Hunting safari Tanzania. A hunting safari in Tanzania is one of the many Tanzania safari packages that travelers can book for an amazing experience. Tanzania is considered as one of the best and many safari destinations in Africa and the world which travelers can visit for amazing wild game viewing. Tanzania does not only boast of vast wild game but also prides in safari traditions with well-established Tanzania safari camps and lodges, with possibilities of migrating camps with chefs which re perfect for hunting safaris in Tanzania.

Tanzania is a large country covering over 365,000 square miles with so many regions and parts of the country still left in the wilderness, including Selous Game Reserve and the Rungwa Game Reserve which are great hunting destinations in Tanzania. Destination Tanzania has a wide variety of ecosystem from the Masai Steppe in the northeast which is home to gazelles and Oryx, to miombo forest in the south and western parts of the country which is the home to sable and roan. Wild game like lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos are spread throughout the park and can thus be easily seen while on Tanzania safari tours. The various Tanzania plains inhabit a diverse variety of wild animal species that can be hunted nowhere else in Africa. Among the animals in Tanzania sought after include elands, Coke and Lichtenstein Hartebeest, oribis, Oryx, sable, roan, topi, waterbuck, and zebras among so many others.

Hunting Safari Tanzania
Hunting Safari Tanzania

Hunting in Tanzania is legal, to only persons given a licence. Tanzania has three classes of hunting licenses. A traveler after a hunting safari Tanzania ought to choose from the three different classes of hunting licences, including a ten-day, sixteen-day or twenty-one day hunting licenses. The longer the license purchased the wider and larger variety of species are availed.

With a 10-day hunting license in Tanzania, a hunting traveler can hunt up to 2 buffalo and a variety of plain game, while with a 16-day hunting licence in Tanzania one can hunt crocodiles and a waterbuck with a 21-day hinting license allows one to hunt elephants, sable, roan, lion, leopards, Oryx, greater kudu and eland. Apart from a hunting licence fee, travelers after hunting safaris in Tanzania ought to pay trophy fees for those that are after taking trophies, as well as other government fees which can significantly increase your hunting safari Tanzania price; all this excluding accommodation meals and transportation.

Planning your hunting safari Tanzania

As you look to plan and book your Tanzania hunting safari, there are a number of things you should consider, including visas, health, forearms for a great safari experience.


You ought to have a tourist visa for traveling to Tanzania for a Tanzania safari experience, including a Tanzania hunting safari. You would need to apply for your Tanzania tourist visa online about 2 weeks to the start of your safari to be sure.


While looking to visit on your hunting safari in Tanzania, you shall have to look into your health by visiting your personal doctor for medical advice, considering that Tanzania is a malaria zone country.


As you are coming for a hunting safari in Tanzania, you would definitely need to send your firearm details to your safari provider well in advance so that proper paperwork and permits are readied upon your arrival. Travelers after hunting safaris in Tanzania are urgently required to provide photos of their firearms and a serial number for the guns brought into the country. Only 3 rifles per hunter, with 100rounds per riffle may be imported by hunters. Automatic weapons and handguns are strictly forbidden to carry into the country.

Hunting Safari Tanzania
Hunting Safari Tanzania

Apart from a hunting safari Tanzania, there are other kinds of safaris to go for in Tanzania. a Serengeti wildebeest migration safari is one of the those Tanzania safari tours to embark on, and be amazed at the spectacular and unmatched animal show which sees over 2 million wildebeests and other grazers making their way through the Serengeti regains to the Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya, through an iconic Mra River crossing which is a spectacle worth witnessing. It is a great animal show that thousands of travelers do look to enjoy every single year.

Tanzania is an amazing Africa safari destination that travelers do look to visit, and get to enjoy when they do visit. Looking to explore the various Tanzania safari tours,. Get in touch with a trusted tour operator to help you pitch together an amazing Tanzania safari tour.

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