How to book a safari in Tanzania : Tanzania is a country which is known for offering amazing safaris across various destinations through the year.

When booking a Tanzania safari , there are a number of factors to consider and these include the type of safari, cost of the safari and also the activities which you will engage in during the safari, transportation during the safari, where to stay among other things.

Tourism in Tanzania has developed over the years and many tour operators offer safaris around Tanzania. There is no specific criteria to follow when booking a safari to Tanzania but the process of booking a safari starts with knowing what you want to engage in during the safari and places to visit, the cost of the safari, weighing different offers for tour operators and finally making payment for the Tanzania safari.

Here are some of the processes to follow when booking a safari to Tanzania;

Step 1; picking a destination

When booking a safari in Tanzania, deciding on where to go for the safari is very important since there are destinations to visit in the north, central, west, south and even the coastal areas of Tanzania on the eastern part of the country where the Indian ocean is found.

Tanzania has a lot to offer and it is important to choose from the many activities the adventures or excursions to engage in during the safari. Some of the activities offered around the country include wildlife viewing, hiking or mountain climbing, cultural encounters or tours, visiting the islands or beaches, canoeing, boat rides, horse riding, bird watching among others.

How to book a safari in Tanzania
Birding Safaris in Tanzania

Most people visit Tanzania for wildlife viewing and Tanzania has so many national parks and game viewing destinations to got to for a chance to see many wildlife species and experience the wilderness during activities like game drives, nature walks or hot air balloon rides over the national parks. Serengeti national park is a popular destination in Tanzania which is known for safaris and also for the wildebeest migration.

Some of the wildlife species which can be seen during safaris around Tanzania include elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos, kudu, impalas, elands, waterbucks, impalas, gazelles, wildebeests, giraffes, hippos, hyenas, warthogs, hartebeests and many others. There are various bird species which can also be seen during safaris around Tanzania.

For hiking adventures when visiting Tanzania, you could visit Mount Kilimanjaro for a chance to climb to the peak of the highest mountain in Africa which is at an altitude of 5895 meters. There are many other places for hikes around Tanzania like Mount Meru.

When visiting Tanzania for beach excursions or holidays to simply relax and unwind by the beach, you can book a tour to Zanzibar island and enjoy amazing views of the Indian ocean and experience the diverse culture of the people of Zanzibar island.

Step 2; deciding on budget of the safari

Another important step to consider when booking a safari in Tanzania is the budget of the safari which entails the costs to be incurred during the safari thus How to book a safari in Tanzania.

In order to determine the cost of the safari in Tanzania, you will also need to consider how many people you will be traveling with for the safari. Safaris in Tanzania can be group safaris or private safaris. The more the number of people for the safari, the less the costs incurred for the trip due to the shared costs.

The age of the people going for a safari also has an impact on the price of the safari since children are charged differently from adults. Children below the age of 5 years are exempt from paying certain fees like park entrance fees when visiting Tanzania.

When setting aside money for the tour to Tanzania, also consider costs such as transport costs, tips and gratuities, accommodation and meal costs and also money for activities during the safari. You can travel with some money in cash for transactions while in Tanzania. The currency to bring along with you during a Tanzania safari is the US dollars and you can also use the Tanzania shillings which is the local currency.

How to book a safari in Tanzania
Tanzania Safaris Tour

The travel season or time of the safari will also affect the costs incurred during the safari since the high season or peak season around June to October is a time when prices are high as compared to the low season around March, April and May which is a rainy season.

If you decide to travel to Tanzania on a budget consider using road transport to get to the various destinations instead of flights which maybe more costly and increase on costs incurred during the safari.

Step 3; evaluating options of safaris

When traveling to Tanzania using a tour operator to organize for you the safari, you can send your inquiry to different tour operators and receive offers for the same safari package. This will help you to be able to choose a safari that fits within your budget, How to book a safari in Tanzania.

Also consider a tour operator who is reliable and genuine when booking a safari in Tanzania. You can check out platforms like trip advisor and check reviews of the different tour companies when evaluating your options for a safari to book to Tanzania.

Step 4; decision making and payment

After choosing a specific tour package that interests you, you can go ahead and discuss the payment terms for the safari.

To book the safari, different tour operators have different policies for making these payments and they can be done in cash or using credit card payments or also bank transfer. Payments for the safaris can be full payments or half payment.

Some tour operators require paying a specific percentage to confirm a booking for the safari in Tanzania and after making this payment, a receipt will be sent for the safari. It is important to pa attention of where the payments are being made and also getting in touch with the tour operator to confirm if the payment has been received.

Visit Tanzania and experience among safari experiences through the year cross various destinations.

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