Explore Serengeti National Park on Budget: Is it really possible? It is common knowledge that a Serengeti safari may be pricey. There are still plenty of Serengeti on a shoestring trip options that will appeal to you, though. The best option for a Serengeti safari on a tight budget is to go camping. There are several inexpensive camping safaris to the Serengeti offered by Focus East Africa Tours, a local tour operator, where you stay in a campground. You may enjoy the enchantment of the Serengeti National Park and witness the beauty of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area by taking a look at our Tanzania low-cost camping safari.

One of Africa’s great wildernesses and one of the top safari destinations in the world is Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, which provides Serengeti on a Budget trips. Additionally, it is the world’s largest protected grassland, consisting of vast savanna grasslands and woods, teeming with different wildlife, game drives, and many other activities, making it the ideal vacation destination for adventurers.

Additionally, you’re likely to see lions, cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas in the Serengeti National Park while on a safari there. Therefore, even if you’re traveling to the Serengeti on a tight budget, you won’t simply see a few animals. In reality, even on a short budget, you’ll get the most for your money and see a variety of creatures across the Serengeti plains, especially during the great wildebeest migration.

How much is a Serengeti on a budget safari tour? For budget safaris, a Serengeti safari destination may run about 280 USD per night, Luxury safaris can cost up to 750 USD per night, while top-tier safaris can cost more than 1,500 USD per night while Mid-range safaris may cost around 350 USD per night. Nevertheless, making a tent safari allows you to go on a cheap Serengeti safari. Additionally, joining a group safari to split the cost will allow you to take a safari tour at a reasonable price.

To obtain the best value for your money, simply select a reputable safari company or regional tour operator. On this safari excursion, you’ll also enjoy viewing the Great Wildebeest Migration, innumerable Lake Manyara pink flamingos, and other exotic wildlife.

What can you do in the Serengeti on a budget tour? If you’re on a tight budget and want to visit the Serengeti, there are still plenty of activities options to do. These include game drives with wildlife watching, where you can see the magnificent lions up close, and places like the Olduvai Gorge, one of the most significant paleoanthropological sites. Of course, you can also visit the Maasai town to get to know the Maasai culture.

Explore Serengeti National Park on Budget
Serengeti National Park on Budget

You can also try out various safaris, such as walking safaris and horseback riding viewings of animals. It’s wise to keep in mind, though, that this won’t be inexpensive. However, if you want a memorable experience and to save money, you can choose to fly in a hot air balloon and witness the Serengeti’s boundless grasslands and the diverse species that inhabit them.

When is the best time to visit Serengeti? The Serengeti offers spectacular wildlife viewings throughout the year. But if you want to see the wildebeest migration, you need to go between July and October to see this amazing spectacle. The best time to go birding safari is during the rainy season. Wildebeest calving, which is a wonderful sight to watch, takes place between January and March, Explore Serengeti National Park on Budget.


If you don’t yet have a safari schedule, take a look at our reasonably priced safari trips, which are available as either private or group tours. However, it’s important to remember that an individual trip will cost more, especially if you’re traveling to popular locations. We do, however, have reasonably priced safari tours that you may add to your bucket list if you’re on a tight budget, and they are:

The 7-day Tanzania budget safari

This 7-day cheap safari tour in Tanzania has a lot to offer. After arriving at Arusha in day one, Day two of the schedule is from Arusha to Lake Manyara, and day three is from Lake Manyara to the Serengeti. Additionally, you’ll spend days four and five in the Serengeti, where you may see a variety of animals like black rhinos, elephants, buffalos, giraffes, etc. while camping out for an unforgettable safari experience.

You will especially be welcomed by the magnificence of tens of thousands of pink flamingos and other bird species in the Lake Manyara national park. So many tourists would never want to miss this excursion. On day six, the Serengeti to the Ngorongoro crater will take place, and from the crater to Kilimanjaro International Airport on day seven, Explore Serengeti National Park on Budget

6 day Tanzania safari at a low cost

The 6-day Tanzania safari is another reasonably priced choice. During this safari, you’ll have six days to explore the amazing Serengeti, the distinctive Ngorongoro crater, charming Lake Manyara, and the diverse Tarangire national park.

What is the best way to visit the Serengeti? The key to a great safari experience is picking a trustworthy tour operator. However, be careful to obtain all the appropriate licenses in advance if you’re going on a private safari to a campground that is open to the general public. As many days as you can should be spent in the Serengeti, according to us. Even though there are many different lodging options, paying more to stay longer will be well worth it. To see more animals, come during the dry season and be careful when planning your vacation dates.

Conclusion: Focus East Africa Tours can let you have the adventure of a lifetime in the Serengeti National Park. We can create a customized tour for you or help you plan your schedule. You can visit our website right now to see the full selection of affordable and opulent safaris and custom excursions we have created just for our cherished customers.

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