Activities in Tarangire National Park

Activities in Tarangire National Park : Tarangire national park is one of the premium national parks of Tanzania. Its located in the Northern part of tourist city Arusha around the great and famous tourist circuit. Well known for its large Boab boab tree species and the large population of African Elephants. The park is drained by the Tarangire river that bisects the park in to two cross sections. The availability of water and good weather conditions contribute to the progressing increasing animal population in the park.

Your Tanzania wildlife safari to the Northern circuit always counts incomplete if you do not take opportunity to visit this majestic park. Most tourist refer it as “young Serengeti” with the sense that it has all what to see in Serengeti with only difference is the size. The park hosts four of the African big five only missing Rhinos. The park has different Antelope species and other animal species that can only be seen in Tarangire. Surrounded by the rough mountainous areas and the local Maasai people, the park has more to offer to the guests.

Activities in Tarangire are attributed to the wide range of attractions found at the park. This gives the guests to enjoy their life time safari with diversified activities to be done. Below are the highlights of your safari activities in Tarangire national park.

Game drives in Tarangire national park

Game drives are one of the most popular activities not only in Tarangire National Park but entire protected national parks of Africa.  Game drives are a key activity that gives the guests chance to explore the beauty of African protected areas. Through the daily game drives the clients explore the live action of nature. Get close to the wildlife in their natural habitants but observing maximum rules and regulations of the park. Game drives in Tarangire park are conducted early in the morning, late in the afternoon. All our game drives in Tarangire national park are conducted in comfortable 4WD open-roof safari vehicles which are driven by a professional driver guide. Our series of experienced driver guides has made remarkable great game drives for our guests through spotting hard to see game during the game drive. He always assists you in seeing various animal species. Game drives are done through designated driving tracks like: Lemiyon, western Lake Barungi, Kitibong Hill, Gursi, and Lamarku. Off tracking is a crime and anti-conservation that is why the park authorities do not allow it and its punishable. Tarangire national park is among the protected areas of Tanzania that can be visited any time of the year. The game drives are best done in dry season that is from June to October and from December to February.  All our game drives at the park provide excellent views of wildlife species like as elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, wildebeests, different species of Antelopes, Baboons, buffalo and many .

Activities in Tarangire National Park
Game Drives in Tarangire

Bird watching in Tarangire national park

Enjoy seeing a diverse range of beautiful and rare bird species. The wetlands of Tarangire are home to approximately 550 distinct bird species. Tarangire is a well-known safari location for bird enthusiasts who find themselves engrossed for an extended amount of time. Crested francolins, hoopoes, yellow-necked spurfowl, hornbills, guinea fowl, steppe eagles, brown parrots, the enormous lappet-faced vulture, white-bellied go away bird, bateleur eagles, mouse birds, Kori bustards, yellow-collared lovebirds, bee-eaters, lilac breasted mention but a few. The park hosts both migratory birds and permanent residents. Migratory birds come from different parts of the world. The park receives these birds mostly around the rainy season from March to May when they come for breeding. Some times they arrive around November when the park receives its short rains. Birding is best done during the green season when the birds are breeding. Our special birding wildlife safari guides are always available for all our birding safaris across East Africa.

Nature walks in Tarangire national park

Tarangire national park is one of the protected areas in Tanzania that gives guests a chance to explore the park through guided nature walks. A nature walk in Tarangire National park is a fantastic activity that allows you to explore the beauty of the park on foot with the lead of the game ranger. Guided nature walks are conducted by the park authorities so as to avoid any misfortune like animal attack from the wilderness. He will also help to identity the right tracks to follow during the nature walks. The guide will be giving detailed information about the park and the animals while on your walk.  Guests get chance to explore and get close to animal species in their natural habitat. An expert park guide and an armed park ranger will accompany you on the nature walk, protecting you from hazardous creatures. Like game drives, Nature walks in Tarangire National Park can be done in the morning or evening time depending on the guests program. Visitors will have the opportunity not only to see animals but view different plant species, insects, birds species, colorful butterflies, listen to bird species’ sweet songs, breathe fresh air, enjoy the cool breeze, and relax their minds.

Activities in Tarangire National Park
Nature Walks in Tarangire

Cultural tours in Tarangire national park

Cultural tours in Tarangire national park is a fascinating excursion that allows tourists to see the Maasai village. During the cultural tour you will have the opportunity to interact with Maasai people, visit their homes, learn about their history, culture and way of life, foods, and taboos. The cultural tours are active wildlife safari experiences that give you a chance to learn how to make crafts such as baskets, mats, and beads and many other local items. The guests are also allowed to directly participate on the cultural performance like the maasai jump dance. Get involved in many activities.

Best time to visit Tarangire national park

The ideal time to visit Tarangire National Park is during the dry season also known as the peak season which runs from June to October and December to February. Because the park receives little rain during the dry season roads to Tarangire National Park will be easily accessible. vegetation will be sparse and short allowing you to see animals more clearly.  The most important point is that wildlife species will congregate around water sources to drink, providing breathtaking wildlife views and opportunities for incredible photography.

Please do not get scared the park can be visited any time of the year since its climatic conditions are always favorable.

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