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What is the cost of Gorilla trekking in Uganda? This is the most asked and thought question most travelers ask when planning for their next Gorilla trekking tour in Uganda. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is the highlight of the Ugandan safari experience. In most cases Uganda safari tours without Gorilla trekking tour makes your safari experience incomplete in the pearl of Africa. The hot cake of Uganda tourism industry is the Gorilla safari tours. Uganda Gorilla trekking CostHowever like any other African safari, Uganda gorilla trekking tours come with accost but not too high. You donot need to break the bank in order to do Gorilla trekking in Uganda. Uganda Gorilla trekking cost is manageable price that fits all categories of travelers. There is no direct figure and answer of the question how much Uganda Gorilla trekking cost? There are several factors that determine the Uganda Gorilla trekking cost those are the ones we highlight so as to give our guests the average price.

The first thing to consider before you start thinking of the total cost of your Uganda Gorilla trekking cost is the price of gorilla permit. Each Gorilla trekking countries charge different amounts for the Gorilla permits. Democratic republic of Congo charges the lowest Gorilla permit fee that is 450$, Rwanda charges 1500usd per gorilla permit while Uganda Charges currently 700usd per Gorilla permit. Uganda has another unique Gorilla experience that is Gorilla habituation which its permit costs 1500usd.  To highlight the difference between Gorilla Habituation and Gorilla trekking is that in Gorilla trekking one spends a maximum of only one hour with the Gorillas while Gorilla Habituation One spends four hours with the Gorillas. Gorilla Habituation there are only four people in a group while in Gorilla trekking 8 people are in the group.

To a certain the rough or average Uganda Gorilla trekking cost, one has to consider the following factors:

Gorilla permits

Gorilla permits are pre-booked months early by the guests directly through Uganda wildlife Authority or through reputable local tour operator. One must obtain a gorilla permit to be allowed to trek Gorillas in Uganda. It’s a key requirement that every guests must fulfill before coming for Gorilla trekking tours. Uganda Gorilla trekking costThe Uganda Gorilla trekking cost is largely determined by the cost of the Gorilla permit. This is a must fees for anyone who wants to do gorilla trekking.  the Gorilla trekking Uganda cost adds all the expenses one encounters during the most successful Gorilla trekking in Uganda. The fee of the Gorilla permit is one of the key factor one has to consider when budgeting for the Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda. Uganda used to have two season Gorilla permit prices charging high during peak season and low during low season. That was called off and now the rates remain the same throughout the year. It costs 700usd per gorilla permit. Gorilla habituation permits are bought at 1500usd. The guests may wonder as if the prices are high but be assured that there is great value for your money. The unique experience gives your lifetime memories. The money is also used to promote conservation of the mountain Gorillas for the future generation.

The Uganda Gorilla permits are booked in advance depending on the months or the season. If your interested in going during high season, then you have to book your gorilla permit four months early. The high season months start from June to October and December to February. If your plan to do Gorilla trekking in low season, then you will book a month early. The low season months are also called the rainy season months which are March to May. The cost of the permit generalizes all the guest no saying luxury or budget unless one goes for habituation.


Accommodation is second determinant of the Uganda Gorilla trekking cost. You can do the gorilla trekking with individuals for the same safari length but pay different amounts. This is because of the type of accommodation chosen. We can all enjoy the wildlife experience of the Gorillas for the same day doing the same number of day but pay different amounts due to the type of the lodge you will stay in. Bwindi impenetrable national park or Mgahinga Gorilla national parks are both surrounded by all categories of accommodations. Uganda Gorilla trekking costThe three categories of accommodation include

Luxury accommodation

These are high end lodges sometimes called the upcountry lodges that gives the guest the best comfort during their gorilla safari.  Most of these lodges have unique African modern design with balcony of the rooms facing the forest. They have many service facilities like free wifi, spacious rooms, mini bars in the rooms, DSTV in each room, clean flashing private toilets and bathrooms mention but a few. However this lodges come at high cost hence making your Uganda Gorilla trekking cost higher compared to others.

Mid-range accommodation

This are the middle category accommodations that cater for most of the travelers. This is second to the first class accommodation. This accommodation has good comfort zone with precious rooms private bathrooms, hot shower and cold showers and other amenities. They are African standard but has value for the money. They are not supper luxury but luxury in nature with excellent service delivery at affordable cost which makes them lower the Gorilla trekking Uganda cost. This can make you enjoy the best experience of Gorilla trekking without breaking the bank.

Budget accommodation

Lastly the great news for backpackers is the budget accommodation. These is used by travelers who donot want luxury in sleeping but luxury in the wildlife experience. They are not poor but travelers with sensitive budget plans. Most of these travelers like visiting more than one country at the lowest cost possible. Some of the budget lodges are tented camps that are built within the park.

Transport cost

Transport may not affect much the Uganda Gorilla trekking cost because they are negotiable rates not fixed. This is the part in which guests can negotiate according to the tour operator you have chosen. This has direct impact on the Gorilla trekking Uganda cost, this covers all transfers, driver guide allowance, fuel of the car and car hire. The distance from Kampala trhe capital city of Uganda to Bwindi impenetrable forest is 9 -10 hours drive. Due to that long distance some guests can opt to reduce on the driving time and decide to use air transport with scheduled flights from Entebbe international airport to Kihihi airstrip. The type of the transport doesnot only affect the price but also the number of days one can take to do Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda. Most operators who have their own safari cars charge lower price for the transport as they have all inclusive Gorilla trekking tours.

Tipping cost

Tipping is not a must but an appreciation from your heart to someone who has provided you great service. Its not directly connected to the Uganda Gorilla trekking cost but has influence on it. Uganda is a tipping country and its good for the guest to come when he or she has budgeted for tipping. Tipping is done to the lodges and at the end of the service to the driver guide.

However much the calculation of the Uganda Gorilla trekking cost can be determined by the above factors. The cost will still be different from tour operator to operator due to the hidden mark up. That is why you can do the same gorilla safari with the same number of days but end up paying different prices in different tour operators. You only need to get rightful local operator who will advise you well and help you plan. When you plan directly with the local operators the cost of gorilla trekking in Uganda will be low and it will be done according to your budget. Guest must try to avoid the middle men who need commission and work directly with the local tour operators of Uganda.


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