What to Expect on your Serengeti Safari Tour : The Serengeti National Park, which spans a large area in northeastern Tanzania, is a must-see safari destination. This is a wildlife watching paradise with over 70 mammal species, including large numbers of lions and other carnivores, and over 500 bird species. Aside from the spectacular Great Wildebeest Migration, the Serengeti is a stunningly beautiful park with a rich range of vegetation and species.

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What can you do in the Serengeti and what can you expect from a Serengeti safari? Nature walks, game drives, Hot Air Balloon Safaris, Bush meals, visiting the Serengeti Visitor Center, visiting Olduvai Gorge, visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, observing the Wildebeest Migration, visiting the Maasai, Camping, exploring the Bologonja Springs, the Lobo Valley, The Moru Kopjes, Bird Watching, Swimming, the Hippo Pool, and Lake Natron are among the most popular activities to expect and enjoy in your Serengeti safari tour.  

What to Expect on your Serengeti Safari Tour
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Expect traffic congestion.

Serengeti National Park is considered the best and number one best safari park in Africa for its unique attractions such as the great wildebeest migration, the big five, the bird species, the beautiful scenery, and so on. Before visiting and booking your safari holiday to Serengeti National Park, it is important to understand the park’s status. The Serengeti National Park, as Tanzania’s best and most visited safari park, attracts an increasing number of visitors each year from all over the world, causing it to become overcrowded with visitors’ safari vehicles, particularly during the tourist peak season.

The traffic situation at the national parks is a case of expectation vs. reality. Nobody shows the throngs of safari cars stationed around a sleeping leopard, or the traffic jams caused by Lorries trying to get closer to witness the hunting lion.

Expect to take a lot of photos than you expected.

Expect more breathtaking trending social media images than you thought on your Serengeti National Park, Tanzania safari tour. There are numerous unique and magnificent activities to witness and photograph, such as the migration river crossings and lion hunts. Bring your phone and camera chargers, as most vehicles have electrical outlets and you will almost certainly need them. Also, keep in mind that your guide has seen the creatures a million times and has become desensitized to the wonder of seeing African wildlife for the first time. If they start moving the truck while you’re still snapping pictures, simply tell them you still want to take a photograph; they can’t read your thoughts, so instead of feeling frustrated, communicate honestly with your safari driver and guide.

Expect to be blown away/to be amazed.

Before making a reservation for the Serengeti National Park, you should be aware that the Serengeti has hosted a number of well-known athletes, including Stephen Curry—also known as Steph Curry—an American basketballer, Lupita Nyong’o—a Hollywood actress and Oscar winner, Will Smith—an American star actor, Barrack Obama—the 44th US President, David Beckham—a professional English footballer, Mamadou Sakho—a former Liverpool player, All of these tourists have never regretted their decision to visit Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, and the majority of them desire to return for another tour.

Simply put, prepare to be astounded beyond your wildest dreams when visiting Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park on a safari vacation. Prepare to experience a sense of awe and excitement similar to that of a child. When you watch your favorite animal in the wild, predators in hunting season, and more than 2 million ungulates migrate from one location to another, it’s a genuinely magical experience that will leave you amazed and never forget.

Expect to see the great migration:

The great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti national park is a natural wonder of the world, and it is the reason for the park’s popularity. Most people say that no wildlife safari in Africa is complete without seeing this active year-round migration between Tanzania and Kenya. The ideal time to see the Great Migration is any time of year, this is due to the fact that the occurrence is cyclical and occurs throughout the year. Seeing them cross the Mara River, on the other hand, is a sight to behold. As a result, the best time to witness this would be between the months of July and October.

Expect to see animals while flying through the air on a hot air balloon safari.

A hot air balloon safari is a unique safari activity offered by a small number of safari parks in Africa, with the Serengeti being one of them. It is a costly safari experience, but one that is more gratifying because the pleasure it provides is significantly greater than the cost. In short, a hot air balloon safari is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

What to Expect on your Serengeti Safari Tour
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Expect to observe the locals (the Maasai).

The Maasai are a tribe that lives in Tanzania and Kenya. You can visit a Maasai village nearby and get up close and personal with these fascinating folks. In many ways, the Maasai people have a distinct culture. Discovering their way of life, traditions, diet, and intriguing ethnic attire is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

You may expect to see the Big Five.

The Serengeti National Park is one of the few national parks in Africa where you may easily view all big fives in a short amount of time. The Big Five are the lion, rhinoceros, leopard, elephant, and Cape buffalo, in case you didn’t know. Seeing wildlife in its natural habitat would be the highlight of a visit to Serengeti National Park. Being in the midst of so many wonders is a great feeling. Other place in Tanzania where you can enjoy your big fives safari are Ngorongoro crater and for more experience you can also visit Maasai mara game reserve in Kenya.

What to Expect on your Serengeti Safari Tour
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Also, on your Serengeti national park safari tour, expect to stay in world-class accommodations. The Serengeti national park has some of the best safari accommodations that are incomparable to any other accommodation in any other national park. There is accommodation for both types of travelers, such as solo travelers, couples, and family tourists.

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