3 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday : Zanzibar—the Spice Islands—is located in East Africa, off the coast of Tanzania. It’s a great place for a quick escape because of its beautiful beaches, intriguing history, and culture. If you’re thinking about taking a three-day trip to Zanzibar, here are some activities to consider. While everyone is interested in visiting Zanzibar, we have outlined the basic activities you may undertake in three days. You can contact us to request a customized package based on your flying schedule.

This three-day Zanzibar beach vacation tour is a particular package and brief itinerary developed to focus on the ideal traveler having a vacation and spending a holiday at Stone Town, a Unesco World Heritage site, and Jozani Forest Tour for a three-day beach vacation in 2023, 2024, and 2025. The 3-day Zanzibar beach vacation tour is a memorable experience in old Stone Town, with its twisting passageways, antique buildings, and vibrant marketplaces. Then, venture off the usual route to the Jozani Forest, where you can discover exotic creatures and enjoy beautiful tropical foliage. This beach holiday tour is the ideal way to see the beauty of Zanzibar, with its magnificent beaches, unique cultural activities, and fascinating history!


  • Day 1: Arrival to Zanzibar + Stone Town Evening Tour
  • Day 2: Full-Day Safari Blue Trip
  • Day 3: Spice Farm Tour and Transfer to the Airport

Here are the details for each day mentioned above!

Day 1: Arrival to Zanzibar + Exploring Stone Town

Our driver will pick you up from Zanzibar Airport and drop you off at your hotel on this day. After a night’s relaxation in the hotel, you’ll meet our tour guide in the evening for an introduction to Stone Town.

Stone Town is a must-see; it is the historic heart of the Zanzibar Islands and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Former Slave Market, House of Wonders, the Old Fort, Darajani Market, Freddie Mercury House, and the Sultan’s Palace are among the must-see sights in Stone Town. At the end of the tour, you’ll proceed to Forodhani Garden’s waterfront to relax as the sun sets.

Day 2: Full-Day Blue Safari Trip

Blue Safari is a thrilling way to discover Zanzibar’s magnificent marine life if you’re interested in snorkeling and spending your day in the ocean’s blueness.

 You’ll have the chance to snorkel, swim, and explore some of the island’s most stunning coral reefs as well as the Sandbank on this trip, which takes you through the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean in Menai Bay.

 The Safari Blue includes lunch, which is a fresh seafood BBQ with fish, prawns, lobster, and other local specialties from Zanzibar. While you are on the sandbank, you will also be given fresh tropical fruits like pineapple, watermelon, bananas, and mango.

Day 3: Spice Tour and Transfer to the Airport/Departure

A spice tour is a great opportunity to learn about the agriculture and history of Zanzibar, which is known for its spices. Your final day in Zanzibar will be spent visiting a spice farm, where you will learn about the various spices growing there, such as cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla.

3 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday
Spice Tour

We will go into more detail about Zanzibar spices and their impact on the locals with the help of our English-speaking guide. You will be given spiced rice (Zanzibar Pilau) at the spice farm. After the tour, proceed to the airport in Zanzibar to catch your flight home.

Price includes

  • Accommodation and All meals
  • All Airport transfers
  • Guided Tour in Stone town
  • A guided tour of a spice farm near Stone town
  • Guide fee and entrance fee
  • All government taxes

Price excludes

  • Tips for your guide
  • Flights
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks during your stay in Zanzibar
  • Laundry
  • Anything of a personal nature

Kindly get in touch with us to know the price for this tour and to make a booking. Either a private expedition or joining a group are options for this 3 days Zanzibar holiday Tour. If you want to be a part of a group, send us your inquiry, and we’ll help you join a group. The same goes for those interested in a private tour!


Is 3 days enough to go to Zanzibar?

There are many things to do in Zanzibar, including snorkeling, skydiving, scuba diving, quad bike tours, and more. 3 days, however, can be more than sufficient if you want to acquire something that is particular to Zanzibar.

Other than marine activities, what else can I do in 3 days?

Although Zanzibar is most renowned for its water activities, there are many other things to do as well, including village excursions, spice plantations, the Jozani Forest, a butterfly center, cave exploration, and more!

 What if I stay in the hotel for all three days?

We advise booking the best resorts where you won’t be harassed if you are not interested in any of the activities. The Zuri Zanzibar, The Residence, Nungwi Beach Resort, and The Loop Jambiani are our top picks.

In conclusion, Zanzibar offers a lot to offer for your three-day holiday, despite being a small island. There are activities for everyone on this lovely island, from touring the old Stone Town to lounging on the beach to snorkeling in Mnemba, the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. So get ready to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the Zanzibar Islands by packing your bags, booking your ticket, and lodging.

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