Norongoro Crater Park fees

The Norongoro Crater Park fees also called the Ngorongoro crater conservation fees are the tariffs that are set by the government of Tanzania through Ngorongoro Conservation Authority.  The conservation fees are paid by all esteem guests who come and enjoy wonderful Tanzania safari in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The conservation area is also one of the natural wonders of the world which was voted in Arusha. Its located along the transit route to the majestic endless plains of Serengeti National park. With that location the guest has to pay Norongoro Crater Park fees as transit even if your not going to have a safari in Ngorongoro crater.  Like any other protected national park in Tanzania, the conservation fees are charged per person expiring within 24hours after the entry if the guest is staying inside the park.

Ngorngoro Crater Fees

The guest has to note that there is a difference between Norongoro Crater Park fees and Crater service fees. Even if you have paid the Norongoro Crater Park fees you are not allowed to descend down to the crater. One has to pay Ngorongoro crater service fees separately in order to descend down for the game drive at the base of the crater. Hence indirectly you have to pay both Conservation fees and crater service fees in order to enjoy great game drive at the park.Ngorongoro crater fees

Both Norongoro Crater Park fees and Ngorongoro crater service fees are all paid at the bank before going to the park. The guest will only go with a bank slip or serial number to the park gate  for clearing before allowed to enter. You pay the money which is worth the number of days visa vi the number of people your moving with. Incase your going for a safari in Serengeti then you pay for Transit fee in Ngorongoro crater. All gates are not allowed to receive cash but get cashless payments methods like credit card. This is the same like any other national park fees like Serengeti national park fees, Tarangire national park fees, Lake Manyara national park fees and many others. The park authorities accept different credit cards like Visa, Master Card and others. When paying with credit card, you will be charged the surcharge depending on the credit card your using. This surcharge is the processing fees that the bank puts for the clearing of the card

In addition to the Norongoro Crater Park fees and Crater service fees the guest must also be aware of Camping fees. They are charged also per person valid for 24 hours. In all the park entry fees there is 18% VAT added. If the guest is staying inside the Conservation Area there park fees are valid for 24hours.If the guest is staying out side the conservation area their park fees expire as soon as you check out of the gate. To enter the next day again you have to pay park entry fee again.

The crater service fee is also paid once but valid for one entry. Unlike the Norongoro Crater Park fees, the crater service fee is charged by safari car not individually. This makes the crater service fee a shared cost among the guests. Y.ou can also pay using credit card at the park gate incase you did not plan for it but got interest after reaching their. All the park entry fees are set or updated after every financial year by the government of Tanzania.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area transit Fees

These are fees which are the same as Norongoro Crater Park fees with the only difference is that you are just passing through the conservation of Ngorongoro on your way to Serengeti national park.  The fee is the same figure with the conservation fee with only the twist of the words, this fee entitles you to do enroute game drive in Ngorongoro Conservation Area as you continue with your drive.  You will have a stop at Ngorongoro Crater view point to hae the aerial view of the majestic crater. You will not pay the crater service fee of 295usd if you are only passing through the conservation Area. This fee is mostly a surprise to the guests who do self drive and had planned for Serengeti national park safaris. You will only budget for the Serengeti national park entry fees since you are not aware of transit fee. This is one of the challenges self drive guests face during their safari unlike those who use the local tour operators.

Below is detail Norongoro Crater Park fees

Tanzania National park Park fees VAT Total
Ngorongoro Crater $60 $10.80 $70.80
Lake Manyara $45 $8.10 $53.10
Serengeti national park $60 $10.80 $70.80
Tarangire National Park $45 $8.10 $53.10
Kilimanjaro National Park $70 $12.60 $82.60
Arusha National Park $45 $8.10 $53.10
Camping Fees
Ngorongoro Crater $50.00 $9.00 $59.00
Serengeti National Park $50.00 $9.00 $59.00
Children from 5 years to 15 years
Lake Manyara N.Park $15 $2.7 $17.7
Tarangire national Park $15 $2.7 $17.7
Arusha National Park $15 $2.7 $17.7
Serengeti NationalPark $20 $3.60 $23.60
Ngorongoro Crater $20 $3.60 $23.60

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