati Kati camp

 Kati Kati is actually a great option for someone on a budget who wants to do the northern circuit. It’s not fancy, but it’s simple, straightforward, and excellent value for money in an area that has grown prohibitively costly. A group of outstanding employees and a clean bed are all some visitors need from a trip to one of the top game viewing places in the Serengeti.

Kusini Tented Camp

Kusini is a fantastic camp with high standards. However, the costs are increasing. There are a few decent mobile campgrounds that will get you away from the crowds and right in the middle of the migration for a better price.

Mbalageti Lodge

Mbalageti Tented Lodge is a lovely place, but its size is a drawback. The accommodations are excellent, and the main area is welcoming and friendly, but with up to 80 people in the lodge, it does not feel like a traditional safari camp. In terms of the Great Migration, it is also seasonal, as it is only in the right place for a brief amount of time each year,Accommodations in Serengeti National Park .

Ndutu Lodge

This facility will not blow you away, but it is the best value permanent lodge in the area from December to March when the herds are in the area. As a result, especially in February, this lodge is extremely popular. This is a “drive-in” resort, which means you must bring your own car and guide from Arusha. This means that mass-market safari companies may be unable to reserve this lodge.

Kirawira Lodge

Kirawira is not average small and intimate safari camp, despite being a tented camp. Because it is part of the Serena hotel brand, it is larger than most, but it also provides excellent service and quality, which is on par with or better than the larger lodges in this category. Located in the Serengeti’s Western Corridor, it sees a season of migration passing through, but it also has a lot of resident game. The tents have fantastic views, and in June and July, you will be able to observe the migration from your chamber.

Serengeti Bushtops lodge

Serengeti Bushtops is a gorgeous deluxe lodge in the Serengeti’s northwestern corner. It’s not in the finest location, but it’s an amazingly well-crafted and attractive lodge that provides every luxury one could want in such a remote region of the globe. If you’re seeking a vintage African safari experience, which this remote part of Africa is known for, this lodge will appear to be a little too modern. So one of the transportable tented camps, such as Serian or Nomads Serengeti Safari Camp, might be a better option.

Serengeti Sopa lodge

Is a major hotel in the Serengeti’s central region. It provides a fantastic site for a stay at any time of year, with excellent residential gaming in the region. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and the hotel has a loyal following among both larger groups and families. However, while it is in a decent location away from the busiest portions of this core area, it can feel a little crowded for a smaller, more intimate excursion.

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