Top 10 serengeti safari camps : It is understandable why the Serengeti is among the most well-known destinations in Africa for a luxurious safari; the wide expanse of land includes rivers, undulating plains, woods, and hills, making it impossible to get tired of visiting. The Eastern Serengeti is home to a large population of Tanzanian Masai people, who are part of one of the greatest cultural traditions in the Serengeti. Here, luxury tented camps and grand lodges may coexist on luxury safaris.

Because there are so many properties available, you can always discover the ideal one for you. Unlike other parts of Africa, you can still venture off the usual path and into remote locations where you will encounter a few other people. On its irrational yearly round, which briefly crosses into the Masai Mara between July and October (though this can still be seen from the Northern Serengeti), Serengeti safaris frequently see the world-famous Wildebeest Migration. This is still one of the best places in Africa for a luxury safari since you can still experience some of the best game watching even when the migration isn’t there in some parts of the Serengeti. In no particular order, these are our top ten luxurious Serengeti safari camps and lodges:

  1. Mwiba River Lodge, Southern Serengeti

Because Mwiba is situated within Maswa, a massive 51,000-acre conservancy that borders both the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Southern Serengeti, it is exceptionally unique. With eight rooms, every imaginable luxury, and an expansive space to explore, this eight-suite luxury Serengeti safari lodge is incredibly lavish. You won’t see another person, and you can experience the freedom of an uncrowded luxury safari. Walking, nighttime drives, and spending time in the bush with delectable bush dinners, sundowners, and other goodies are all options. This location is great all year round, but it really comes to life in January and March when the migration hits it.

  1. Kusini, Southern Serengeti

Again, this luxury resort in the Southern Serengeti is all about getting out of the car and is a great place to stay over on your route north from the Crater. It is a combination tented camp and lodge, with white canvas tents constructed onto raised decking. You won’t need anything at this resort, and your Serengeti safari will be unforgettable because of the expansive views, wide-open grasslands, and tranquil sundowners.

  1. Dunia Camp, Central Serengeti

With amazing game viewing and nearly nightly lion roars, this cozy, tiny luxury tented camp is paradise. With their considerable experience, the guides at Dunia can lead you into less crowded locations and away from the masses. The camp embodies all the positive aspects of a safari in the Serengeti.

  1. Nduara Loliondo, Eastern Serengeti

The best site in Africa to experience a true cultural immersion is Nduara, where you may stroll through one of the most secluded regions of the Serengeti and pick the brains of the affable and captivating Masai people. In addition to being a great diversion from the typical Serengeti wildlife drives, this region is immaculate and offers families a chance to experience the Masai way of living and shoot bows and arrows while lodging in an eccentric and distinctive luxury Serengeti safari lodge.

  1. Namiri Plains, Eastern Serengeti

The Frankfurt Zoological Society used this vast private conservancy for big cat research, so it was previously closed to the public for twenty years. As a result, the big cat viewing here is unmatched, and aside from the occasional scientist, you will not see another soul on your game drives. This luxurious safari camp with six tents is located in one of the most exciting areas to hit Africa in recent memory. The chances of seeing big cats here are so excellent that a Serengeti safari will spoil your entire future safari experience.

  1. Lamai Nomad, Northern Serengeti

Although it can be crowded around that time, this place is typically preferred between July and October, when the migration is in the area. November through March also offer excellent game viewing. Lamai boasts whitewashed walls and elegantly flowing mosquito nets. Each room offers views that stretch as far as Kenya, and the lodge expertly combines luxury with a quiet, serene atmosphere. Moreover, the lodge employs some of Africa’s top guides.

  1. Serengeti Safari Camp: North, South, and Western Serengeti

You can be sure that you are constantly in the middle of the migration because this is the best luxury mobile camp in the Serengeti. It moves along with the migration. Its luxurious mobile tents are quirky and distinctive, and you’ll always get the greatest meals, guides, and game-viewing spots. Many people stay here on their annual Serengeti safari, and the vibe is one of one large family. It’s a romantic luxury tented camp with all the charm you’d expect from a lovely luxury safari lodge.

Top 10 serengeti safari camps
Serengeti Safari Camp
  1. Alex Walker’s Serian: North and Southern Serengeti

This mobile option is even better; frequently, players receive the best game viewing experiences in the most dramatic and isolated settings. Because of Alex Walker’s fame, his camps have great guides (he also has camps in Kenya). Because of the luxury Serengeti safari camp’s secluded surroundings, guests can enjoy activities like walking and fly camping, which adds an exciting dimension to your Serengeti safari.

  1. Singita Mara River, Northern Serengeti

The Singita Mara River Tented Camp is a truly unique resort that proudly displays the Singita name. It is incredibly luxurious and sophisticated. The Singita establishments are renowned for elevating luxury safari experiences, and they have undoubtedly succeeded in doing so in the Serengeti. Singita Mara offers every luxury one could want and is environmentally sustainable. Its year-round game viewing is exceptional due to its location on the Mara River.

  1. Singita Explore: Western Serengeti

Last but not least, there is yet another mobile camp in the Western Serengeti. This is among the best mobile camps globally and may be combined with amazing walking or riding safaris. Although Singita has four other opulent villas nearby, we think Singita Serengeti Explore deserves special attention for its pure romance.

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