Adventurous safari through the Mahale Mountains National park : The Mahale national park is found in the magnificent slopes of the Mahale Mountain which is highly covered by the deep forests. This national park is found on the eastern shores of the Lake Tanganyika on the remote area of the western part of Tanzania. it covers the total area of about 1,613 square kilometers which is made up of the Mahale range, the rift valley escarpment, vegetation covers such as the grasslands, woodlands, rainforest as well as the alpine bamboo which is the habitat of different wildlife. Due to the vegetation cover of this national park, it can accommodate different flora and fauna that are found in this national park.

The Mahale national park is famous because of the high population of the chimpanzee; it’s among the world’s largest protected population of the eastern subspecies of the chimpanzee. There are about 700-1000 chimpanzee that have inhabited in this national park since the year 1985. There are about 8-9 different species of the primates that are found here which are the yellow baboons, blue monkey, red colobus pied colobus and vervet monkey.

The beauty of this national park is highly renowned by the most spectacular sunset over the Lake Tanganyika which offers the perfect photos and sceneries which will not disappoint you. The lake Tanganyika is also part of this national park, which is the world’s second longest and second deepest fresh water being 673 length and 60-80 kilometers in width.

Main attractions at the Mahale Mountains national park

Mahale chimpanzee; this national park gained its popularity because of the chimpanzee; there are thousands of chimpanzee that are inhabited here. The most popular activity in this national park is trekking the chimpanzee, have the most thrilling experience and walk through their national habit and learn more about this primates. The interactions with the chimpanzees are strictly regulated in order to protect both chimpanzee as well as the environment.

Adventurous safari through the Mahale Mountains National park
Mahale Chimpanzees

Wildlife in Mahale national park; due to the diverse vegetation of this national park, there are also different wild animals that inhabited in this national park. On the open savannah of this national park the wild animals can be spotted such as the lions, zebra, giraffe, as well as the antelopes.

In the forest area of this national park the colobus monkeys, squirrels, porcupine and mongoose can be spotted. There are also different fish species that are found in the waters of the Lake Tanganyika which are also part of this national park; it’s the home of about 400 species of fish, Adventurous safari through the Mahale Mountains National park.

The birds at Mahale national park; this home of chimpanzee is also shared by about 337 different bird species that are inhabited here. The birds that are found here are the forest birds, endemic as well as the endemic species, birds such as the Ross‘s turaco.

The Mahale Mountains; the Mahale mountains national park is highly blessed with the ranges with steep slopes an several peaks, which the highest peak is the nkungwe that elevates to 2462 meters above the sea level. The other peaks that are found in this national park include the Sisaga, Mhesabantu, Sibindi, Mfitwa, Pasagulu as well as the Humo peak.

The best time to visit the Mahale national park

This national park can be visited thought the year, the perfect time to visit this national park is during the dry season which is normally between June to October. This time of the year the chimpanzee can be easily seen as they gather around the shores of the Lake Tanganyika to enjoy the fresh water and fulfill they are thirsty. The wet seasons are normally perfect for the bird watching activity but they are not good times of the chimpanzee trekking.

The main activities that can be done in this national park

  • Chimpanzee trekking is most common and the must activity while on the visit to this mountain national park. This is the most participatory that involves exploring the national park and moving deep into the forest to search for the habituated chimpanzee families. It normally takes 20 minutes up to 3 hours while walking down into the deep forest of this mountain. You will have the most spectacular sceneries of the birds, that will not disappoint you and they will accompany you all along the journey with their beautiful voices. You will also spot different wild animals along the way, the animals such as the warthogs, the giraffes as well as the antelopes, will not miss their glance. You will have the great opportunity to spend almost one hour with the chimpanzee, learn about their behavior, they are feeding methods as well as their habitats
  • Boat cruise at Lake Tanganyika; this is the most exciting and fun activity while on this national park. Have the most amazing experience at the endless blue waters of the Lake Tanganyika. The spectacular views of the crocodiles as well as the hippos will not disappoint you. The beauty of the sunset while cruising on the boat will leave you in ewe as you watch the orange ball goes down deep into the blue waters of the Lake Tanganyika. This moment also offers the best photos that will keep this memory forever.
Adventurous safari through the Mahale Mountains National park
Boat cruise at Lake Tanganyika
  • Enjoy Snorkeling at Lake Tanganyika; dive deep into the waters of the lake Tanganyika with the diving masks, wetsuits and fins for about 3 hours in this fresh waters lake. Explore different species of the fishes that are found in this lake. This lake is the host of about 90 different fishes; this activity will not disappoint you as you will explore each one of them on your own while deep into the waters, Adventurous safari through the Mahale Mountains National park
  • Bird watching activity at Mahale mountain national park, this national park is the true paradise for the bird lovers. There are different colorful birds that are found in this national park, have the spectacular photos of different birds. The perfect time for visiting this national park for the purpose of bird watching is during the wet season which is normally between November all the way to May.
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