Tanga Full Day City Tour : Tanga is one of the thirty one administrative regions of Tanzania’s mainland. Tanga City borders the Kilimanjaro region to the north, the Manyara region to the west, and Morogoro and Pwani to the south. In east border is formed by the Indian ocean. Tanga has general districts such as Muheza, Handeni, Lushoto, Pangani, Mkinga, Kilindi, and Tanga Town.

The city of Tanga has derived its name from the word “sail”, which has originated from the fact that the entire city including the port as well as all the surroundings supports sailing as the main economic activity. This makes even a larger portion of the Tanga’s indigenous to depend on sailing as the major source of income, followed by fishing, and agricultural activities. The main exports from the port are sisal, coffee, tea and cotton The Portuguese used it as a trading center. They controlled the area around Tanga from 1500 to 1700, after that Sultanate of Oman took control of the colony. Before European powers abolished slavery in 1873, the city was a trading port for ivory and slaves. In 1891, the Germans purchased the coastal mainland of Tanzania from the Sultan of Zanzibar It became the first colony in German East Africa and the center of German colonial rule. Later, Dar es Salaam was established in the early 20th century

Tanga Full Day City Tour
Tanga City Tour

Tanzania has more than 120 tribes, and the citizens are free to live anywhere. But, some call certain regions their home. In tanga we have Sambaa, Zigua, Bondei, Segeju, and Digo. Tanga is a well-planned city with a central business district (CBD) made up of 21 streets. Street 11 and 12 are where the mini-bus stand is. And the area is known as Ngamiani Kati. Also, it is where shops are, and you can buy every item there. There are a lot of people, residents, from several neighborhoods who come to get services over there. The other street has many Governmental and private institutions offices like banks. In general, Tanga is a beautiful city that is well planned with an attractive environment and has good roads. You will enjoy it. Here are things to do in tanga City

Tanga Bus Terminal

Explore mdern bus terminal at kange. It is among the decent bus terminal in Tanzania. There are services such as restaurants and restrooms are available. From the Bus stand to the city center is about 15 kilometers, Tanga Full Day City Tour.

Tangamaono Ground 

Visit Tangamano ground to see local street vendors. You will get to buy clothes, bags, and utensils. There are many small businessmen and women there. For the need of foodstuff, you can visit Mgadini, where you will get all kinds of food such as rice, maize, flour, plantains, bananas, fish, and meat.

Garden Area. 

After touring many parts of the city, you might need a place to rest and enjoy the fresh air. Think nowhere other than the garden area at Chumbageni. It is an open space for people to relax and breathe fresh air.

Tanga Library 

You can visit the Tanga library to read books in your free time. There are several collections you might enjoy there. It is attractive and well equipped with different sources. For students studying far from tanga city, they pay 7000 per year. But for in and out you pay 1000 shillings each time you want to visit the library. The library is near Forodhani Area, Immigration Office, and Central Police Station, Tanga Full Day City Tour

Raskazone beach 

Once in Tanga, don’t miss Raskazone beach. You will meet lots of people at Raskazone beach enjoying themselves. There are vibes on that beach. People swim and are happy over there. Enjoyments are by riding boats to the islands. You can visit the beach each day of the week. But, many people prefer Sundays (weekends). It is a vibe and enjoyment. You can get food, drinks, and swim.

Tanga Full Day City Tour
Raskazone beach

Forodhani area 

Forodhani is an important place. There is a garden where you can relax and breathe fresh air. You can get drinks and food, listen to good music, watch movies, and follow live games via television. The place is good, and you will see people relaxing and getting a fresh oceanic breeze.

In addition to that, the generosity of the people of Tanga is the most special when visitors arrive at Tanga. Good for them to see other places and people and learn the language and culture of Tanga. When you visit Tanga City, you will see Tongoni Ruins, Amboni carves, Two islands, the Pangani river (where cold water meets with salt water), and Tanga port.

Finally, Tanga city is 300 kilometers from the business city of Dar es Salaam. You can get there by road (used by most travelers) and take a 5-6 hour bus drive. You can also use charter planes or travel through the Indian ocean. For hotel accommodation, you can choose to stay at Dolphin Hotel, CBA Hotel, Tanga Beach Resort, and Nyinda Respective Hotel. They are both in good pics locations and views, and it’s easy to reach anywhere once you stay in those hotels.

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