Safari Tours to Serengeti National Park : Serengeti national park is the best and worthiest parks to visit in Tanzania. It is located on the northern regions of the country. Serengeti national park can be easily reached during the wet season where it is said to be the best time to visit it. The seasons that commences from January through February and from June to September are said to be the best seasons to visit Serengeti national park although visitors are encouraged and advised to arrange their tours during the movement of great migration.

The safari tour to Serengeti national park exposes visitors to the Africa’s most famous national park. It is highly renowned for having great concentration of wild animals of varieties of species such as predators incredibly. There are also great wildebeest migration of more than two million grazers. Having a safari or trip to Serengeti national park is planning a trip to a great and an exceptional place in the world.

The safari to Serengeti national park does not cost too much depending on the number of days that as a visitor and tourist you are going to spend. The safari costs are offered on bases of hours, days, weeks and months. The costs also differs from the time that visitors are going to spend in this marvelous place.

Safari Tours to Serengeti National Park
Safari Tours to Serengeti National Park

Costs of visiting Serengeti national park also depend on ages. For instance, a one day tour to Serengeti national park costs about 60 US Dollars per an adult person. The adult person is considered as an individual with the age of 16 years and above. Children who are below the age of 16 years, usually ranging 5 years to 15 years are charged half of the price as compared to the adults, 30US Dollars. Also, children who are below the age of 5 years are not charged at all.

A one week Tanzania safari tour to Serengeti national park costs almost about 2,500 US Dollars as the total budget. A part from the total budget, the safari tour to Serengeti national park can also cost about 7,500 US Dollars as an extra expenditure (luxury).

Also, the modality of booking safari tours in Serengeti may help in managing booking costs to visitors. For instance, booking a safari tour by using Tour Radar helps in providing the advantages of eliminating costs and expenses. This is because most of the permits and amenities may be included in the total price of the safari tour.

Despite being located on the remote corner of the earth, Serengeti national park can be accessible easily. Visitors are advised to start their safari from either The Kilimanjaro International Airport or by bustling Arusha. It is from here where visitors may decide to travel either to their preferred lodges by various means such as short transfer flight and by using safari vehicles. Visitors can also decide to combine the two so that they can enjoy the best of both world. It is through air and roads that the gates of the park can be accessed.

The Serengeti national park is the huge and big Tanzania national park to visit and the visitors cannot enjoy it fully by spending single day in the park. In order to explore a lot of natural things in the place, visitors are recommended to visit at least for a minimum of four days. This is the best time where visitors can find wildlife and explore them fully. Also, due to its large in area, visitors need to spend enough time to drive around the national park to look for varieties of species of wild animals including the big five that usually takes enough time to experience. Within four days, visitors can experience various weather conditions and different Tanzania safari experiences.

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