Serengeti national park hotels

Serengeti national park hotels range from affordable to luxury camps and are located both inside and outside the park. At Serengeti National Park, there are a lot of nice camps with a variety of alternatives to suit your budget, making your stay at Serengeti hotels reasonable. The Serengeti national parks hotels are placed in several turners with different camps; most of the premium lodgings, such as Serengeti wildlife resort, Seronera lodge, and others, are located within the Seronera region. The majority of the park’s campgrounds are near to the animals since they are placed in the bush, where visitors may observe animals even while sleeping in their tents or lodges. Private tented camps are placed at particular places around the park, while public tented sites are located near the park headquarters, where rangers are always on duty.

The park accommodations provide great beauty to be in the wilderness, feeling the fresh air of Africa, hearing the songs of the birds, animals crossing the compound like in Osupuko tented camp where guests are not allowed to bring food into their tents to avoid stubborn Hyenas around the camp and crickets chirping, and the gentle rustling of the animals as they settle in for the night. All lodgings inside the park are charged a daily concession fee, which is less than the park entrance fees. However, it expires after 24 hours, so you’ll have to enter the park again the next day at the same time. Guests staying outside the park, such as at Ikoma, pay a community fee and their park entrance costs expire as soon as they check out of the park, thus the following day they visit the park, they must pay the park entry fees again. During peak season, one must book in advance and obtain confirmation after making payments with payment information given to the accommodation; all Serengeti National Park hotels have unique high or peak season prices that are always higher than rainy or low season rates.

Serengeti National Park Hotels
Serengeti National Park Hotels

Serengeti national park hotels are built in a high standards to satisfy the needs of today’s international travelers. Permanent lodges, cottages, permanent tents, safari tents, and mobile tents are all informed to the hotels. Single room occupancy, double room occupancy, triple room occupancy, and family cottages, tents, or rooms are all available in all categories f lodges found at the park

A single room can accommodate one person, a double room can allow two people with one king-size bed, and a triple room can accommodate three or four people with two beds. Depending on the size of the tent or cottage, the family tent or cottage may accommodate four to eight people. The vast majority of these rooms are self-contained, with clean bathrooms, flushing toilets, and both hot and cold running water. The luxury accommodations have got extra amenities like swimming pool, gym, sauna and others that guests can access freely during their stay at the hotel.

Serengeti national park hotels are divided into three categories:

Budget Hotels in the Serengeti National Park

These are one- and two-star hotels that serve travelers with basic accommodations. The majority of these motels are located outside of the park and are run by park residents. Some budget hotels may be found within the park, although they are primarily in the form of tented camps and are situated in public camping sites. They feature modest rooms that may accommodate single, double, or triple occupancy. While some have private rooms with nice toilets and showers, the bulk have common bathrooms.

Serengeti National Park Hotels
Seronera lodge

These are ideal for budget travelers such as students and those who want to see the finest of Amboseli on a shoestring budget. These factors may not have a significant impact on your Amboseli safari vacation if you have hired a trustworthy tour operator to plan it for you. Due to strong demand, the best affordable accommodations are always the first to fill up.

Serengeti national park mid-rage hotels

This is what is often advised for visitors or travelers who want a comfortable, interesting safari with a good return on their investment. Mid-range hotels are reasonably priced but give good services comparable to those found in luxury hotels. The park offers a variety of mid-priced lodging choices. These lodgings are located within the park and offer nice, spacious rooms with a great regard for the privacy of visitors. In the event of a power outage, all rooms are self-contained with clean hot and cold showers. Some of them are powered by electricity with standby generators or solar systems. Their accommodations are spacious enough to accommodate couples and groups of any size. Some are in permanent lodges, while others are made up of temporary safari tents.

Serengeti national park luxury hotels

High-end lodgings, often known as luxury lodges, are contemporary, well-equipped lodges built using local materials yet to Western global standards. The lodges are strategically placed in regions where wildlife watching is easy. When compared to other types of lodging, some of them are positioned near animal migration corridors, giving visitors an added nature experience. There are several hotels in Serengeti National Park that offer these services. This is excellent for evening comfort services after a day of wild game drives in the park. You may relax in the luxury zone in your accommodation or by the pool. The rooms are rather big and come with a minibar, Television sets, free wifi, laundry services and many more.

The hotels in Serengeti National park are traditional and provide comfort after a long day of safari in the park. We’re here to help you find the best hotels in Serengeti National Park that fit your budget and your ideal safari plans. The hotels are distributed across all the four regions of the park those are Southern area in Ndutu, Central area of Seronera, Western corridor called Grumeti and the Northern Area called the Mara triangle. These distribution is mostly caused by the wide migration of the animals at the park.

Serengeti National Park Hotels
Osupuko tented camp

Some of the temporary tents are mobile following the movement of the animals while others close u during the green or rainy season every year. This is one of the reasons why its good to involve experienced tour consultant in the process of planning your safari to Serengeti national park. Hotels are booked according t the season of the animal migration except in seronera area where animals are found throughout the year.

Please note that booking the hotels are that found outside the park makes you pay park entry fee any time you come out of the park while those inside the park allows you to access the park for 24 hours.

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