Top 7 Fun Things To Do In Sipi Falls, Uganda : Things to do in Sipi Falls: The foothills of Mount Elgon are home to one of Uganda’s most stunning waterfalls, which is frequently where trekkers to the mountain begin their ascents. The most compelling fall, which is the area’s main draw, is almost 100 meters high and is the lower of the upper two falls, which descend from 85 and 75 meters, respectively.

Everyone anticipates the miniature rainbow that appears when they are illuminated by the morning sun. More than 300 other smaller waterfalls dot the landscape in addition to these three impressive falls.

The Falls are around 280 kilometers east of Kampala in the Kaphorwa area of eastern Uganda. You should expect to spend 4 to 5 hours driving. The Falls are located close to the Kenyan border, on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park. The traditional plant known as „Sep“, which grew on the banks of the falls and was used by the people to treat fevers and measles among themselves, inspired the name Sipi.

The Sipi Falls are now a major draw for both domestic and international tourists. Some of the reasons are the misty fog produced by the powerful water drops and deep rumbling, the thrilling walk to the top of the falls, and the view it offers of the neighboring Kapchorwa plains and coffee plantations, not to mention the countless photo opportunities. Here are the top attractions to see and activities to do if you plan to visit the Sipi Falls.

  1. Abseiling

This is one of the most daring activities you’ll partake in while visiting the Sipi Falls. This activity is for you if you’re an adrenaline junkie (in a good way). In this activity, you use a friction device and rope to slide down the steep rock slopes. ‘Rappelling’ is another name for this.

For this exercise, make sure to have a helmet and some cozy Converse shoes. This can be found 1272 meters above sea level at Chebonet Falls. The nearby Chebonet Falls, which is not one of the three Sipi Falls but rather an additional marvel, fulfills your initial expectation.

You are near the Chebonet Falls while abseiling, and the Falls’ Bank is below you. Being embraced by the fall’s mist as you follow the river to the lowest point is quite an adventure. One of those experiences that will awaken all of your senses is this bizarre one.

  1. Hiking

To aid you on this journey, walking sticks are given. The Three Sipi Falls may be hiked in around three hours. Why travel so far and only hike once? Allocate three hours on your schedule to see them all for the complete experience.

The pathways to the Falls are around 7 to 8 kilometers long, and every journey is an adventure with something new to learn. A knowledgeable tour guide who is familiar with the area and the best locations to get a panoramic view of the valley will be leading you.

  1. Agro-Tour

You will get to see what it’s like to be a coffee grower during this tour. The Arabica kind of coffee, which grows at a height of 1900 meters above sea level, is the primary variety grown in this area. Many of the residents of this region are coffee farmers who have been doing this for many years. You will study the full process, from planting, maintaining, processing, and selling. The majority of the lower Mount Elgon Plains is covered in coffee-growing at all stages.

Picking coffee berries, shelling them, grinding them in a mortar and pestle, roasting them over a fire, and, to top it all off, a hot cup of coffee will be provided for all your efforts. This is a chance to become involved in local business, and a portion of the revenue from a trip like this goes toward improving the community and the area as a whole. Additionally, you get to brew and enjoy a cup of Elgon coffee on your own.

  1. Top 7 Fun Things To Do In Sipi Falls : Mountain Biking

It should be illegal to go to a rocky, mountainous location like Sipi Falls without a bike. But it’s not. The fact that not everyone enjoys biking. There are numerous paths established in and around Sipi River Lodge exclusively for biking tracks that range from challenging, steep climbs to simpler downhill runs.

The paths offer more than just the option to cycle; they also give you a chance to bike Mount Elgon’s lower slopes and enjoy stunning views of the coffee plantations, the Three Sipi Falls, the Sipi River, and the Kapchorwa Plains. You can also ride a bike through the neighborhood to see how the locals live.

Top 7 Fun Things To Do In Sipi Falls
Mountain Biking
  1. Top 7 Fun Things To Do In Sipi Falls : Mount Elgon National Park

Sipi Falls are only 34 kilometers away from the park. Wildlife such as leopards, bush pigs, bushbucks, forest hogs, elephants, buffalos, Defassa waterbucks, spotted hyenas, black and white colobus, baboons, vervet monkeys, and red-tailed monkeys are just a few of the animals that may be seen in the park.

The knowledgeable staff will lead you, so you can find these animals in the park with ease. Since Mount Elgon National Park is one of the least visited protected locations, you can enjoy the most genuine encounters with nature there.

  1. Top 7 Fun Things To Do In Sipi Falls : Bird Watching

More than 300 bird species, including those from the Afrotropical highland biome and particularly the Moorland Francolin, Alpine Chat, and Moustached Green Tinker bird, call the mountain home. Make sure you view some Black-collared Apalis, Jackson’s Francolin, Black-shouldered Kite, Tacazze Sunbird, which is only found in Eastern Uganda, and the endangered Lammergeyer, which is only found in the Mount Elgon Region. A wonderful habitat for unusual and rare birds.

  1. Top 7 Fun Things To Do In Sipi Falls : Community Visits

This is something you should undertake while on the trip if you have a strong interest in African and Ugandan culture. The inhabitants of this area are known as Bagisu, and they are one of Uganda’s most culturally diverse tribes. They still adhere to some of their ancient customs, such as the infamous “Imbalu Circumcision “of all male community members who have reached sexual maturity.

If you travel there between the months of August and December, you can take part in this vibrant celebration of music and dance, while photography is not permitted. Take advantage of the chance to learn about everything “Gisu“, including social dynamics, local cuisine, and clothes. It will be a change from your normal experience and undoubtedly something you will remember forever.


Depending on the activities you intend to engage in and the length of your stay in Sipi, you should pack accordingly. Depending on what you really decide to do, our safari specialist will provide you with the most pertinent recommendations. Binoculars, for instance, might be necessary if you want to watch birds, but they add weight if you want to go mountain riding. These are a few things that are usually relevant to most activities:

  • Comfortable shoes for hiking that you can wear for several hours.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat with a wide brim
  • A lightweight poncho or rain jacket, as it may start to rain at any time.
  • Cameras, batteries, and extra memory cards for photographers
  • Water bottle, as the climb will leave you out of breath and dehydrated.

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