Tsavo West National Park gates. Tsavo West national Park is one of the 2 safari parks that were derived from the larger Tsavo National Park in Kenya after the construction of a railway that runs through the park, diving it into two. Tsavo West National park gates are the different entry and exit points where guests can use to get to the park, clear with park officials say paying park fees, as well as exiting the park.

Tsavo West National Park is one of the most sought after Kenya national parks that travelers look to visit while on Kenya safari tours. Tsavo West National Park is quite large, covering about 9,065 square kilometers, making it the second largest protect Kenya safari park after Tsavo East National park. They are located throughout the park, distributed to cater for the different parts or regions of the park that different travelers use to access the park.

The different Tsavo West National Park gates can easily be accessed by road form the different parts of the rest of the country one is coming from, especially Nairobi. Include Mtito Andei gate, Tsavo gate, Maktau North gate, Maktau south gate and Lake Jipe gate. Below are the 5 Tsavo West National Park gates that a visitor on a Kenya safari can use;

Mtito Andei Gate

Mtito Andei gate is the main gate of Tsavo West national Park. Mtito Andei gate is located in Makueni County in the village of Mtito Andei, that the gate got its name. Mtito Andei gate can be accessed by both road and railway users, as well as flight as there is an airstrip nearby. Mtito Andei gate has Kenya Wildlife Service offices, craft shops, café shops as well as clean toilets for use.

Tsavo Gate

Tsavo gate is located in the north eastern part of Tsavo West National park, a little drive off the A109 Nairobi-Mombasa highway. Apart from Mtito Andei gate, Tsavo gate is another most popularly used Tsavo West national Park gate that travelers who start their Tsavo West National Park safaris from Nairobi use. Tsavo gate is located south of Mtito Andei gate, and is a well-developed gate of Tsavo west national park with tourist facilities including Kenya Wildlife services offices that travelers can use to pay for their Tsavo West national park fees. Park rangers can also be got from here for those travelers on self-game droves in Tsavo West National Park.

Tsavo West National Park Gates
Tsavo West National Park Gates

Maktau South Gate

Maktau south gate is located opposite the Maktau north gate, and is indeed a developed Tsavo West National Park gate, larger in size with a number of tourist facilities that travelers can use as they enter or exit the “Man Eater’s Park”. Maktau south gate has the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) headquarters for the southern part of Tsavo West National; Park, from where travelers can do different things including pay for their Tsavo West national Park entrance fees, activity fees using credit cards, as well as an information centre.

Maktau North Gate

Maktau north gate is one that travelers can use to access the park and enjoy the different attractions and activities there are to do. Maktau north gate is located in the south eastern part of Tsavo West National park, easily accessed by road using the Voi-Taveta highway. Maktau North gate is one of popular gates of Tsavo West national Park found along the highway near Maktau town. Maktau North gate is found few kilometers from the Voi-Taveta highway that is a common route used by tourists who visit Tsavo National park. Though popular among tourists, the maktau North gate is not so well developed with limited tourist facilities for travelers to use.

Lake Jipe Gate

Lake Jipe gate is the least used. Lake Jipe gate is located at the remote shores of Lake Jipe. Though least used, Lake Jipe has a number of tourists facilities including a ranger post, and a toilet.

The above are the various Tsavo West National Park gates that travelers can use to access and exit the park, enjoying the various attractions in Tsavo West national Park. Plan out an amazing Tsavo West national Park safari and use any of the above mentioned Tsavo West gates to get to the park.

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