Safari in Arusha Tanzania  : Arusha is a town which is also known as the safari capital and it is found in the northern part of Tanzania. You can spend a day or more days exploring Arusha town during your tour to the safari parks found in the northern park such as the famous Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park, the Ngorongoro conservation area and also Arusha national park.

There are many activities to carry out during a tour around Arusha town and they include village walks or tours, visiting coffee plantations, visiting the Maasai market, waterfalls, hot springs, horse riding, visiting Mount Kilimanjaro among others.

A safari in Arusha can be done by different types of tourists including individuals and groups. These tours can be done at different times of the year including the dry season and also the rainy season. In the dry season around June to October many tourists can be seen in Arusha as they make a stop before their tours in other destinations for wildlife viewing around the northern part of Tanzania.

The safaris around Arusha can be organized by tour operators and individual tourists can also organize their safaris around Arusha. Most of the tours done in Arusha are day tours but short safaris can also be done around Arusha for around 3 days or more.

Visiting Arusha national park

From the town of Arusha, you can also enjoy a tour around Arusha national park which is found in close proximity to the town and also a destination where you can enjoy wildlife viewing, hiking Mount Meru, canoeing, visiting the Momella lakes, seeing waterfalls and also seeing various bird species like flamingos.

Wildlife species which can be seen during a tour around Arusha national park include giraffes, elephants, zebras, buffalos and many others. Another exciting experience to engage in when visiting the national park is horse riding. The best time for wildlife viewing in Arusha national park is from June to October.

Safari in Arusha Tanzania
wildlife in Arusha

Mount Meru is another destination which can be visited during a safari in Arusha and it is good for hiking as you prepare for the hike on Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa.  Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania at 4566 meters and hikes on this mountain can take about 4 days to get to the summit and back.

You can also enjoy canoeing during a tour of the Arusha national park as you visit destinations in Arusha. Wildlife viewing is also carried out while also canoeing during a safari in Arusha national park along the Momella lake. This activity can take about 2 hours or more on the small Momella lake and wildlife species like bushbucks, hippos, giraffes and various bird species.

The Momella lakes of Arusha national park include the small Momella lake and the big Momella lake. During tours to these lakes, a variety of birds as well as wildlife can be spotted along the shored. Flamingos can be seen along the shores of the big Momella lake.

Waterfalls can also be seen in Arusha national park such as cave waterfall, Tululusia waterfall, Napuru waterfall among others. These waterfalls can be seen after hiking during a tour around the national park.

Other attractions in Arusha

Arusha town also has museums and galleries which portray the rich history and culture of the people of Arusha. You can also visit the cultural heritage center, the old boma museum, the Maserani snake park and other places.

During tours to Arusha national park, the tourists can also interact with the locals such as the Maasai people and get to know more about their way of life. Tanzania in general is known for its diversity in culture and for having many tribes in different parts of the country.

The Maasai can be seen in different parts of Tanzania and their unique culture and way of life is sought after by many tourists during their safaris to Tanzania. Interactions with the Maasai involve getting to know more about their way of life, culture and traditions, way of dressing, traditional dances among others.

Lake Duluti is another place to visit when touring Arusha and it is a place where activities like canoeing and also walks are carried out during safaris. The drive from Arusha to Lake Duluti takes about 20 minutes. There are forests in the surrounding areas of the lake and different bird species can be spotted around the area where forest walks can also be done during a tour.

Safari in Arusha Tanzania
Lake Daluti

How to travel around Arusha, Tanzania

When traveling to the northern safari parks and destinations of Tanzania, the airports are also found in Arusha and they include Arusha airport and Kilimanjaro international airport which offer flights across the destinations of Tanzania.

Arusha airport is used for domestic flights around the northern safari parks of Tanzania and a short drive from this airport; you can visit the different destinations around Arusha.

Among the advantages of visiting Arusha is that it is a short drive to some of the best wildlife viewing destinations of Tanzania and this is the northern tourist circuit with parks like Serengeti national park which is famous for the wildebeest migration.

Public and private means of transport can also be used to explore the different destinations of Arusha and around the northern part of Tanzania.

Some of the entry requirements for travel to Tanzania include a valid visa and also a passport. The types of visas in Tanzania include multiple visas, transit visa and also single entry visa or ordinary visa.

Vaccinations like yellow fever vaccination may be required for a tour to Arusha Tanzania and during the Covid 19 pandemic, tourists are required to come with negative covid test results and also do a rapid test on arrival. There are different places to do the COVID test during a safari in Arusha such as Mount Meru regional hospital among others.

Visit Arusha and enjoy going to different attractions during your safari in Tanzania.

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