The Top 5 Best Places to See Cheetahs In Africa : Where to see cheetahs in Africa? Cheetahs are at risk of being attacked since they live in the same area as lions, leopards, and hyenas. They tend to maintain a low profile and steer clear of conflict since their slender, delicate, and nimble form is designed for speed. Due to their relatively lonely lifestyle and lack of prides or clans to rely on, cheetah that sustain significant injuries frequently lose their ability to hunt and frequently pass away from starvation. Cheetahs prefer a specific habitat to hunt in, unlike other large carnivores found in comparable regions. They are built for speed and tend to favor broad grassland and wide plains so they can outmaneuver their prey and reach their top speeds; this undoubtedly makes them one of the more difficult species to locate on a safari.

Where can you see cheetah in your African safari tour? Despite being categorized as one of endangered species by IUCN, cheetah still can easy be seen in different protected areas in Africa. Here are top 5 best places to see cheetahs in Africa:

  1. Tanzania, Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania would be at the top of our list of locations to view cheetahs. With its wide, open grassy plains and variety of prey animals, this is unquestionably the ideal cheetah habitat. Although cheetahs can be found here year-round, the best time to see them is from December to March in the southern regions around Ndutu.

The Ndutu Safari Lodge or the Lemala Ndutu Mobile Tented Camp are both excellent places to stay in the Serengeti national park during your safari tour searching for cheetahs. You will have the best opportunity of seeing cheetahs and any other large animals prevalent in this area anytime during the dry season, when vegetation is at its thinnest.

  1. Kenya, Masai Mara National Park

Kenya, and in particular the Masai Mara National Reserve, which is home to one of the continent’s largest densities of cheetahs, would come in at a close second on our list. Since there are so many visitors in the Maasai Mara, it makes sense that many animals, including the cheetah, are less scared of cars. Although it is not recommended, in some situations the cheetahs are so accustomed to the cars that they utilize them as high ground to climb up and have a nice view of the green plains. Similar to the Serengeti National Park, the migration travels north and crosses the Mara River, providing plenty of prey for the numerous predators that are waiting,The Top 5 Best Places to See Cheetahs In Africa.

Since cheetahs can be found in the Maasai Mara year-round, we advise traveling there off-peak during the months of April and May, when visitor numbers are at their lowest. In the Mara, there are a variety of sites to pick from, all of which provide access to the national park and its amazing wildlife. Because of their excellent location close to the Mara River, Kichechi Mara and any of the Governors Camps are among our personal favorites place to stay during you maasai mara safari tour searching for cheetahs.

  1. Botswana, Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana occupies 9% of the nation but only has 2 permanent camps, demonstrating how really wild and inaccessible this area is. As a guide and frequent visitor to the Central Kalahari, this adds a little something extra to each view. Grasslands, ancient river basins, tiny sand dunes, and salt pans all make up the Central Kalahari. The cheetah’s ideal hunting grounds are these grassy plains and basins.

The Top 5 Best Places to See Cheetahs In Africa
Okavango Delta Cheetah

Other predator populations, such as lion and leopard numbers, are lower here than in other cheetah hotspots, and there are no spotted hyenas to be found at all. This might be yet another factor supporting a strong cheetah population. The months of March through July are ideal for visiting the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Many of the cheetahs’ preferred prey species are attracted to the lush, nutrient-rich grasses in the pans at this time of year. Both of the two sites in the Central Kalahari—Kalahari Plains and Tau Pan Lodge—have a decent chance of seeing cheetahs.

  1. South Africa, Kruger National Park

Like it is for many predators, the Kruger National Park is one of the best sites in Africa to see cheetahs. It lacks the enormous grassy plains of East Africa, but this just goes to show how adaptable they are. For example, the wooded sections of the Kruger may provide a haven for the numerous leopards, hyenas, and lions that are also present there, The Top 5 Best Places to See Cheetahs In Africa.

There are several lodges in Kruger, but Nottens Bush Camp is one of the best. There are, however, many other fantastic options to fit your needs and budget. The Phinda Game Reserve in Kwa Zulu Natal is another region in South Africa that is well deserving of consideration. Since their return in 1992, their numbers have skyrocketed. We suggest Vlei Lodge in Phinda because it is a cozy little lodge that is situated in the middle of the reserve.

  1. Namibia, Etosha National Park

The vast open grasslands of Etosha National Park are the ideal hunting grounds for these huge cats, as one might anticipate. In Namibia, as in much of Southern Africa, the winter season, which begins in April, is often the best time to see wildlife. There are several accessible waterholes in Etosha National Park, where predators tend to congregate during this time of year when grasses are short and cheetahs are more apparent. Despite being a sizable property, Okakuejo Rest Camp is the ideal spot to break up any Namibian self-drive adventure.

Five major facts to know about cheetahs:

  • Cheetahs can run at up to 70 mph, although they can only maintain this speed for a limited period of time.
  • Cheetahs can only chirp and purr, not roar, unlike lions and leopards.
  • A cheetah uses its tail, which is heavier than the rest of its body in comparison, as a balancing device when maneuvering at high speeds.
  • Cheetah claws are only partially retractable, which means they are always protruding and function similarly to a sprinter’s sprinting spikes.
  • Cheetahs were once extensively distributed throughout Africa and the Arab world, but they are now in grave danger.

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