Giraffes, the Tallest Mammals on the entire wildlife : Giraffes are animals found mainly in Tanzania especially within the reserves that are located in different places in Tanzania like Ngorongoro national park, Mikumi national park, and Serengeti national park. They are mainly found in national parks and reserves, with the meaning of word giraffe being a kind of animal that is found in the reserves which have a long neck and feeds on grasses and trees, also giraffes procurable in Africa comes from the family known as Giraffidae, the species which belong to mammals featured by the presence of hoofs and long neck rather than other animals that are procurable in dry land, their bodies are decorated by different dapple which have no specific shape, which has a different color like yellow, black dapple and also separated by white color or brown color.

Giraffe has a minimum relationship with other animals such as cow, but they are put into one kingdom. They are also found in Nigeria as well as South Africa. Giraffes normally like to stay in Savannah and grassland areas nevertheless when the grass becomes scarce, they like to stay in areas covered with different species of trees and they drink a lot of water in order to fight against the situation of drought when it comes.

The early changes

Giraffe is a species found in the family known as Giraffidae and okapi, this family once upon a time belonged to different kinds of animals, a giraffe is credible that comes from animals called antelope who has a height of 3 feet during 30 to 50 million years ago.

The presence of long neck provided along discussion about a giraffe, the myth that trended is due to the struggle in der to reach the above branches of a tree during the competition with other animals that feed on grasses. There is a theory states that the patriarch giraffe was long-necked so as to show the difference with the ewe giraffe, the length of their neck is due to their thirsty to reach the above branches of trees for feeding. Also, it is believed that the length of their neck is due to the growth of their pilic after puberty, although this theory not is accepted much due to the research done nowadays that makes it lacking scientific approval. Even though dapples believed that once upon a time they were a clear color over black skin, that dapple still changing until star-shaped and flower-shaped but nowadays, they haven’t specific structure.

Giraffes, the Tallest Mammals on the entire wildlife
Ngorongoro Conservation Area


Both giraffes have horns, but ewe has short horns that makes one able to discover the sex of giraffes very simple because ewe giraffe has hair over protuberance of their horns while horns of patriarch have no hair. Patriarch giraffes have the accumulation of calcium on their cranial head that is grow according to their age and becomes an example of three protuberances.

Their necks

Giraffes have long necks which assist them to eat grasses on long trees also their neck contains seven segments of bones and is approximately 6meters long.

Reproduction and life cycle

Giraffe carries the pregnancy for 400 days to 460 days which is equivalent to 14 to 15 months, where the birth of a single calf and sometimes twins may happen. Giraffe birth while standing and womb throw out immediately after a calf has delivered down which differ from other animals such as cow whose womb takes a lot of time to be thrown out.

When a calf is born, is approximated to have 1.8 meters’ height, and 40 to 50 weighs after few minutes’ ewes can run through ensuring security to calf over wild animals like lion, hyena, and leopard, patriarch identifies ewe giraffe who is in the temperate condition through tasting delicious of their urine.

Their movement

Normally, when giraffes are in their normal environment walking through affectation and which make them attract through their walking style and bodies decoration, but if happen they want to be attacked by wild animals such as lion they run almost 55 kilometers per hour, even though uses front legs for defense against enemies.

Blood circulation system

Giraffe’s heart is approximated to have a height of 10 kilograms and weight of 60 centimeters, thus why they have a high capacity of producing a pressure of blood rather than other animals, this situation helped a lot to give system power to push from brain procurable within the head while is found away due to the neck to become long, as there are other blood systems that circulate blood to other parts of the body especially when giraffe bend neck to push blood into the brain in order to sustain life.

Sleeping habit

The giraffe is one of the animals in the world that has a great difference from other animals especially on the issue of sleeping. Giraffes are believed to be able to sleep for a very short time which is approximately 10 minutes to 2 hours for 24 hours.

Their behaviors

Ewe giraffe likes to interact together in same groups together with some patriarch giraffe. During the 120-research showed that giraffes do not interact with a giraffe from some groups, as when patriarch giraffe wants to make sexual intercourse with ewe tries to taste the urine of ewe if it is in temperate condition.

Food and eating system

Giraffes like feeding on tree grasses as well as fruits. Their tongues are very hard because they eat thorns. They can eat almost 34 kilograms per day. They like eating small foods because they need foods containing nutrients and the food system is very fast and smart enough. They are also capable of staying for a long time without drinking water. The height of their tongue is 45 centimeters.

Other features;

  • They are the tallest animals in the world; giraffes are the only animals that are tallest than any other animal in the world. It is approximated that giraffes can grow up to 19 feet where patriarchs reach 16 feet and ewe reach 15 feet.
  • They use front feet as their weapons for defense; giraffes are always using front feet for defending themselves against enemies that can attack them such as leopards, lions, and hyenas. When dangerous wild animals are nearby, giraffes try to toss the kick by using front feet whereby when the feet reach to enemies have few opportunities to survive because they contain a lot of power.
  • Use a few minutes for sleeping, giraffes are approximated to use 10 minutes for sleeping or one to two hours per 24 hours. They are the only animals in the world that uses a few times for taking asleep and waking up.
  • Long neck has a long neck that reaches at 6 centimeters that facilitate feeding on above grasses of trees and also help to see the enemy very easily and prepare for fighting against them
  • Have dapple, which helps to stay on dry land containing a lot of stone, thorns which protect from injuries that can get according to the situation lived.
  • Tourist attraction, the physical appearance of giraffe led presence of tourists who comes look about how animals are, also contributed to increase government revenue through receiving foreign currencies from tours.
  • Walking with affectation, giraffe move very attractively which make more people enjoy when seeing the giraffe, the way bodies is decorated
  • No food competition, giraffe according to the long neck helped much to avoid competition among other animals who feeds on grasses, because giraffe eats more the above grasses of trees, so even if the grasses finish giraffe has huge opportunity to still feed on trees.
Giraffes, the Tallest Mammals on the entire wildlife
Giraffes in Serengeti park


Challenges associated with giraffes;

  • Lack of food; this took place when the rainfall does not rain to facilitate the production of grasses for feeding, so when this situation takes place animals live in harsh conditions.
  • The presence of wild animals; also, makes giraffes become more affected when they come across enemies especially small giraffes who have no power for fighting against the lion, and unfortunately, they become food for wild animals.
  • The presence of bandits; becomes an obstacle to animals especially giraffes that are killed by bandits who enter the reserves without permission. They decide to kill giraffes for their own benefits like for meat or for business which leads to a reduction of availability of giraffes and to reduce national revenue which will push the government to develop economically.
  • An increase in temperature; leads to the disappearance of giraffes from the reserves to find a place with good or moderate temperature so as to sustain their life.
  • Lack of water; also, giraffes are affected by the absence of enough water for drinking. This happens when there is drought, and led to the loss of grasses.
  • The presence of diseases; leads to the disappearance of giraffes through death, when giraffes are attacked with diseases have an opportunity to die.
  • Presence of corruption; most of the personnel lack buck and try to receive corruption from bandits so as to kill the giraffe for their own benefits.


Giraffes as the tallest animals in the world, but in Tanzania, they are considered beneficial animals because they are used as tourist attractions, but also, they are used as a source of food for human beings. So, it is very necessary for those animals to be preserved within the reserves in order to increase national income.

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