Horseback Safaris In Uganda : “An unforgettable scenic and cultural experience, horseback riding in Uganda Ride through lush plantations, traditional villages, and mystical jungles to discover local Africa”

The tallest mountain range in Africa, the source of the longest river in the world, the largest lake on the continent, and rare wildlife can all be found in Uganda. As you ride through Uganda’s local villages, spotless farmlands, and picturesque plantations, immerse yourself in the traditional culture. Explore unspoiled Uganda on horseback as you search for rare primates and vibrant birds in the foggy jungles. Discuss with us the possibility of extending your trip to include mountain gorilla tracking or traveling to other locations that are near Uganda’s borders.

Uganda is a popular travel destination for equestrians, offering Uganda Safaris in a variety of settings. Nevertheless, riding a horse through Uganda’s wildlife is a wonderful experience. On a typical safari game drive, you wouldn’t be able to interact closely with wild animals like you can during this experience. Additionally, it involves enjoying nature and passing through breathtaking scenery. Here are some locations in Uganda where one can go on a horseback safari:


The best way to discover and take in Lake Mburo National Park beauty and wildlife is by horseback riding safari through the park. Horseback riding is one of the exceptional experiences Achieve Global safaris offers that no visitor to Uganda should pass up. Through the Savannah vegetation of Lake Mburo, riders on horseback safaris in the park can explore various parts of the park. During the Lake Mburo horseback riding safari, tourists can view a number of sights, including Lake Mburo, rivers, wetlands, and nearby communities. Travelers can experience breathtaking views of various wildlife grazing in fields, hunting, and exploring the park while riding for anywhere between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

The Lake Mburo National Park experience very few visitors, giving group travelers a fantastic chance to enjoy the horseback ride with their friends, family, or other group members. Impalas, common elands, oribis, African buffalo, leopards, waterbucks, warthogs, and giraffes are just a few of the animals you can see.


In Jinja, You can choose between two fascinating horseback safari experiences: Both individual and group rides are available. The journey starts at the source of the Nile and travels through a number of communities and tea plantations. The Nile is the longest river in the world, and it is breathtaking to ride a horse along its banks. Depending on the package you select, Jinja horseback riding safari can last an hour, two hours, or three hours. The experience can also be completed in the morning or afternoon. The alternative of horseback safari is by simply going for an hour-long walk with the animal. The advantage of this over horseback riding is that you can explore more on foot. You need some time to unwind, and if you have kids, give yourself enough time to share this experience with them while taking in the scenery and breeze of the Nile.


Horseback riding safari tours are available in and around Kampala. All of the horses are gentle, patient, well-trained, and healthy, especially for beginning riders. They offer a range of horseback riding packages, including group, shared, and private lessons, as well as pony rides for kids and one-hour rides. These packages are all fairly priced.

Tips for Uganda Horseback Riding safari:

  • Wear the horse-riding equipment correctly.
  • Be confident when mounting the horse.
  • Avoid sprawling. Relax and sit up straight.
  • Make sure you’re not holding the saddle horn.
  • Focus while riding the horse.
  • Keep your eyes on the road.
  • Always know that you are in command.
  • Remember to keep the reins loose and gentle.

In general, no prior knowledge or experience is necessary to partake in horseback riding safari in Uganda. This is because, especially for novice riders, the Horseback Safari teams first provide basic skill training before starting the activity. This includes receiving some advice on how to manage the horse based on its pace. Since they’ve been trained, the horses are always sensitive to what you want them to do for a relaxing and safe ride.

The more adventurous travelers can combine a horseback riding trip to Uganda with a gorilla trek through the foggy mountains in search of the fabled mountain gorillas. For incredible wildlife encounters, we can also plan an overland tour to some of the best national parks.


 Most people consider going gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to be the highlight, but you can also find lions that climb trees in Queen National Park and curious chimpanzees in Kibale Forest. Riding through the misty Mabira rain forests gives you the chance to come face-to-face with mischievous Mangabey monkeys as well as nine of their curious cousins, even though you won’t be able to track the gorillas while doing so. The forests offer distinctive riding tours and are home to numerous bird and butterfly species.

Before you can see where the famous coffee is grown, you must first experience its warm, rich aroma. When riding in Uganda, the pristine farmlands’ dirt roads are ideal for an exhilarating gallop before a refreshing horseback swim in the river. While most people associate the Nile with ancient Egypt, explorers discovered that it originated in Uganda’s lush green valleys. Any adventure enthusiast should put riding a horse along the world’s longest river on their bucket list because it transports you back in time. This amazing natural force has altered the landscape and produced an African Eden that is ready for horseback exploration.

Horseback Safaris In Uganda
Horseback Safaris In Uganda


Uganda has changed from being a nation with a troubled past to one of quiet prosperity. While riding through Uganda, you will observe a diverse culture that has been influenced by elements of Asia, India, and Europe while retaining its rich African traditions. A Uganda horseback riding vacation allows you to fully experience rural Ugandan culture as you ride through vibrant villages with curious kids trailing in your wake. Many visitors opt to check out the neighborhood schools, browse the craft markets, and sample the local cuisine, which has a strong African flavor.


You can explore the wide variety of distinctive and memorable lodges by trail riding through the Ugandan countryside. From green hotels with breathtaking vistas of the Nile to remote cabins located deep within the enchanted Mabira rain forest, spending a few nights on a remote island in the middle of the Nile, accessible only by boat and surrounded by rapids, is often considered the highlight of the trip.

In addition to horseback riding, many lodges in Uganda offer a wide range of adventure activities, from romantic picnics and peaceful nature walks to wild water rafting, bungee jumping, and jet boating for thrill seekers. This is a haven for those seeking a distinctive African adventure because of the area’s low tourist density.


How safe is Uganda?

In general, Uganda is a secure and stable nation. Use the same safety measures in Entebbe as you would anywhere else. You will be in rural areas during your horseback riding safari, where even minor crime is unusual. You will have a group of knowledgeable local guides waiting for you as soon as you step off the plane to make sure you get to experience the friendly Ugandan hospitality.

Can I combine a horse safari with gorilla trekking?

Yes! Horseback riding and gorilla trekking in Uganda are ideal for those seeking an experience that is off the beaten path. Entebbe is where the gorilla trek begins and ends, as well as your horseback riding safari. Your primate adventure starts in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is only a short flight from Entebbe.

Can I swim on horseback in the Nile?

One of the highlights of the Nile River Horse Safari is swimming with your horse. A bucket list experience, swimming bareback through the turbulent waters of the Nile River, can be started each morning at the Haven Lodge.

Can I see the Big Five in Uganda?

Although gorilla and chimpanzee encounters in Uganda are its most famous attractions, the country has a lot more to offer. The best national parks in the nation are Queen Elizabeth National Park, which has a wide variety of wildlife and famous tree-climbing lions, and Murchison Falls National Park, which has huge herds of elephant, giraffe, and buffalo. Due to past poaching, rhinos are now only found in protected areas. By taking a horseback safari in Uganda, you can help save these diminutive unicorns. Ask us about visiting these neighborhood parks.

How far in advance do I need to book my horse safari in Uganda?

Equestrian safari reservations should typically be made at least six months to a year in advance. This is not a trip you can plan last-minute if you want to combine horseback riding and gorilla trekking because there may not be permits available for your time frame. These are very popular and sometimes sell out up to a year in advance.

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