Guide to Tanzania Accommodations : In addition to their amazing tourist attractions and activities, Tanzania is among the greatest places to go on safari because of their abundance and high caliber of lodgings. Tanzania is the best safari destination in Africa not only because of the stunning tourist destinations like Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar Island, and the Ngorongoro Crater, to name a few, and the tourist activities available, such as water sports on Zanzibar Island, walking safaris, game drives, and camping safaris, but also because of the top-notch accommodations that are located within each destination.

There are many different types of lodging options in Tanzania, including tented campsites, public campsites, hotels, modest apartments, etc., that can accommodate all safari travelers, from those on a tight budget to those with higher budgets and those traveling in luxury. Families, single travelers, honeymooners, and other types of travelers can all find hotels in Tanzania that suit their needs.

When planning a multi-day safari in Tanzania, selecting the sort of lodging is a significant consideration. The choice is typically made based on your financial situation and the level of comfort you want to have while on a safari. Details on every type of lodging you can find on a safari are provided below. Fortunately, Focus East Africa Tours can provide you with a safari package that includes any of them.


These are unique tents that the safari team will erect each day of your safari. A mattress and sleeping bag are included with the tents. This is a simple form of lodging, and the tents lack both electricity power and a private bathroom.  However, because there are designated camping spots in the national parks, using a tent allows you to have the distinct experience of being so close to wild animals. The tents may fit one to two people sleeping together. You will have a chef with you if you choose to camp in tents, and they will prepare meals wherever the tents are pitched.

Guide to Tanzania Accommodations
Tanzania Accommodations

When to choose a tent as your safari lodging: If you’re on a tight budget or don’t mind spending the night next to wild creatures, camping is the best option for you.


These are often big, sturdy buildings composed of materials like stone, brick, wood, and thatch. A lodge is made up of several smaller structures that house the guest rooms, in addition to one major building that is strategically placed. Depending on the rank/tier of the lodge you select, the main building may include a dining and lounge space, a bar, a library, and even a swimming pool. As you may have already noticed, lodges and tented camps have a lot in common, including the presence of mattresses and other room necessities, as well as private bathrooms and, where available, Wi-Fi. The primary distinction between campers and lodges is that lodges have enduring, stable buildings, whereas tented camps lack such enduring, stable structures, Guide to Tanzania Accommodations


Young travelers from all around the world enjoy staying in backpackers’ and hostels’ since they provide affordable lodging. In addition to a combination of single, double, and communal rooms (dormitories), there is typically a common kitchen and restroom.


Bandas, also known as chalets, are a type of Tanzanian architecture that is typically made of wood, has a weighty, gently sloping roof, and wide, well-supported leaves that are positioned at a right angle to the front of the house. These structures are most commonly found in mountainous regions and along beaches.


A Bed and Breakfast, which is sometimes abbreviated to B&B but can also be spelt BnB, is a type of small hotel or guest house that provides overnight accommodations and free breakfast but typically no other meals. Locally known as “board and lodgings,” these are frequently offshoots of neighborhood taverns that offer very cheap lodging. However, they rarely offer anything more than a bed in a plain room with a door that may or may not lock. When staying at these, you should pay close attention to your belongings and make sure the rooms are clean and the bathrooms have running water. These cannot be reserved ahead of time.


Many national parks offer free campsites for the general population. Some include conventional amenities like taps, toilets, and firewood, while others are more basic and only have a clear area for you to park your car and set up your tent. Along with admission to each park, permits for camping there must be purchased. Before arriving, it is a good idea to examine the costs and site policies. The Tanzania National Parks has a list of both public and private campgrounds, Guide to Tanzania Accommodations


A guest house, often known as a guesthouse, is a form of housing that offers bed and breakfast and is typically found in Tanzanian towns and villages. Guest houses provide an affordable alternative to pricey hotels.


A homestay is a type of travel or study abroad program that enables guests to rent rooms from local families. People who want to learn the language better and get a feel for the culture occasionally use it.


Hostels provide affordable lodging and are well-liked by young travelers from all over the world. In addition to a combination of single, double, and communal rooms (dormitories), there is typically a common kitchen and restroom.

Guide to Tanzania Accommodations
Tanzania Accommodations


Tanzania offers a wide range of lodging options, from opulent hotels to budget lodges and beach resorts that provide double rooms with private bathrooms and air conditioning for about US$250 to $150. Basic plus small town lodgings, which are primarily used by local businessmen, cost between $50 and $100 per room. Standard board and hotels, which are frequently used by local travelers, cost less than US$10 per day, Guide to Tanzania Accommodations


Numerous beach resorts on Zanzibar and in a few locations along the coast of the mainland are geared toward tourists seeking the classic sun, sea, and sand experience. The majority have been thoughtfully constructed, with makuti thatched rooms in low-rise houses. These provide B&B, half-board, full-board, or “all-inclusive” pricing (which may also include extras like watersports and kid-friendly activities). Reservations can be arranged directly with the resort or with the neighborhood tour companies. The high season, which spans from the beginning of June to mid-October and again from Christmas to mid-February, is when beach resort room rates are most variable and reservations should be made well in advance.


Tented camps may include Budget camping entails driving around with all of your camping supplies, your guide, and sometimes a cook. Fly camping is erecting tiny, impromptu camps for a night beneath the stars, typically in a far-off area of the bush. Elegant Camping As far away from civilization as you can get, picture fluffy pillows, plush towels, gin and tonic on the rocks, and four-course gourmet dinners served in a candlelight dining tent. Lightweight luxury camping tents will offer standing headroom, a veranda, small en-suite restrooms, and hot showers. The mattresses will have metal or wood frames. The majority of tented camping environments provide you with a colonial-style safari experience with opulent tented tents, transporting you to a bygone age.

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