The Unique Wildlife Of Tanzania : The distinctive fauna you must see during your Tanzania safari trip: Tanzania is a nation in East Africa that is endowed with an extraordinary ecosystem and a wealth of natural beauty. Tanzania‘s wildlife is distinct and diversified, and amazing animal sightings will give your lifetime bragging rights. Spotting the Big Five, which include the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo, is a legendary safari accomplishment. But seeing some of Tanzania’s more distinctive wildlife—whether on land or in the sea—will elevate your safari experience to a whole new level. Here are some of the unique wildlife in Tanzania which will make your safari experience unforgettable:

The Chimpanzees of Tanzania


Contrary to its name, the whale shark is a polka-dotted carpet shark that feeds on filters and is not actually a whale. The largest fish in the world, this giant shark may grow to a maximum length of over 59 feet (18 meters), but despite its size, it is not hostile toward humans. The 7-kilometer reef known as the Mnemba Atoll, a conservation success story and one of the greatest locations to observe and snorkel with whale sharks, is situated just off the Coast of Mafia Island in Tanzania.

From September to December, when the north monsoon wind blows the sea’s plankton-rich surface layer in the direction of the island, you’ll have the best chance of seeing these gentle giants.  Your safari beach vacation in Tanzania will surely be remembered fondly because of a chance meeting with this amazing animal. For honeymoon getaways, snorkeling with whale sharks is a highly suggested add-on to a safari in Tanzania. Recommended lodges:

ü  Thanda Island Lodge

ü  Mafia Island Lodge


On a safari, it’s not unusual to see leopards relaxing on the branches. But it’s a genuinely extraordinary sight to see a lion climb a tree quickly and deftly. Tanzania’s fairly elusive tree-climbing lions are most frequently seen in and around the Tanzania Northern national parks of Tarangire and Lake Manyara. It is believed that these uncommon big cats have evolved this peculiar behavior by climbing trees to avoid the heat on the ground and reduce the likelihood of bothersome insect bites. This group of developed lions may have a superior vantage point to watch possible food on the ground, according to another theory from animal behaviorists. Given that there are now only two populations of tree-climbing lions known to exist in the world, seeing one of these magnificent animals on a treetop is a genuinely unforgettable safari experience. Recommended lodges:

ü  Lemala Mpingo Ridge Lodge, Tarangire National Park

ü  Tarangire Treetops by Elewana, Tarangire National Park

ü  Chem-Chem Lodge, Tarangire National Park

ü  Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Lake Manyara National Park

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Lake Manyara Lions


Even while Tanzania’s Lake Manyara National Park is well-known for its exceptionally well-adapted tree-climbing lions, it also contains one of the country’s largest soda lakes, drawing millions of pink flamingos to its shores. During the summer migration season, when the water levels are at their peak, pink-hued lesser and greater flamingos flock to the banks of the serene lake to mate and graze on algae, The Unique Wildlife Of Tanzania

With more than 400 species of birds, including waterfowl and migrant birds, reported in the area, it is well known for its exceptional birding. In addition to these locations, Arusha National Park, Lake Natron, and Lake Magadi in the Ngorongoro Crater are all good places to look for these colorful flocks of pink birds. Recommended lodges:

ü  Chem-Chem Lodge, Tarangire National Park


Chimpanzee tracking in Mahale Mountains National Park is a unique experience that gives visitors an once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact directly with these intelligent, inquisitive, and social monkeys. The park, which is one of just two protected areas in Tanzania for wild chimpanzees, offers lovely forested hills that serve as the ideal shelter for a population of about 900. The dry season, which runs from May to October, is the ideal time to visit, and to follow the chimpanzees, we advise spending at least 2 full days in Mahale.  Recommended lodges:

ü  Greystoke Mahale

ü  Mbali-Mbali Mahale


Witness the incredible natural event of sea turtles hatching in Tanzania, where they have been nesting for more than 150 million years on the coast of Dar es Salaam on Mafia Island. It is an extraordinary experience to witness the scramble that occurs between June and September when hundreds of newborn turtles intuitively make their way from the pristine sandy beaches to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. On Mafia Island, a Tanzanian non-governmental organization called Sea Sense has been collaborating with the local population on a number of projects to raise awareness of the value and conservation of marine turtles. It is highly advised to visit this remarkable foundation while on the island, and our group also suggests a dhow ride to Chole Bay as an amazing add-on. Recommended lodges:

ü  Oyster Bay Lodge, Dar es Salaam

ü  Thanda Island, District of Mafia Island

ü  Mafia Island Lodge, Mafia Island

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