Best Beaches in Dar es Salaam : Dar es Salaam is a fast expanding city with a population of a little over 4 million people. Given its chaotic, noisy nature, the city’s name, which loosely translates as’ haven of calm, ‘is somewhat comical. The city boasts superb restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and a number of stunning beaches. Its position as Tanzania’s economic center ensures that it is well-connected to adjacent cities, Zanzibar, and the country’s southern national parks.

Dar es Salaam is a must-see or visit for travelers visiting Tanzania, as it provides an outstanding glimpse of the country’s lively and colorful metropolitan life. The vibrant marketplaces, the intriguing National Museum, and the historical Askari Monument are all worth seeing. Visitors can learn about Tanzania’s rich lifestyle, culture, legacy, and history in the city. Apart from its rich historical and cultural events, Dar es Salaam is situated on the Indian Ocean’s shore, making it one of the greatest beaches to enjoy safari occupations after spending time in the northern circuit‘s bush, such as Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Tarangire, and Arusha national parks.

The beaches of Dar es Salaam are also worth visiting after your hiking safaris on Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, especially if you need some alone time to recoup your energy spent trekking, walking, and hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as other activities like walking safaris or game drives in the Ngorongoro and Serengeti national parks. Because there are so many beaches in the city, we’ve put up a top ten list of the most gorgeous beaches for you to see and enjoy during your safari tour to Tanzania. Here are our picks for the top eleven (11) best beaches in Dar es Salaam to visit during your Tanzania safari.

Best Beaches in Dar es Salaam
Coco Beach
  1. Coco Beach

The lovely Msasani Peninsula is home to the immaculate Coco Beach, also known as Oyster Bay. Its broad expanses of sandy beach are frequently crowded with happy locals who come to relax and enjoy the many eateries and cafes on offer. Because of its lively, holiday atmosphere, it can get busy at times, so it’s not for those looking for solitary tranquility.

Tourists can have a great time here by attending parties; mingling with the friendly community; dancing to upbeat music; attending concerts; and experiencing the city’s fantastic nightlife at clubs like the New Maisha Club. Tourists can eat wonderful fresh seafood while admiring the breathtaking view of white sands and the azure ocean. Tourists can visit the bustling restaurants and pubs in the area and meet friendly residents, giving them a great insight into the region’s local life.

  1. Mbudya island beach

Another fantastic beach in Dar es Salaam is Mbudya Island, which is accessible via a short ferry ride from the city. Mbudya Island Beach on Tanzania’s mainland offers a taste of Zanzibar. Its tranquil, sandy beaches are kissed by warm, quiet ocean water, and its lack of infrastructure gives it a deserted-island vibe. A short boat journey from the White Sands Beach Resort or the Msasani slipway is required to reach the island. Visitors can unwind for the day while eating fresh lobster or fish and chips, washed down with a refreshing drink. At low tide, snorkeling is possible in this beach.

The island does not see many tourists, so visitors can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beach, as well as some time away from the masses. The sand beach is calm and serene, allowing visitors to unwind while admiring the sparkling ocean waves.

  1. mbezi beach

Mbezi Beach is around 20 kilometers north of Dar es Salaam’s downtown area. The beautiful and unspoiled beach is a fantastic diving destination, making it ideal for those seeking adventure and excitement in Dar es Salaam. The wonderful view of the lush, tropical surroundings can be appreciated by those who want to rest and enjoy the tranquil mood.

  1. Kigamboni beach

On a safari vacation to Dar es Salaam, travelers can also visit Kigamboni Beach, which is one of the beautiful and best beach in Dar es salaam, Tanzania while on Tanzania Safaris. Visitors can enjoy swings, a bull ride, a Ferris wheel, a zip line, a merry-go-round, rotating wheel rides, plane flights, bumper cars, go karts, bungee jumping, a free fall, water slides, spiral slides, and swimming pools at Fun City, East Africa’s largest amusement park. South Beach is another name for this site, which is ideal for swimming or taking a pleasant dhow trip.

  1. Bahari beach

Bahari Beach, a tranquil and peaceful beach with tropical vistas and dreamlike settings, is another fantastic beach that tourist should not miss visit in their beach safari vocation to Tanzania, Dar es Salaam city. In bahari beach safari tour visitors can sample local seafood, mingle with people by visiting adjacent fishing towns, or participate in exciting water activities like kite surfing.

There are numerous hotels and motels along the beach. When you’re ready, there are a variety of water sports to choose from. A nearby fishing village ensures fresh seafood at all times. This is a surfer’s paradise all year, and you can enjoy the greatest waves as well as a relaxing ambiance.

  1. Mikadi Beach

It gets its name from the tree that grows along Tanzania’s whole coastline. This is the kind of spot where you want to spend a long weekend. There is also a lodge on the beach that is ideal. There are also fantastic places to visit, including a swimming pool, a bar, and one of the best burger joints you will ever visit. This beach is well-known for its diverse range of exciting activities.

Best Beaches in Dar es Salaam
Mikadi Beach
  1. Amani Beach

This is a beach on the mainland that is sometimes overlooked. This one is fantastic, and the locals are aware of it. People from the neighborhood, as well as expats, are aware of the location’s attractiveness, and people travel here for weekend getaways. This is a location with a plethora of motels scattered throughout the neighborhood. Amani Beach Cottage and Ras Kutani are two of the most well-known. This is the ideal spot to take in both the natural beauty and the exciting activities available. Mountain biking, horseback riding, swimming, and snorkeling are just a few of the activities available.

  1. Bongoyo Beach.

This is a lovely spot to unwind and let the worries of the world go away. This is a marine protection area with beautiful beaches and a variety of recreational opportunities. It is easily accessible by a short boat ride from the peninsula’s Slipway shopping district. Then you can relax on the beautiful, unspoilt beach before returning to the mainland. The beach boasts a beautiful view as well as excellent snorkeling and swimming opportunities.

  1. Mbalamwezi Beach.

Mbalamwezi, which means’ moonlight, ‘is most known for its after-dark hours, when lunar rays hit the sand and provide a glimmer in the night. Patrons kick off their shoes and dance in the sand while a live band sends tunes wafting over the water at this time of day. The beach also has amazing views of Msasani Bay, delicious, reasonably priced food, and a laid-back party feel that is quite appealing.

  1. Jangwani beach.

The White Sands Hotel’s Jangwani Beach adds a touch of class to Dar’s charming peninsula. This lovely pamper playground checks all the boxes for a relaxing day in the sun, with easy transitions from sun lounger to shaded lunch table. The beach is really stunning, the setting is idyllic, and there is much to see and do in the immediate vicinity.

  1. The Kunduchi Beach

Tourists that visit Kunduchi Beach use terms like “remarkable,” “perfect,” and “speechless” to describe the beach. The white sand beach is nestled in the lap of the beautiful Indian Ocean and is ideal for a relaxing vacation. On the beach, there are a number of luxury hotels and resorts. If you want to relax, sink into the soft sand and take in the beautiful sunshine.

Best Beaches in Dar es Salaam
The Kunduchi Beach

In conclusion, both of the beaches mentioned above are wonderful and are best beaches in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and visiting them will not be a regret because they provide just what you require. You can choose which beach to visit and spend your time on based on your interests, as some beaches are crowded with tourists and locals, while others are quiet and uncrowded. Some beaches are well developed with lodges, restaurants, and nightclubs, while others are undeveloped with few amenities such as accommodation.

 If the above beaches do not impress you, consider visiting Zanzibar Island, which is famed for its romantic, clean, and gorgeous white sand beaches such as Paje Beach, Bwejuu Beach, Nungwi Beach, and Kendwa Beach.

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