Budget travel in Tanzania  : Tanzania is among the popular safari destinations which are found in the eastern part of Africa. Some of the costs incurred during a trip to Tanzania include transport costs, meal costs, park fees and also charges for the different activities carried out during the safari. Other miscellaneous costs which are incurred during tours to Tanzania include tips and gratuities, personal costs among others.

When traveling on a budget in Tanzania, there are different forms of transport which can be used to move from one destination to another around the country and this can be done by driving using public or private means of transport, by flight, and also using a ferry.

Public transport means used when traveling in Tanzania include using dala dala, taxis and also boda bodas. These forms of transport are more affordable and are a good option to get to different destinations when touring safari parks in Tanzania.

Flights as an option for transport during a tour around Tanzania favors travelers that have a short time for a safari in the country. This form of transport is a little costly but it gets the traveler to their destination faster compared to other forms of transport like driving.

Using a ferry when in Tanzania is another good option for budget travel for instance travelers can get to Zanzibar island for a holiday using a ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar island.

Planning on where to eat or stay during your safari in Tanzania is another cost that is incurred during a trip. Some restaurants offer meals at affordable prices while other can be costly.  The beauty of traveling to Tanzania is that there are various foods to choose from including both local and international dishes. The local dishes can cost about 5 USD while the international dishes can cost about 15 to 20 USD or more depending on the place where you have had your meal.

Budget travel in Tanzania
Budget travel in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that welcomes all different types of travelers for safari and when it comes to where to stay there are luxury, midrange and budget lodges to choose from. During a budget tour in Tanzania, there are budget lodges and hotels which offer comfort and the best services at affordable prices. You can also choose to go camping in the wild during a safari in Tanzania where you get a closer view of the natural surroundings in the parks.

The type of safari which a tourist engages in during their trip in Tanzania also determines the budget for the trip to Tanzania. There are private safaris or tailor made safaris and also scheduled tours. For those on a budget, scheduled tours are recommended since they tend to be affordable compared to private safaris.

The duration of a safari to Tanzania also determines the costs incurred on a trip in a way that safaris which are lengthy are more costly compared to short safaris. Some destinations are also expensive in terms of park fees and accommodations.

Activities carried out during a trip in Tanzania also determine the costs on the safari. During tours across the destinations in Tanzania, activities like canoeing, hot air balloon rides, horse riding, cultural tours among others are also paid for separately from park fees.

The currency which is used in Tanzania is Tanzania shillings and dollars (USD) are also accepted for transactions in some places. Tourists can also make payments using credit cards during their trips to Tanzania.

How much to spend on a safari in Tanzania also depends on the time of the year when a safari is done. There are two seasons in Tanzania and they include the dry season which is also the high season or peak season around June to October. June to October is also a time of the year when wildlife viewing is at its best around the national parks around Tanzania when wildlife species can easily be spotted around water holes.

Another season for travel to Tanzania is the rainy season which is also the low season when prices are discounted and there are few tourists visiting the different destinations as compared to the high season.  The low season is a good time to travel for people who are on a budget and wish to explore the different destinations.

Tanzania experiences two rainy seasons around March to May and also around November. For bird lovers, November to March is a good time to engage in bird watching around Tanzania when migratory bird species can also be seen during a safari.

There are many attractions found in Tanzania which can be visited during tours around the country such as the Ngorongoro crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti national park, Zanzibar island, lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park, Arusha national park, Selous game reserve (Nyerere national park), Ruaha national park, Ol duvai gorge, Katavi national park, Gombe national park, Mahale national park, Kitulo national park, Lake Natron, Mount Meru and many others.

Budget travel in Tanzania
Budget travel in Tanzania

Activities in Zanzibar include boat rides in traditional dhows, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling among others. The island of Zanzibar brings many tourists to Tanzania to relax on the white sand beaches of the island. Some of the things to do when in Zanzibar include visiting the historical stone town, relaxing at the beach side hotels and resorts, seeing the giant tortoises at Changuu island which is also known as prison island, cultural tours where you interact with the locals and know more about the diverse cultures of the island and its people and their way of life among other experiences.

Another destination to visit during your budget trip to Tanzania is Dar es Salaam which is among the largest cities of Tanzania. This town is also a center for business and some of the best restaurants and a number of places to go to during a tour such as the local markets, the national museum, the Askari monument among others.

Visit Tanzania and enjoy a budget trip across various destinations all through the year.

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