White Water Rafting Tours in Uganda : Uganda has numerous locations for white water rafting which gives a great opportunity for tourist to have this thrilling an exciting experience while on a Uganda safari. Most of the famous white water Rafting spots in Uganda are on the various rapids of the Nile River. These spots are mostly found in Jinja the tourism and adventure city of Uganda as it is where the Nile River begins its journey from. Jinja is found in the Eastern Part of Uganda and is approximately 96km from Kampala capital city of Uganda.

Guide to white water rafting Uganda;

While on a White water rafting safaris tourists are always encouraged to select a well trusted white water rafting company, listen to the instructions given by the instructors careful and when they are set for the white water rafting trip, tourists should ensure that the put on their life jackets and put on helmets, dress appropriately, ensure that the paddles are firm and hold them properly, make sure you move with a well trained tour guide, avoid carrying valuables while on a Uganda safari, always carry extra clothes to change as the ones you will ear shall get wet and uncomfortable,  tourists are encouraged to have some swimming skills to be able to swim in case of anything happening while they are on a white water rafting tour, tourists should properly hydrate before the tour so as to avoid filling thirsty or extremely hungry and lastly tourists must avoid white water rafting in  the night especially when there are no night water rafting support services in order to encourage safety while on the waters.

Destinations for white Water Rafting in Uganda

It is indeed said no safari in Uganda is complete without white water rafting. Uganda holds one of the world’s finest whitewater rafting spots and indeed makes safaris in these destinations very incredible. Jinja town holds one of the countries best white water rafting destinations which indeed describes why there are numerous white water rafting spots in Jinja this is however greatly attributed to the presence of river Nile rapids in  Jinja.

Bujagali falls; Bujagali falls has beautiful rapids of the Nile that provide  a very beautiful opportunity for white water rafting. While at Bujagali falls, one can have a half day or full day white water rafting. It is indeed incredible to go on white water rafting on Bujagali falls as tourists get the lovely opportunity to sail along with friends avoiding the nails and hoping to reach the end of the trip and if carried out whole day get the opportunity to beers and barbeque to celebrate their win. Very many companies operate white water rafting activities however a tourists’ needs to acquire one that is trusted and according to the budget they have. However, this hustle can be by passed by using trusted tour operators who can get a very good company within a tourists’ budget and be able to enjoy a safe white water rafting experience. While on a white-water rafting tour, tourists can also take time off and explore the source of the Nile, go on horseback riding tours along Africa’s longest river the River Nile.

Itanda falls; While on a white-water rafting safari, tourists can consider going to Itanda falls and it have gorgeous rapids of the Nile River that range from the powerful rapids to the less powerful rapids. While white water rafting in Itanda falls can take half day or full day depending on tourists’ preference. There is a lot of thrilling and adventurous experience while white wate rafting especially in a group where people and paddling to make sure they reach up to the end point without capsizing. During this process tourists get the opportunity to view the different wildlife species in the water, beautiful sceneries that surrounds the banks of the nil river, the beautiful Itanda falls right from the top to the bottom. Just like how said earlier, tourists should carry out white water rafting with the aid of a well -trained tour guide and avoid carrying out this activity at night for safety purposes. The prices of white-water rafting differ according to the company that is carrying out the activity however with the aid of tour operators such as Focus East Africa Tours, one can be able to avoid the hustle of determining the white-water rafting company and bargaining for a suitable price.

White Water Rafting Tours in Uganda
White Water Rafting

All the two water falls can b visited through out the year however the best time to visit these falls for white water rafting opportunities would be during the dry months of the year which include months of January, February, December, June, July and August during these months water levels are relatively stable and the rapids are not flooded which makes it one of the ideal times for white water rafting safaris.

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