Best time to visit Serengeti National park

Best time to visit Serengeti National park : Best Season to visit Serengeti National Park is that time of the year when a traveler finds it very easy to visit the park and see the wildlife attractions in plenty. Serengeti national park is among the top protected places in Tanzania. It is among the world’s largest and busiest national parks. The park is also the country’s oldest national park. It was designated as a national park in 1952

Not only in East Africa or Tanzania, but throughout the world, the Serengeti National Park is one of the best places to see wildlife. The endless plains host the largest population of different animal species. This huge population helps the guests to easily fulfil his or her dream African wildlife safari. The park is action parked nature due to high completion of the animals for the leaving. You see each species in large number hence making it not an accident to see the wild game.  The park is home to all five African big cats (Lions, leopards, Buffaloes, Elephants and Rhinos). Apart from the big 5 Serengeti hosts other wild life like giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, topis, hyenas, Cheetahs, jackals, janet cats and others.

Serengeti National Park can be visited at any time of year, though it is best to come in the winter. Like any other national parks in the world, good timing makes your safari more memorable. How ever in African especially Serengeti national park, any time is the best time to visit Serengeti national park that is why its said that Serengeti never disappoints. An extra benefit is consulting the best local tour consultants or reading detailed articles written by different travelers who have visited the park. Travelers’ diverse life experiences help you plan your ideal for Serengeti safari.

Your visit to Serengeti National Park should not be a squandered opportunity, but rather a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience in Tanzania. The park is one of Tazania’s best wildlife viewing destinations, with warm weather all year. When planning an African wildlife adventure, it’s a good idea to research the weather patterns of the national park you’re visiting. Weather is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a trip to Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti national park is nestled along the famous Northern Tourist circuit along side Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire national park and Lake Manyara national park. They are located along the Great Rift Valley region which is dominated by the semi-arid climatic conditions.

The park weather is Hot and wet throughout the year.  This provides a fantastic chance to come at any time of year.  The weather is hot throughout the day, but cools down at night and early in the morning. The daytime temperatures are cold from June through August, which is the middle of the year. These are also the year’s driest months. The daytime temperatures, on the other hand, are quite hot from January to March. From March to May the temperatures are cool during day with much rain experienced. These are the green months also called the rainy months in Serengeti national park.

Serengeti National Park is a fantastic real African wilderness location because to its climatic circumstances.

The ideal time to visit Serengeti National Park is during the dry season.

The park experiences a prolonged dry period from June to October, and then again from December to February.

You may visit the park at any time during the dry months, which are considered the ideal months to visit Serengeti national park.

Best time to visit Serengeti National park
Best time to visit Serengeti National park

During the dry months, the park’s grass is short and dry, allowing for easy game viewing.

This is especially useful for seeing rare leopards and black rhinos, both of whom avoid direct eye contact with humans.

During the dry season, the wide savannah grasslands studded with Acacia trees are ideal for game watching. All animals get up early in order to pay their dues before the deadline. During the hot hours of the day the animals are found near the river and other water catchment areas. Another reason why the best time to visit Serengeti National Park is during the dry months is that the park is easily accessible. All of the game watching tracks are excellent and difficult, allowing all vehicles to go near to the animals. During the dry season of the year, all lodges are open, but during the wet or rainy season, certain mobile tents are closed.  Its easy to get accommodation facilities during this time of the year at the park however you have to book the accommodation early enough since this is the high season when more tourists are received to the park.

When finding out the best time to visit Serengeti National park, our tour advisers always take effort to assist our customers through the affects of both dry and wet seasons throughout the safari. For example most visitors believe visiting the national park in Africa during the rainy season is not nice however to some extent the few who travel during this time enjoy more. We evaluate the impact of rain on a safari from a broader viewpoint, such as vegetation, wildlife behavior during the rainy season, and lodging facility prices, among other things.

In fact, if you’re on a budget, the green season is the greatest time to explore Serengeti National Park. Most of the lodges or camps have discounted rates during this time of the year. The park is also not crowded, very silent hence good for the best rewarding private game drives.

Best time to visit Serengeti National park
Best time to visit Serengeti National park

During the rainy season, the animals congregate in one area, where they can graze on the lush green grass. Because water is plentiful, the animals do not travel far around the park in search of it. The game drives are only a few minutes long, but they are always very rewarding.

During the rainy season, it is easy to see all five of Africa’s big cats. In contrast to the dry season, when animals travel great distances in search of food. You will have longer game drives during the dry season but the good news is that the animals will be found in water catchment areas.

In conclusion, all year around remains the best time to visit Serengeti national park except the guests whose main target is the wildebeest migration. This annual movement of animals is timely and happens in a specific time of the year.

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