Top 10 Questions Travelers Ask Before Booking An African Safari : The most important Questions travelers ask before booking a safari: Before deciding to book a tour to any destination country, tourists from all over the country have a lot of important questions. Since it takes courage to entrust large sums of money to a simple tour operator to arrange a safari on their behalf, it is understandable that many tourists are curious about the type of tour they will have once they decide to book a tour. Here are the most crucial queries to ask before making your final decision, though, before anyone decides to book a tour:

What is the entire experience of the tour like? Do you have any videos or photos of this particular tour?

In the tourism industry, we sell experiences to our customers, so it’s critical to describe the entire associated experience of the tour package you are providing. Always remember to include photos and videos with the tour package you send to your customers. This is due to the fact that a picture can express more than a thousand words. It is more advisable to add appealing safari photos and videos to the website, as many visitors attempt to book a safari by watching an online video attached to the tour.

How does the exact safari itinerary look?

A safari itinerary requires meticulous attention to detail as you list the various activities that the travelers will take part in. Always create an itinerary that is thrilling to read. This can be accomplished primarily by describing the experience at the destination rather than just outlining it. For instance, if gorilla trekking is included in the itinerary, the final step should always explain to the client how it will be done, how long it will take, what to expect while trekking, and many other things. The main explanation for this is that many travelers prefer detailed content because it highlights the itinerary’s overall picture.

How much is the tour? Does it include any hidden costs?

Always be truthful when estimating the cost of the entire tour package, and stay away from any unforeseen extra costs that could inflate the cost. Make sure to always list both the tour inclusions and exclusions to give your customers a full accounting of their money before they book a tour with you. Between you and the traveler, this kind of pricing will help establish some level of credibility and trust.

Is the tour price reasonable for the traveler? Do you have any less expensive price options to give out?

Many travelers are constantly aware of the prices they are charged, and they always do their research to learn the exact costs of various activities. Always make sure that the prices you offer to tourists are in line with the services you will be giving them. Avoid overcharging the customers because they will always compare prices from different tour operators to find the best deal. Travelers constantly search for alternatives because they can find lower prices for the same package this way.

Am I making a booking with a credible operator?

How trustworthy is the operator you’re trying to work with? That’s the first thing on the traveler’s mind. Many of these book tours are less knowledgeable about the destination and the operator when they travel to uncharted territory. Make sure you demonstrate all of your credibility to the traveler, particularly if you are a member of any associations or governmental bodies, so that they can easily buy into your trust.

Is my life safe? What are some of the safety measures taken by the operator?

If your tour itineraries include activities that carry a high level of physical risk, you must describe the nature of the risk and the specific precautions that must be taken to protect the travelers. You are welcome to discuss the team’s knowledge, experience, performance history, track record, facility safety measures, and many other things.

What if I want to cancel my tour? What are your cancellation and refund policies?

This is likely since cancellations are unavoidable when booking a flight, hotel, or tour. This necessitates that all operators clearly state all of their cancellation and refund policies at all times.

 Is the tour Guide an expert at carrying out the tour?

Is the tour guide knowledgeable enough about the various tourist destinations to be visited, and will the tourists be able to learn from him? Any tour guide should be adaptable enough to respond to questions from customers throughout the tour. The tour provider should also let the customer know what kind of guide, such as a certified local historian or a specialized professional guide, will lead the tour. The language that will be employed during the tour should be clearly explained to the visitor. This is crucial because some customers require special accommodations because they don’t speak all the languages. If more than one language will be spoken during the tour, you may need to inquire as to which language will be used throughout.

Top 10 Questions Travelers Ask Before Booking An African Safari
African Safari

How do I book a tour and pay for it?

The goal of the tour operator should be to complete the booking process at this stage, which is one of the last ones in the booking process. The best way to do this is to use the automated booking process, which involves selecting a departure date, providing the tour’s specifics, making online payments, and receiving an immediate confirmation. To ensure secure payments, make sure the confirmation process is as straightforward as possible, and never instruct a client to transfer funds to your personal account.


In addition to the aforementioned queries, how do I, as a traveler, know what kind of food will be served during the tour? What kind of weather can you expect? Is this kind of tour suitable for kids or people with disabilities? What about after the tour—the pick-up and drop-off? What is the duration of the tour? How long should you stay at each place? And there are a lot of queries that could satisfy you as a traveler.

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