How much is a trip to Zanzibar : Zanzibar is a popular holiday destination which is found in Tanzania off the East African coast.

There are many things which determine the price of the holiday or trip in Zanzibar and they include flight costs, accommodation costs, and cost of activities on the island and also the type of holiday and the time of travel.

Depending on where you will stay during the trip to Zanzibar island, this will also affect the cost of the safari in a way that some accommodations found on the island are more costly and there are also budget friendly places to stay during a trip to Zanzibar.

For flights to Zanzibar island during a trip, you can choose flights which are discounted or travel at a time when the flight costs are not high for example in the low season. The airport to fly into when on a holiday in Zanzibar island is Abeid Amani Karume international airport.

There are over 60 airlines which fly to Zanzibar island with amazing offers on the flights and domestic flights are also available from destinations in Tanzania to Zanzibar island such as flights from Serengeti national park to Zanzibar island, flights from Arusha to Zanzibar, flights from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar and many others.

International flights to Zanzibar island are among the high costs which are incurred when visiting the island. During your stay on Zanzibar island, you will realize that most of the activities and places to visit are cost friendly.

Another way to get to Zanzibar island for a trip is by taking a ferry from Dar es Salaam to the island and these ferries operate daily. The ferry takes people from Dar es Salaam and docks at Stone town.

Zanzibar island can be visited by solo travellers, families, couples and there is a lot to do when visiting the island. The costs incurred during a holiday on Zanzibar island are not as high as compared to safaris and they can also be done throughout the months of the year.

When visiting Zanzibar island, the cost of the trip can also depend on daily expenses while on the island and this can be determined by the activities that the travellers engage in. The price may also depend on the restaurants where you have meals and this can cost about 15 USD per person for each meal.

How much is a trip to Zanzibar
Zanzibar Island


Private tours are also carried out during tours to Zanzibar island and self-guided or individual tours are also done when visiting the island. Exploring the island on your own can be exciting and sightseeing around the island is free.

Zanzibar island is also a holiday destination which is safe for all travellers including solo travellers. The locals on the island are also very friendly and the island has diversity in culture and a rich history which can be seen in the architecture and other landmarks around the island.

The stone town tour is among the exciting activities to engage in when visiting Zanzibar island and it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Some of the places to see around Stone town include the Forodhani Gardens, Darajani market and you can simply take a walk around the winding alleyways of the town and enjoy seeing the different landmarks.

When visiting Zanzibar island some of the things to take note of include dressing decently while moving around the island and this shows respect to the cultural norms of the people on the island who are also mostly Muslim.

You can also relax at the beach when visiting Zanzibar island during a trip and some of the beaches on the island include Kendwa, Nungwi, Jambiani, Paje, Kiwengwa, Kizimkazi and many others. Zanzibar’s white beaches also make it famous among travellers visiting Tanzania.

Other excursions to take part in when visiting Zanzibar island include swimming, snorkeling and also scuba diving. You can also ride a bike or go cycling around the island and experience the beautiful culture of Zanzibar and see different attractions on the island.

For scuba diving the best time for the activity is around July and August and also in April.

The best time to visit Zanzibar island is during the dry season around June to October which is also the time when the weather is favorable. Even in the rainy season around March to May and also around November, some people travel to Zanzibar island.

Daily costs during a trip to Zanzibar can go from about 45 USD to 50 USD per person for activities and meals around the island. Traveling around the island is also favorable and can cost about 40 USD to 50 USD a day to move around Zanzibar island.

How much is a trip to Zanzibar
Scuba Diving

The average cost incurred for meals daily for a trip to Zanzibar island is 10 USD to 15 USD per day. You could also try out the local restaurants for cheaper foods and a taste of the different cuisines prepared on the island using the local spices.

Zanzibar island apart from being a tropical getaway destination is also referred to as the spice island where spices like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and many others are grown. Tours can also be done to the spice farms on the island which gives you a chance to explore the farms and learn how the spices are grown and also get a taste of food prepared using the spices. The spice tour on Zanzibar island can cost about 15 USD for each individual.

There are also local markets which have a variety of items to shop or taste or buy during a trip to Zanzibar island. You can taste the tropical fruits during your visit to the local market and move around the stalls which display the prices of the items. When purchasing these items, you can pay in the local currency which is Tanzania shillings which is why it is recommended that you travel with some currency changed to the Tanzania shillings (TSH).

The street foods of Zanzibar are also another delicacy to try when visiting the island/

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