Zanzibar Prison Island Tour : On a leisurely half-day tour from Stone Town, you may visit this gorgeous island, which is great for a walk. The view of Stone Town from the island is spectacular, particularly at night. We will take you on a short guided tour of the island. After the guided tour, you can swim in the crystal-clear water or snorkel among the magnificent coral reefs.


ü  Take your handcrafted wooden boat to Prison Island.

ü  Shopping at Stone Town’s Darajani Market,

ü  Interact with the Prison Island’s enormous tortoises.

ü  Learn more about the culture and history of the Zanzibar Islands.

ü  Swimming and resting on the beach.

ü  Taking beautiful photographs of Stone Town.

ü  Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

ü  It is simple to include in other activities.

ü  Don’t forget to donate a small payment to the reserve for giant tortoises.




After being picked up at your hotel, you’ll embark on a half-hour boat ride to Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island or Quarantine Island, in the Zanzibar Archipelago. The former British prime minister of Zanzibar bought the island in 1893 and built a jail complex on it. But it never served its intended purpose! It served as a quarantine facility for yellow fever cases.

The structure is now a ruin, yet it serves as a charming tourist hotel where you can relax and enjoy magnificent views after visiting the giant tortoise reserve, where you may observe, pet, and even feed these magnificent, ancient, gentle creatures. However, they are not natives! In 1919, the governor of the Seychelles presented four Aldabra giant tortoises as a gift.

 They discovered Prison Island to be an excellent breeding ground and bred freely. Many tortoises greet you today, and the initial settlers are still among them! There is also a baby tortoise nursery where you can watch tortoises of various ages. A fantastic experience for everyone, especially children!

Finish the day by snorkeling around the coral reefs, admiring the colorful fish, numerous lovely starfish, and picturesque seashells, or simply relaxing on the white sandy beach. Take in the stunning views of Stone Town, the harbor, and the archipelago as we ride back to your accommodation.


ü  Guided half-day trip (morning or afternoon, 3 to 4 hours), private for your group

ü  Local, experienced English-speaking guide; other languages on request, if available

ü  Transportation: from any hotel in Zanzibar

ü  Admission to Changuu Prison Island

ü  norkeling equipment

Kindly get in touch with us to know the price for this tour and to make a booking. Either a private expedition or joining a group are options for this three days trip. If you want to be a part of a group, send us your inquiry, and we’ll help you join a group. The same goes for those interested in a private tour!

Zanzibar Prison Island Tour
Zanzibar Prison Island Tour


Prison Island Tour with Zanzibar Local Tour Guides

Book your half-day excursion to Prison Island with us today, and we will provide you with a local, expert Zanzibari tour guide. All of our guides are from Zanzibar and are fluent in several languages. From the languages of English, French, German, and Italian. We exclusively hire local tour guides because we believe they have a greater understanding of Zanzibar and can provide you with insider access that allows you to see the island like a local.

Explore the Giant Tortoises on the Prison Island Tour.

These Giant Aldabra Tortoises are one of the most well-known tourist attractions on Zanzibar’s Prison Island. They can grow to be about 122 cm long and weigh around 250 kg (550 pounds). They are believed to be one of the world’s longest-living creatures, with the oldest tortoise on Prison Island estimated to be 196 years old. These tortoises were first brought from the Seychelles islands as a gift during the 18th century; at the time, there were four tortoises, but the number has since increased.

Learn the History of Prison Island

Prison Island, one of the oldest parts of the Zanzibar Islands, is located just off the coast of Stone Town. The island was never utilized as a prison. With our local guide, you will understand the history of Prison Island and how the island came to be known as Prison Island.


Do you provide transport from my hotel? We provide transportation to and from any hotel in Zanzibar.

 Where do I begin to book the tour? It’s that easy! Please get in touch with us via WhatsApp or the tour booking form.

 What should I pack for the Prison Island Tour? Simply put on your regular clothes, water shoes, and swimming gear if you need to swim. Please do not wear shorts because you will be meeting locals.

How much does the Prison Island Tour cost? The cost of a Prison Island trip varies depending on the number of attendees. In fact, the price per person decreases as the number of individuals increases.

Can I pay by card? Yes, we accept credit cards and cash payments.

How long does the Prison Island Tour last? The tour of Prison Island takes about 3 hours to complete.

Is it possible to combine Prison Island with other tours? Yes, you can combine Prison Island with other tours. Such as Stone Town, Spice Farm, and Jozani Forest.

What are the main points of interest on Prison Island? The Giant Aldabra Tortoises, the historic Prison Island architecture, the beach, and swimming are all highlights.

Is it worthwhile to visit Prison Island? Prison Island is the only spot in Zanzibar where you may see a large number of giant tortoises.

When is the best time of year to visit Prison Island? You can visit Prison Island almost every day. Please get in touch with us to check the weather forecast for the given day.

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