The Top 15 Best Restaurants In Mombasa, Kenya : In Mombasa, finding a satisfying supper is not difficult. The city is known for its world-famous beaches, its fusion of cultures, and its many outstanding eateries. There is food for every taste, from spicy Indian dishes to fresh fish. A visit to Mombasa would also be incomplete without sampling some of the local cuisine, including biryani, Pilau, Mishkaki, and viazi karai.

Because it has so many top-notch restaurants serving up distinctive culinary delights, Mombasa is a popular destination for food aficionados. The city takes great pleasure in its dining scene and offers a wide selection of restaurants serving food from different cultures, including Indian, Italian, Chinese, and traditional Swahili dishes.

A number of seasoned chefs and culinary professionals have their beginnings in Mombasa. Due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean, it gives chefs access to high-quality, fresh ingredients that they employ to create mouthwatering meals. We’ve put together a list of the top restaurants in Mombasa to help you focus your options. So get ready to experience a culinary feast unlike any other in the coastal city. Here are 15 of Mombasa’s top eateries for you to visit while there on vacation.

  1. Tamarind Mombasa

This restaurant would come to mind first if you were looking for a quality dining experience in Mombasa. They are well known for their excellent quantities and seafood selections. Additionally, you would enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding natural landscape.

  1. Misono

This restaurant is well-known for its mouthwatering teppanyaki and serves excellent Japanese food. They also provide delicious, freshly prepared fish. Since there is free parking available at the restaurant, you wouldn’t need to worry about finding a spot. The restaurant’s ambiance and menu reflect traditional Japanese culture.

  1. Shehnai Restaurant

The restaurant’s decor is relatively plain, with tables and chairs placed in groups. The quality of the food is unaffected by this. They provide flavorful, spicy Indian food that is real. They also provide top-notch vegetarian choices and expertly made barbecues.

  1. Imani Dhow Restaurant

The establishment is a perpetually stationary dhow. They serve African, seafood, and international cuisines, but their seafood selections are their claim to fame. They also have a good choice of wines. All of the guests’ requirements are attended to by the host and waiters, who are friendly and courteous.

  1. Tamarind Dhow

The sights from inside and outside the dhow at night are quite breath-taking and romantic, and you can take in the lovely view of the sea all around you. They provide a wide range of vegetarian, African, and seafood cuisines. A live band that plays entrancing music keeps you amused the entire time you are on board.

  1. Pavilions Restaurant

This restaurant, which is part of the Sarova White Sands Beach Resort, has a stunning exterior and a chic interior. They give their meal choices extra consideration and provide several themed buffets. There are numerous selections available for their buffet dinners. At the beach bar, you can also take in acrobatic performances.

The Top 15 Best Restaurants In Mombasa
Pavilions Restaurant
  1. Cafesserie Mombasa

This café, which can be found at the City Mall in Nyali, is primarily renowned for its breakfast and brunch selections. They provide a wonderful range of pastries, including freshly made bread, every day. You have a choice of sitting indoors or outside on the covered patio facing the park in the adorable white chairs. A good assortment of teas and coffees is also available.

  1. Sea Haven

True to its name, the open terrace overlooking the sea offers a stunning view of the ocean. As they can accommodate larger table seating outside on the uncovered or covered terrace with a view of the lovely sea, the restaurant is also ideal for group dinners. You would be served delicious seafood dishes like their crab and prawn peri-peri.

  1. Singh Restaurant

This restaurant stands out from others thanks to its rustic furnishings and menu. They provide genuine Asian, Indian, and vegetarian options. Their food has the distinct flavor of freshly made food. They are primarily known for their delicious curries and for serving copious amounts of alcohol with meals.

  1. Forodhani

With its central location and stunning sea views, Forodhani is the perfect place to eat lunch on a hot afternoon while being soothed by the sea air. They offer a wide variety of seafood dishes and other regional specialties. Customers give their chicken biryani and coconut rice great reviews.

  1. Eataly

The delicious Italian food served at this restaurant is in keeping with the pun on the term “Italy.” The atmosphere inside strikes a wonderful balance between informal and formal. Therefore, it could be appropriate for a business lunch or a special evening with your partner. Their wonderful seafood offering is one of the reasons they are so well-liked.

  1. Roberto’s

Italian, seafood, and pizza are the main culinary offerings of this establishment. The interior design is rather simple but tidy, and each table may accommodate up to four people. You can unwind before, during, and after your dinner while admiring the lovely view of the lush surroundings on the terrace. A wonderful assortment of dry wines is also available.

  1. La Veranda Restaurant

Like its name suggests, you can eat lunch or dinner while relaxing on the veranda. They offer a large selection of Italian foods, including seafood, beef dishes, veggies, and sauces. Your dish will be ready and served after a brief waiting period.

  1. Mashua Restaurant

This restaurant, which is part of the Voyager Beach Hotel, offers a beautiful perspective of the surrounding landscape. The majority of their meals are served buffet-style. Indian, Chinese, and African cuisines are among their specialties. They are best known for their delectable pizza, fries, and hamburgers. If you like a cocktail, there is a cocktail bar nearby.

  1. Galaxy Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is sure to attract your attention with its unique external architecture, as it stands right across from the Diana Reef Hotel. You can choose from a large range of seafood alternatives, and you’ll get a stunning view of the adjacent sea. You could even get to see the cargo ships enter port.


At one of Mombasa’s best restaurants, treat yourself to a memorable culinary adventure. Share your experience with us or let us know if you have anything to add to the list, since we’d love to hear from you.

It’s time to gorge on delicious meals! There are many mouthwatering eateries in Mombasa, so dining out is never a problem. In this coastal city, there are options for everyone, from neighborhood cafes to fast-food restaurants. So, don’t hesitate to check out any of the Mombasa restaurants on our list if you’re looking for a delicious meal.

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