Serengeti national park entry fees

All Tanzania national parks fees are directly managed and monitored by Government of the republic of Tanzania through the Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA). The conservation fees is one of the duly responsibility for all the guests who enter to the park must adhere. The conservation fees allows you to access the park and all the park public managed activities. Serengeti national park like any other protected area has the park gates where clearing of all guests are done. One of the requirements that all guests are supposed to fulfills before entering the park is to pay the park entry fees. Tanzania National Park Authority declared that all the Serengeti national park entry fees must be pre-paid at the bank. No cash is allowed at the park entry gates. Only cashless payments of Serengeti park entry fees is allowed through credit cards.

Serengeti national park entry fees.

All the wildlife Reserves of Tanzania are managed by the Wildlife division in the Ministry of natural resources and Tourism. The park entry fees are valid for 24 hours after checking in the park if you’re staying side the park. For the guests who may be staying in accommodations outside the park their park entry fees expire when you check out of the park gates. When you are checking in you are again subjected to new park entry fees payment.

Serengeti park entry fees are prepaid at the bank either in Arusha or any part of the country before you go to the park. The park entry fees are paid to the park bank account which is under the management of TANAPA. After making payments of the park entry fees at the bank you will go with the bank serial number which will be used to clear you at the gate. The park Authorities are not allowed to receive any cash at the gate. You can only pay at the get with the cashless credit card. The fees are to be paid per person per day so you calculate the number of people times the number of days you are going to spend at the park. When paying with credit card you will be charged a surcharge depending on the type of the credit card you are using.

Serengeti park fees

Serengeti national park entry fees can be paid in Tanzania shillings Or US dollars as the two currencies that are accepted. The Serengeti park fees are categorized in to two different categories those are the Adults and the children.  The two categories pay different park entry fees with their definition based on the age. The children’s category are guest that are from 1 year to 12 years and the adults from 13 years and above. The children below five years are allowed to access the pay free of charge.  After paying your Serengeti Park entry fees you are allowed to do all the park activities that are directly managed by the park authority. The park entry fees excludes the private activities that are done at the park. The private activities are those activities that are organized by individuals or companies that are registered to run their services at the park. For example: Hot air Balloon Safaris, walking or nature walks, night game drives and others. The park activities that are included at the Serengeti park entry fees are: Game drives, birding, visit of Tourist center and others.

On general note, Guests must also take note of that Serengeti national park entry fees can be changed any time without notice. The park authority can make prior changes in Serengeti park fees without consulting any individual. The park fees are directly accounted by the park authorities and its through this park fees that the authority has managed to fully achieve the main objective of conserving and protecting the park. These money is used for paying all the park workers and set up developmental initiatives at the park. The local communities are also given certain percentage share from the Serengeti park fees. Through this community support by the park, the locals have realized the value of Serengeti national park hence contributing to the direct protection and conservation of the park eco system. This has reduced the illegal activities that the locals used to conduct at the park like poaching.

Serengeti park entry fees includes Value Added Tax (VAT). The park gates are daily opened from 7am to 7 pm allowing the guests to access the park early and leaving late. The Serengeti park entry fees are categorized in to 3 categories these are: Foreigners, Foreign residents and East African residents.


These are the first category of travelers which is more popular and dominates the tourism industry not only in Amboseli but entire Africa. They are the travelers from overseas that come to Kenya or Africa for the purpose of leisure only. They take a period less than two months and they return back to their home country.

East Africans or Residents

These are tourists that are residents or citizens of Tanzania and entire East African community member countries. All the member countries enjoy the same privileges as the Tanzanian residents and they pay the same rates.

All the foreigners pay money in dollars while the East African residents and Tanzania residents pay money in Tanzania shillings.  There are also other kind of Serengeti national park that are a must pay if you have to enter the park like: Vehicle fees, aircraft fees, trucks and delivery van fees, animal passes, special services and activities, camping fees and others. For more information on Serengeti  national park fees, please check out the Tanzania National Park Authority tariff plan for 2020/2021.

Below is breakdown of Serengeti national park entry fees including 18% VAT


Adults                     70.80$

Children                 30$

Students                  30$

Children below 5 years of age Free entry

East Africans

Adults                      30$

Children                   10$

Children below 5 years free entry

Tanzania National park fees including VAT

Excluding VAT                     Includes VAT

Arusha National Park $ 45.00 $ 53.10
Tarangire National Park $ 45.00 $ 53.10
Lake Manyara National Park $ 45.00 $ 53.10
Ngorongoro $ 60.00 $ 70.80
NCAA Crater Fee – Per Vehicle $ 250.00 $ 295.00
Serengeti National Park $ 60.00 $ 70.80
Olduvai Gorge $ 30.00 $ 35.40

Public Camping fees

Adults    30$

Children above 5 but below 15 years 5 $

Children below 5 years Free .

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